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2007-07-28, 02:46 AM
Below is an assassin class I made earlier today. I made it(primarily) because of an organization in my campaign world called The Requiem, and I thought that they deserve their own base class.

I'm probably going to add prestige classes for this. Such as the Silencer, and Dark Caster.

Hunter in Darkness:
Moving through the night, hunting down their targets, mercilessly and quickly striking. The assassin of The Requiem are quick, precise, and lethal at their profession.

Requirement: A character must devote his life to The Requiem. Thats not to say he isn't free, he can do anything he wishes while not on a mission. But is expected to drop everything should he be contacted for an assassination.
Hitdice: D6
Alignment: Any non-good

Class skills: Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Open Lock, Jump, Sleight of Hand, Spot, Listen, Swim, and Tumble
Skill Points at 1st Level: (2 + Int) x 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 2 + Int

Hunter in Darkness
1|0|0|2|0|Hunter +1, Worst Case Scenario, Sneak Attack 1D6
2|1|0|3|0|Sense of a predator +1, Speak and I shall hear, Speed +5ft
3|2|1|3|1|Hunter +2, Sneak Attack 2D6
4|3|1|4|1|Sense of a predator +2, Go Unseen
5|3|1|4|1|Hunter +3, Sneak Attack 3D6, Strike of Death 3D6
6|4|2|5|2|Sense of a predator +3, Walk in Shadow, Eyes of the Stalker 10ft
7|5|2|5|2|Hunter +4, Sneak Attack 4D6, Go Undetected
8|6/1|2|6|2|Sense of a predator +4, Stay Down!, Eyes of the Stalker 20ft
9|6/1|3|6|3|Hunter +5, Sneak Attack 5D6
10|7/2|3|7|3|Sense of a predator +5, Death of the Unwary 3D6, Speed +15ft
11|8/3|3|7|3|Hunter +6, Sneak Attack 6D6
12|9/4|4|8|4|Sense of a predator +6, The Dead Stay Dead, Eyes of the Stalker 30ft
13|9/4|4|8|4|Hunter +7, Sneak Attack 7D6
14|10/5|4|9|4|Sense of a predator +7, Shroud of Darkness, Speed +20 ft
15|11/6/1|5|9|5|Hunter +8, Sneak Attack 8D6
16|12/7/1|5|10|5|Sense of a Predator +8, Death of the Unwary 6D6, Eyes of the Stalker 40ft
17|12/7/2|5|10|5|Hunter +9, Sneak Attack 9D6
18|13/8/3|6|11|6|Sense of a predator +9, Speed +30ft
19|14/9/4|6|11|6|Hunter +10, Sneak Attack 10D6
20|15/10/5|6|12|6|Sense of a predator +10, Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Eyes of the Stalker 50 ft[/table]

Class features:

Weapon/armor proficiencies:
A Hunter in Darkness is proficient with all light armor, and all simple and martial weapons.

A Hunter in Darkness spends most of his life moving through the shadows, weaving in and out of sight like one of the shadows them selves. A hunter in Darkness gains a bonus to hide and move silently according to his level(see the above table).

Worst Case Scenario:
In the worst case scenario, a Hunter in Darkness is captured, and questioned about his links to The Requiem. Every Hunter in Darkness has a false tooth filled with a poison attuned to him. This poison will not so much as give another creature a stomach ache, but will kill the person for whom it was made instantly, with no save.

There is no chance of the tooth opening accidentally, the Hunter in Darkness must actively try to open it.

Sneak Attack:
This functions in the same way as Sneak Attack.

Speak and I shall hear:
A Hunter in Darkness is almost never visited by any of the upper ranked Hunters, instead, he is sent telepathic communications. The Hunter in Darkness can receive, with crystal clear accuracy, the orders of a higher ranking member. This can cross planes of existence, and is not blocked by anything short of an anti-magic field.

Senses of a predator:
A Hunter in Darkness is constantly in dead silence and darkness, his senses have attuned them selves to a degree most cannot. A Hunter in Darkness has a bonus to spot, and listen, according to his level(see the chart above).

Speed increase:
To any assassin, mobility is power. The Hunter in Darkness is constantly training him self, this allows him to slowly increase his speed. Starting at second level, he gains a +5 to his land speed. This increases according to his level(see above).

Silence of death:
It wouldn't be very effective if every person a Hunter killed just ended up spouting out who killed him. So, they have developed a skill that allows them to silence the dead, permanently. The Hunter can make the body of his victim become immune to spells such as Speak with Dead, or any other spells that garner information from dead people.
This process takes 5 minutes, and 50GP worth of materials.

Walk in Darkness:
At this level, a Hunter in Darkness begins to learn how to use the shadows them selves to aid him. He can, 1/day, use Darkness, as per the spell.

Eyes of the Stalker:
The Hunter in Darkness spends the majority of his life hiding in the shadows, his eyes become more and more adapted to this as time passes. Starting at 6th level, he gains dark vision out to 10ft. This Dark vision can penetrate even magical darkness. This increases according to his level(see the above table).

Go Unseen:
The Hunter in Darkness at this level has become rather attuned to the shadows. He can turn invisible 1/day per point of Int mod he has. Each one lasts for 30 seconds.

Go Undetected:
At this level the Hunter in Darkness has learned to mask his scent for short periods. He becomes undetectable to abilities such as scent for 1 minute. He can use this ability one time per day, per point of intelligence modifier.

Stay Down!:
With this ability, a Hunter in Darkness can prevent the body of a creature he has killed from being resurrected using the Raise Dead spell. This proccess takes 10 minutes, and costs 100 GP worth of material goods.

Death of the Unwary:
With this ability, a Hunter in Darkness can deal extra damage to targets he catches off guard. He deals an extra amount of damage according to his level(see the table above). This damage stacks with Strike of Death, but only applies when you catch the target completely off guard.

The Death stay Dead:
Its not good business for an assassins target to be brought back in a few days. With this ability, a Hunter in Darkness can spend 1 hour, and 3000 GP, to make it so that a Resurrection spell cannot bring the target back.

Shroud of Darkness:
The Hunter in Darkness, at this point, has learned to pull on the very fabric of shadows to aid him. He can, once per day per point of intelligence modifier, as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, pull the shadows them selves around him. This grants him total concealment as long as he remains within 20ft of the source of the shadow.

This total concealment lasts for two rounds.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust:
At this level, a Hunter can ensure that his victim will not return. He can spend 5 hours, and 10,000 GP worth of materials, imbuing a corpse. After this is finished, nothing short of a gods direct intervention can bring the target back from the dead. A gods intervention does not mean the miracle spell. It must be the god him or her self bringing the target back, not the lesser magic they bestow upon their followers.

No spells that contact the dead work on a target of this ability. If a gentle repose spell isn't cast within 12 hours of complete of this ritual, the corpse will begin to smolder, and will finally turn to dust on the stroke of the 12th hour after the ritual.

2007-07-31, 07:24 PM
Seems a bit overpowered to me and could certainly do with some more details about their role in the game.