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2017-04-06, 08:32 PM
So I'm having some issues here trying to figure out how to end my campaign. The basic premise is that The Kingdom is divided up into different providences. My players have to unit all the providences together to defeat a force known as The Darkness. I was just wondering what would be the perfect monster to use to be The Darkness for the final battle. I would prefer some type of horror monster but anything will work.

Morphic tide
2017-04-06, 08:37 PM
First off, move the thread to the general 3.X forum, unless you want a homebrewed monster to represent this boss.

Second, the answer depends on what you are looking at. Cleric builds can make for filling in almost any antagonist you can think of, and we need more information than just that this end boss is called "the Darkness." We need to know the party's layout. What gear does the party have, what classes does the party have, what's the builds of the party, we need to know almost everything about the mechanics of the party and the support that uniting the provinces gives them.

2017-04-07, 07:10 AM

For inspiration, I'd use this.

Here's a playthrough of the campaign: