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2017-04-04, 09:47 AM
Where do I come up with this stuff?

An intelligent sword has the mind of a dead person inhabiting it. That's not the weird part. How about a double intelligent sword? It has two minds, two complete and distinct personalities coming from the minds of two dead people. And they don't like each other. Maybe they're of opposite alignment, but that's not even the point. They just plain personally don't like each other.

Edit: Oops, thought I was in Homebrew design. I'll ask a mod to move this.

2017-04-04, 10:53 AM
I would think that the two halves of the weapon would either both always be there and who ever picked it up and saw met them would be put up against 2 egos from the weapon or the weapon would have to out who it's own ego to then out ego the person that picks it up.
It would be entertaining to see this happen.

Morphic tide
2017-04-04, 02:44 PM
...Two different dead people? I smell options...

They can be making Ego checks against eachother every hour, or every few minutes, or every number of minutes/hours based on how much the last Ego clash was resolved by. Then, the weapon has abilities based on which person is in control, each with a very different focus based on what the people had in life.

Like, one personality might be a Barbarian/Fighter or other purely mundane class setup, granting a set of feats or abilities based on what the classes did, maybe Insight bonus to to-hit and damage with the ability to enter Rage.

The other could be either a highly opposed mundane character, like a Rogue, or a heavy caster with a bundle of simple abusable spells, like Summon Monster, then you get either Insight bonuses based on the mundane class, or access to the spells of the caster.

To boot, the two could have different mental stat lines, making them have different Will saves and Ego ratings.

One could actually have it be a category of intelligent item that's built up as a heavily simplified character, with a cost based on the levels of the characters in it, as well as how many are in it. Because why stop at two? Something like having each class have an associated table of bonuses by level, with freedom to define them as multiclass characters. Maybe define the cost based on the amount of XP needed to have those characters.

2017-04-04, 03:05 PM
I hadn't thought of different abilities depending on which personality is in control, but I like it.

I was thinking of the personalities being close enough in alignment that the weapon's user rarely has ego battles with the weapon, but the two personalities battle daily to determine who is in control. The loser is still present, complaining and arguing, but the one in control has the uncommon battles with the user and (even though I hadn't thought of this at first) determines the active abilities.

And that adds another dimension. When the user tactically needs the other abilities he has to ask the one currently in control to voluntarily take the back seat, and that would almost always mean an ego battle. ("But I don't wanna let him take control. He's such a jerk!" "Look, you can't heal me, and I'm going to need healing, so just give it up. Now!")