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2017-04-06, 02:47 AM

The Psionicist is something I've wanted since 5e hit the shelves. I was hoping they'd put Psionicists and Psychic Warriors in the PHB, truth be told, and have Psionics a part of the game from day 1. Unfortunately, that didn't happen.

For the most part, this class is similar to the UA's Mystic. Though I've narrowed down some of it's class abilities and revamped others. The major changes are as follows:

d6 Hit Dice
Order of the Avatar, Awakened, and Kineticist (Coming soon to replace Wu Jen).
No Immortal, Nomad, or Soul Knife (Those go in the Psychic Warrior I'll present when it's done)
No more Mystic Recovery.
No more Psionic Mastery.
More Psi Points to offset the loss of Psionic Mastery.

Psionic Quanta:
Think Invocations. Some of them require you to be Psionically Focused. Some require you to expend your focus. Some require you to expend your focus and lock yourself out of it 'til you take a short rest.

Subconscious Concentration:
At 10th level you gain the ability to control Psionic Abilities on a Subconscious level. While maintaining concentration on a Psionic Power you may manifest a second Psionic Power which requires Concentration. The first power slips into your Subconscious Mind. While there, you cannot lose focus on it. If you lose concentration on the second power, or choose to end your concentration, the first power comes out of your Subconscious Mind and you must maintain concentration on it, normally. A manifested power cannot enter your Subconscious Mind more than once.

Consumptive Power:
At 11th level, you gain the ability to sacrifice your physical durability in exchange for psionic power. You may manifest a power at the cost of Hit Points. When you do so, you take 1 point of damage for every Psi Point spent on manifesting the power and your maximum hit points are reduced by an equal amount. You may spend up to 10 Psi Points on a power, ignoring the Psi Limit, in this way. But only on powers which allow you to spend additional Psi Points for increased effect. This HP reduction recovers fully on a long rest.

Lemme know what you think.

2017-04-06, 02:54 PM
I've now added in the different, slightly revamped, Psionic Orders.