View Full Version : Roleplaying USOR Games World Series 2 Legacy of Ancients

2017-04-01, 03:40 PM
Check out Legacy of Ancients @ USOR Blog (https://blog.usorgames.com/2017/04/01/usor-games-world-series-2-legacy-of-ancients/) for USOR Games World Series 2
USOR Games (https://usorgames.com) is a free online website to play role playing games that features the ability to to create your own fantasy world and content based on the USOR game system. Website consists 2 parts - chat room with automated dice roll, and online character sheet. USOR designed a general frame for the worlds and character sheet. Games masters can create any mini world under the pre-created USOR world and players will have more room and flexibility to stretch the character's traits. We are working towards adding more worlds, and most importantly, more flexibility for users' creation. We are also working on adding more visual effect to the game playing to enhance the experience. The best of all is everything is FREE and the website is very user friendly. Try today to PLAY @ USOR (https://usorgames.com/account/register).