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2007-07-28, 02:32 PM
I want to ask by fellow players and GMs about any non-standard challengs they've faced or created, or have been planning to create. Fights that aren't one by dealing overwhelming damage to the monster or won by a single spell; I want challenges more like those Zelda-boss fights we know and love. These challenges don't have to be fights but I'd prefer them to take more than a single skill check to resolved.


The lively Skeletons

Discription: During the adventure the PCs encounter and defeat a number of skeletons; unfortunately these skeletons don't stay destroyed for long. After the PCs leave the skeletons begin to reform and attack the PCs later on, possibly while the PCs are fighting another monster. Something is causing these skeletons to reanimate and the PCs must find out what it is if they hope to defeat them once and for all.

System: After a set amount of time without getting damaged (maybe a minute) the skeleton's heal 1 hp per round or something like that.

What causing the skeleton's to reform could be a number of things:

The PCs could be in a haunted biulding or graveyard that reanimates the dead, but when the bones are taken out of this huanted area they will become and remain inanimate. If you choose this reason I recommend describing how the hair on PCs necks begins to stand or how the PCs are overcome with a feeling or dread when they enter the border of this haunted area so they have a clue about the corrupt nature of the area and an idea of where the border of this haunted area is.

It could be caused by by an object inside they skeletons or a mariking on one of their bones. For example a rune on the breast bone or a pair of old copper coins inside the skull. In the search DC to find this mark or object can vary, but I recomend it to be at least 20.

I certain object or ritual might be the cause as well. It could be short chanting ritual preformed by darkcultest that causes the skeleton's they've created to rebuild themselves. It could be caused by an old china doll of any angry spirit. It could be caused by a silver plate that must be filled with fresh humaniod blood to keep these skeleton's animate that is being gaurded by a evil necromancer seeking the relics power.

I have some more examples but I need to leave so I'll post them later. I hope I get to see some interesting ideas, and don't be afraid to post an expansion or variation on one of my ideas or someone elses.

Thanks :smallwink:

Dairun Cates
2007-07-28, 02:52 PM
I've done quite a few unique challenges for my players. Everything from the Orochi to a Zero-g space battle that relied on physics more than strength. I'll have to dig up some of my old campaign notes and see what I can find.

2007-07-28, 03:02 PM
I like that skeleton challenge, that's exactly the sort of thing I like in my adventures. Being a huge Zelda fan probably helps :smallwink:

Thinking along similar lines have a shelled type of enemy that seems resistant to all attacks, bouncing off it's shell harmlessly. Somehow, the players have to flip the enemies over and attack their weak underbellies. There are plenty of ways the party could do this but an item placed elsewhere in the dungeon (Hammer of Flipping? Scroll of Reverse Gravity?) could help out the party.

2007-07-28, 04:26 PM
I've done quite a few unique challenges for my players. Everything from the Orochi to a Zero-g space battle that relied on physics more than strength. I'll have to dig up some of my old campaign notes and see what I can find.

Any contrabutions would be appreciated.:smallbiggrin:

now more examples:


Desription: This is a rather simple idea that can put a nice twist to a one big baddy fight. While fighting the big baddy it becomes multiple smaller baddies (like an Ochre Jelly) or spews out a number of smaller baddys, or stronger ones. This could be a golem that after it takes some much damage the limbs fall off but move on thier own to attack the PCs. It can be when the big baddy is deafeated it reveal its "true form" or the force manipulating it if the creature is possess or being animated or reanimed could attack after it. This could be a mummy that when its defeated becomes 1d3 swarms of locust.

System: Set a disignated amount of damage that causes the the other baddies to emerge from the original. For psuedo realism you might make this amount of damage dependent on the type of damage dealt. For eample every 10 points of slashing or piercing damage so a part falls off and attacks or a swarm emerges and every 20 of other damage causes the the same thing.

For parts falling off you don't nessecarily need to make new monsters. You can use just use monsters of an apprapriate size and adjust them a little. For example using animated objects with DR and magic immunity for detached golem arms or small size skeletons for fallen parts of a large skeleton.