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2017-04-06, 08:02 AM
The Archangel
Archangels are the most powerful of the angels, having powers bestowed by the gods they serve. As such they are extremely powerful, but they also vary. For example one might be the deities master of magics or another one of war. I do realize some parts of this template may seem OP but do consider this is who the god sends in when all else has failed... well right before they get involved that is.
Creating an Archangel
"Archangel" is an acquired template that can be added to any creature with the angel and good subtypes (referred to hereafter as the base creature).

An archangel uses all the base creature’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here.

The archangel's speeds are doubled and its flight maneuverability is increased to perfect. This does not give a fly speed of the angel does not already have one.

Armor Class And Saving Throws
The base creature gains a sacred bonus to AC and all saving throws equal to its Wisdom modifier.

Special Qualities
An Archangel retains all the special qualities of the base creature and gains those described below.

Superior Vision (Ex)
The range of the angel's darkvision is doubled and it can now see four times with its low light vision instead of 2x

Damage Reduction (Su)
The Archangel gains DR 15/epic and evil or its previous DR if better.

Fast Healing (Ex):An archangel gains fast healing 15 or its previous fast healing increases by 5.

Spell like abilities: At will: Holy word, Heal, Detect Evil, Zone of truth, sunmantle1, starmantle1, the wages of sin1, flame strike, alter self and atonement. Caster level 25th

Consecrated: All spells or spell like abilities used by the Archangel are considered consecrated. (Spells gain good descriptor, ½ of damage spells deal is ‘divine’ and can not be blocked from). Also they do not take damage from using the words of creation. (BoED)

Immunities (Ex): An archangel gains immunity to electricity and fire

Spell Resistance: The archangel gains SR equal to 15+½ HD

Abilities: Increase from the base creature as follows: Str +16, Dex +12, Int +10, Wis +12, Cha +14, Con +8

Skills: Archangels have a +12 racial bonus on Sense Motive, Diplomacy and knowledge (religion) checks. Otherwise same as the base creature.

Archangels gain Words of creation 1, Sacred Vow1, Eyes to the sky2, endurance, true believer (angel’s diety)7, holy strike3, and naturalized denizen 2, as bonus feats. If the archangel already possesses one of these feats it may select another it meets the prerequisites for. This also applies for the bonus feats from an Archangel’s Path.

Challenge Rating:Same as the base creature +15

Advancement: By character class or the base creature’s advancement.

The Archangel's Path
All archangel's have a path they follow, whether it be the cause of war, music, magic or the simple pleasures of life. Most the time the god chooses the path when they bestow this power on the Archangel, but sometimes the archangel chooses.

The Diplomat: Gain skill focus (diplomacy), negotiator, nimbus of light1, epic skill focus3 New spell like abilities: At will: Charm monster, suggestion, calm emotions, detect thoughts, . When it uses these spell like abilities against creatures with the Humanoid type the Archangel increases its DC by 1/4 its HD

The Warrior: Smite evil 5/day (As paladin ability level equal to HD), divine grace, weapon aptitude (as warblade class feature) proficient with all weapons Gain: great smiting 3, blinding speed3, combat expertise, combat reflexes, improved combat reflexes3, improved disarm, improved feint, improved trip, close quarters fighting 4, improved unarmed strike, superior unarmed strike5, dodge, power attack, awesome smite6 defensive throw 4, improved combat expertise 4 New spell like abilities: at will: true strike, shield, mage armor, greater magic weapon, displacement

Undead Slayer: Immune to any negative energy affects from undead (energy drain etc), able to get critical hits against undead and use other special attack froms on (sneak attack etc) them. Turn undead as a cleric equal to HD, Minimum 25th. Gain: Positive enegy aura3, extra turning, exalted turning1, empower turning7, discliple of the sun7, New spell like abilities: At will: disrupting weapon, undeath to death, halt undead, hide from undead

The Destroyer: This Archangel is held in the back, a close eye kept on him, but when the god finally decides there are no other options but does not want to directly intervene (or can’t) he lets him go, and when he was released whole civilizations have burnt under his gaze. Immunity to magic: The destroyer is immune to any spell or spell like ability that allows spell resistance, pounce, Rage: at will, otherwise as 25th level barbarian, Gain: power attack, quick draw, blinding speed3, epic toughness3, incite rage3, terrifying rage3, close quarters fighting 4, Spell like abilities: At will: implosion, disintegrate, fireball, chain lightning, incendiary cloud, imprisonment, destruction

The Herald: A herald gains the ability to use bardic music as a 25th level bard at will, this stacks with levels of bard. Gain: Group Inspiration3, Lasting Inspiration3, Music Of The Gods 3, Ranged Inspiration 3 New spell like abilities: ventriloquism, sculpt sound, greater shout, silence, heroes’ feast

The Healer: A healer gains many benefits, more so then many of the other Archangels. Of course this comes with a cost and they must swear away fighting, but the vows they are under still allow them to fight evil outsiders (mostly Demons and Devils). If possible they are almost always guarded by a few other angels, as they can not attack evil creatures (besides evil outsiders). Gain: Vow of noviolence1, vow of peace1, augment healing7 New Spell like abiities: At will: Faerinaal’s Hymn1, refreshment1, Empyreal ectasy1, ease pain1, bastion of good1, spread of contentment1, end to strife1, and sublime revelry1, Mass Heal, and Sanctuary 1/year: Sanctify the wicked1

Mage: Cast spells as a 25th level sorcerer. Any two metamagic feats, Improved Metamagic3, Improved Spell Capacity3, magical apttude, spell penetration, Combat Casting, New spell like abilities: Greater Dispel Magic, Detect Magic, and Read magic

Lore: Access to a special lore check; Roll 1d20+HD+ his Intelligence modifier, otherwise works as bardic knowledge check and stacks with similar abilities. (If the archangel has 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (history), he gains a +2 bonus on this check.) Competence bonus on all knowledge checks equal to HD. Spell like abilities: At will: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, illusory script, greater scrying, analyze dweomer, find the path, augury, status, sending, true seeing, and greater arcane sight

Inquisition: These are some of the most fearsome archangels, even the faithful clerics shudder when they show up… Of course that could just be that it means there is corruption in the church… Sneak attack +12d6 (stacks with any other sneak attack), Sense telepathy: The Archangel of inquisition is able to sense when other creatures are using telepathy, and if he wants he is able to listen in, telepathy 100’, Sacred bonus to bluff, diplomacy, sense motive, and gather information equal to 1/2 HD Gain: New spell like abilities: discern lies, Inquisition1

1 Book of Exalted Deeds
2 Unearthed Arcana
3 Epic level Handbook
4 Complete Warrior
5 Tomb of Battle
6 Complete champion
7 Complete divine

2017-04-06, 01:59 PM
I enjoy this.
For the DR I'd put it as /epic and evil rather than /+6 and evil just because that's the normal nomenclature.
Also i might change the flat +12 sacred ac bonus to a +wis mod or +cha mod sacred ac bonus.
For SLA for the diplomat, maybe give it suggestion and charm monster, then a racial bonus to the dc vs humanoids, (for trying to bring them down the right path and all) maybe?
The Herald says it stacks with hard levels, but the Warrior does not stack with paladin levels and doesn't say what level paladin it counts as for smiting I'd guess 25 though(?), and the mage does not stack with sorcerer levels, were those done on purpose or just an oversight?
CR: maybe +6-8 It's meant for epic so it's kinda weird to CR accurately, but it's a boon to any angle you tack it onto. But it would make a Solar crazy strong.

2017-04-06, 02:13 PM
Yes, I was going to work on some other things first but decided to see what the playground thought of this :smallbiggrin:
also, tomorrow I will have edits for this to fix your concerns and my errors :smallsmile: And will base AC bonus of wisdom as warrior is going to get divine grace.
Also, have any other types you would like to see?

2017-04-06, 02:40 PM
Maybe a cleric type one, just because I see angels as clerics often. Hmmm. And maybe a fallen archetype if you're feeling it?

2017-04-07, 06:31 AM
Yes, a cleric is obvious, shoulda thought of that :smallbiggrin:
As far as fallen did you read my mind? After this I am making a fallen template, although Book of Fiends had one... of course, that was too devilish for my taste, although I did like the benediction ability. :smallsmile:

Here's what I updated:

Added a little bit of stuff to the base (think mostly spell like abilities) since I hit some more books.
Warrior’s Smite evil: Maybe instead of effective paladin levels base this off of HD? Also gave 2 more uses per day.
Added a healer/peace type--- think i overdid the spell likes, there are many...?
They should have a bonus to saves, otherwise the boost to AC will not do too much for spellcasters… maybe apply the sacred bonus to saves also?
Added Archangel’s of: Undead slayer, destroyer, inquisition, healer, lore
I feel that the inquisitor seems needs a tad more when compared to most others…
Would it be overpowered if I allowed them to ignore the damage from casting a sanctified spell?
I think I might have gotten a bit carried overboard for the pathways

Except now the cleric would probably overlap with the undead slayer and the healer...

2017-04-07, 08:17 AM
I like how you divided up the cleric idea into each of the different focuses of it, with healer and undead slayer. And good plan for making it separate for the fallen type, and i think i missed that template from the book.
1. All looks good.
2. Solid, i also liked how you added weapon aptitude. One thing, if the angel in question has one of the feats on this list before getting the template, do they get to repick that feat or just not get one of the bonus feats since they have it?
3. A+ i think the spell selection is good, and it cant get that out of hand since they cant instigate a fight with an evil creature, and they can only retaliate VS evil outsiders.
4. I can see adding the defensive bonus to saves and AC.
5. A+
6. Maybe give them trap finding = to HD, and zone of truth? not to sure what else to add there, you could also go look for something interesting to nab from the Pathfinder Inquisitor class, it has some gems like Mettle and a bonus to discerning a creatures weaknesses and tracking and intimidation bonuses.
7. No? if i recall it was a somewhat trivial set back, like a couple of hp unlike the corupt spells which was like points of CON IIRC.
8. I don't think you got carried away, I think the number of options is good because it covers most all of the deities that use angels as their good outsider of choice for defending and enforcing the faith

2017-04-07, 08:48 AM
hmmm, gave them a bonus on some social skills, (inquisition)
archangels already get zone of truth
costs are to ability scores (wisdom usually)
also glad you like it :smallbiggrin:
Oh, also added a clause saying they could get a diff feat if they met prereqs and had it already under the feat section before pathways
Well, I am beginning work on fallen and accursed template (accursed- fought something big and bad-killed it-got cursed by the uber powerful thing :smallsmile: not sure how it will come out but we will see

Fallen posted (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?520669-Fallen-(Template)&p=21891901#post21891901)