View Full Version : Scorpion Clan Samurai CORE build

2007-07-28, 12:13 AM
lvl 1 Aristocrat
32 pt buy

str 15
dex 12
con 14
Int 14
wis 12
char 12

Feats: Improved Initiative, Negotiator

Equipment: "Ornate Lamellar armor" (Chain Mail), "Katana" (Bastard Sword), "Wakizashi" (short sword) and other rp valued gear

I invested heavily in social skills, maxing out Bluff Diplomacy and Sense Motive

Next lvl I plan on taking a lvl of Fighter and scooping up Weapon Focus so I double my to hit bonus. Any suggestions?

2007-07-28, 12:24 AM
If your DM really wants to run a Rokugan game, I recommend Oriental Adventures and its Rokugan supplements, but atleast OA.

But CORE only, that looks alright, I assume you're an Aristocrat mainly for the skills?

2007-07-28, 12:30 AM
Yeah, this is a bit confusing. Is this for D20 Rokugan?

2007-07-28, 01:06 AM
Why not just take rogue for the skills instead?

2007-07-28, 02:04 AM
Why not take courtier then samurai?

2007-07-28, 02:06 AM
Courtier isn't Core, else he could've just taken Samurai (the good one in OA, not the CW crap), who get social skills.

2007-07-28, 11:34 AM
Why not just take rogue for the skills instead?

I strongly support this suggestion - Scorpion fighting techniques are decently modeled by sneak attacks, and you can easily focus on all the social-type fun and games with the rogue skill points. If you want to take your second level as a fighter, then I'd just recommend gritting your teeth and either a) putting up with the nonprof. penalty for a level or b) using your wakizashi until you get to level 2. On the other hand, you could stick with rogue for awhile, in which case the EWP: Bastard Sword feat would be worth it. (You might need that free hand for something at some point, and since you have the Str minimum anyway...) You have to wait until level 3 to get it, though.

I'd also suggest OA - it includes some decent PrCs that would be useful, as well as a Samurai class that doesn't suck. d20 Rokugan has more stuff, but it's a 3.0 product and needs some fine-tuning to work properly with 3.5 edition. (OA is also 3.0, but has a conversion in a Dragon Magazine somewhere...)