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2017-04-09, 03:28 PM
Alright, so, I love canonical iteration as much as the next guy buuuut I, like many of you, need to make some little alterations to the core to have it 'feel right.'

So, this thread is dedicated to those little changes you make. Just the little ones.

My examples,

Everything (not every little thing but you get the idea in the Underdark is basically pale and blind. Yes even Drow (called drowwa in my world), and they have light sensitivity (evolved from sunlight sensitivity) and sunlight allergy (evolved and painful sunlight sensitivity).
I figured since evolution in the dark on Earth would not be much different anywhere else, why not make it more real.
Other races are a little more alien, visually, and I made an effort to add certain animal traits to races to coincide with their racial traits.
Elves have some reptilian aesthetic, as reptile species and dragons are a long lived family. As such they have slitted pupils, are leaner and thinner and more reclusive of other species
Dwarves have eyes that are just a bit too big, having evolved more in dark places these eyes have formed as an adaptation.
In my world there aren't really any anthropomorphized species (such as lizardfolk or KuoToa, though there are such as satyr and centaur from other realms such as FeyWylds)
There is no mithral or adamantium, I crafted my own metals and gave them stat adjustments.

I shall post more when I grab the time.

Feel free to share yours.