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2017-04-01, 07:28 AM
Hello, my party wanted to play Werewolves so I've been working on creating a homebew race for them. Two subclasses, one is the standard human who transforms into a werewolf, and the other is a born werewolf who is always in their form.

I am mostly familiar with first 5 levels, so all balancing feedback and other suggestions are more than welcome!

I cannot link due to low post count so pasting it all here:

Ability Score Increase: +2 Strength, +1 Constitution

Age: Werewolves mature at the same rate humans do and reach adulthood around the age o f 20. They live much longer than humans, however, often exceeding 180 years.

Alignment: After the curse takes hold of them, their alignment shifts one step towards Chaotic/Evil.

Size: Your size is Medium.

Speed: Your base walking speed is 35ft.

Languages: You know Common language.

Darkvision: You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You canít discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.

Natural wolf weaponry: You have proficiency with your natural weapons: Claw & Bite.
Bite (1d6 piercing damage)
Claw (1d4 slashing damage, Light).

Moon Points: You start with 3 Moon Points maximum. You recover 1 Moon Point per long rest.

Wolf Mind: You get proficiency on Animal Handling checks that involve Wolves.

Enraged Transformation (2pt): If you or your friend receive more than half of your total HP damage in a single strike, or your friend falls to 0HP, you feel your transformation coming to surface and you can attempt to resist with Wisdom Save DC15. Otherwise you transform into your Werewolf form and become enraged. During this time, GM guides actions of your character.

Enraged Transformation lasts for 1 hour, unless someone succeeds Animal Handling action (DC15) to calm you down, if successful you may attempt to roll Wisdom Save (DC15) each turn to control yourself again.

Once Enraged Transformation ends, you receive 1 level of exhaustion.

The Curse Must Go On (2pt): If you fall to 0 HP, you may attempt to do a Constitution save (DC10) to force yourself to go through Enraged Transformation and gain 1d4+con temporary hit points. Gain an additional level of Exhaustion once Enraged Transformation is over. (Can be used while already under effects of Enraged Transformation.)

Friends: A well-known friend may make a DC15 Wisdom (Animal Handling) check as an reaction to convince you it is friendly and should not be the target of your aggression.

Wolfsbane: You are repulsed by the smell of wolfsbane, and cannot willingly go within 30 feet of the source of the smell (DC15). If you drink it, you must make a Constitution saving throw equal to 10 + your character level. On a failed save receive 4d4 poison damage. If you are attacked by a weapon coated in wolfsbane you take an extra 1d8 poison damage from the attack.

Silver Vulnerability: Pure silver and weapons coated with it deal double damage to you.

Cursed slot: You can attune to one less magic item due to your curse.

Sub Races
Shifter Werewolf
Cursed with lycantrophy, transforms into form

Thick Hide: +1 Armor class while Transformed.

Speed: Your speed is 30ft, while transformed it is 40ft.

Emerging beast: After Transforming, you gain 1d4+Con temporarily health points.

Prolong form: After you control yourself during transformation and an hour expires you can roll Wisdom Save DC15 in order to prolong your transformation for an additional hour.

Bonus Language: You knew another language before the curse set in.

Permanent Werewolf
Born as Werewolf, cannot shift form

A Hard Fit: Armor costs 30% more due to difficulty of fitting you.

Thick Hide: +1 Armor class while not wearing Heavy Armor.

Shunned: You struggle with social situations and hide yourself from the world. Anyone noticing what you are is likely not to trust you, or even attack you.

Character level unlocks:

At level 6: You gain 1 Moon Point. 1d8 claws.
At level 10: You gain 1 Werewolf Feature of your choice. 1d10 claws.
At level 14: You gain 1 Werewolf Feature of your choice and 1 Moon Point. 1d12 claws.

Custom feat:

Werewolf Mastery: Increase one ability score by 1, gain 1 Werewolf Feature of your choosing, and 1 Moon Point maximum. You can take this Feat multiple times.

Werewolf Features:

Regeneration (1pt): Recover 1d4+CON HP as a bonus action. You can expend multiple points to continue regenerating on next turn(s).
*Greater Regeneration: 2d4. During short rest, you recover DEX as HP.

Resilient: Reduce piercing, slashing, and blunt physical damage of non-silver and non-magical source by 4.
*Grown Werewolf (level 10+): Your Werewolf form grows even further.
*Unkillable (level 10+): Gain Resistance instead.

Lunar: You receive additional 1 Moon Point maximum. You also recover an additional Moon Point after Long Rest and remove an additional level of Exhaustion.

Transformation Guidance: You can attempt to resist Transformation during Full Moon (DC15). You can attempt to transform of your own will with DC 15 (2pt). You can try to control yourself during transformation right away instead of needing to be calmed down first with DC 15.
*Transformation Control: All your Werewolf-control related DC is reduced by 5.

Beastís Senses: Gain double proficiency bonus for Perception relying on Hearing or Smelling.
*Predatorís Senses (Pick 1): Pick one skill from the following list: Survival, Perception, Nature, Stealth. While in wilderness you gain Advantage on it.

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