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2007-07-28, 08:06 PM
That's Big Bad Neutral Girl for those of you who don't like acronyms.

Fluff-wise, the BBNG in question is the First Speaker of the Well of Shadows, which is kind of like being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She's a vashar (the humans from the BoVD that hate gods, although they have different abilities here) just like everyone else in the Well of Shadows, and she's been elected as First Speaker pretty consistantly for the last eighteen-hundred years on the strength of the fact that she's the only vashar to ever actually kill a god (Erythnul, for those of you playing at home. This also resulted in the loss of a very powerful artifact sword and the creation of the maenads.)

Crunch-wise, she's a Dark Vashar Swordsage 20//Shadowcaster 20. The swordsage part focuses on Shadow Hand. She rides a Dark Winged Behir (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/behir.htm), advanced to 27HD. Her abilities, before level increases, are Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 18. Vashar racial traits are in the spoiler:

Vasharan Traits (Ex)
All Vashar possess the following racial traits:

• Medium size
• 1 extra skill point at each level, 4 at first level
• Vashar receive a bonus feat at first level
• +2 bonus to saves against spells and abilities of outsiders
• +20 bonus to saves against spells and abilities of deities
• Soulless: Vashar do not possess souls and cannot be resurrected, even by a wish spell. They cannot gain levels in any divine casting class except Ur-Priest, or any binding class.

Have fun.

The Glyphstone
2007-07-28, 08:18 PM
What level are the players - and are they supposed to be able to challenge/threaten her?

An artifact that renders her immune to divine spells is always a nice touch.

2007-07-28, 08:25 PM
What level are the players - and are they supposed to be able to challenge/threaten her?

An artifact that renders her immune to divine spells is always a nice touch.

They'd probably meet her at either low-medium levels (5-9) or very high levels (16+). At low levels she could destroy them by blinking, that being a benefit of being a 20th level spellcaster, but at higher levels she'd be incredibly difficult but defeatable. She isn't intended to be a direct antagonist, though.

The artifact sword that was lost would protect her from salient divine abilities, I'm thinking, so I don't see it as a stretch to say it would nullify divine spells as well.

2007-07-29, 09:19 PM
Are the Player Characters also Gestalt, or are they Single Classed?

2007-07-29, 10:10 PM
Are the Player Characters also Gestalt, or are they Single Classed?

They will be single classed.

2007-07-30, 07:06 AM
The behir (needs equipment):

Reik’shallar, Dragon-eater (Dark Winged Behir)
Gargantuan Magical Beast
27d10+189 (324hp)
Initiative +3
Speed 50ft., climb 25ft., fly 70ft. (perfect)
AC 27 (-4 size, +3 Dex, +18 natural)
Base Attack/Grapple +27/+51
Attack: Bite +35 melee (3d6+18)
Space/Reach 20ft./15ft.
Special Attacks: Breath weapon (DC 30), constrict 4d6+12, improved grab, rake 1d6+6, swallow whole
Special Qualities: Can’t be tripped, darkvision 60ft., immunity to electricity, low-light vision, scent, Hide in Plain Sight, Cold Resist 10, Superior Low-light vision
Saves: Fort +22, Ref +18, Will +12
Abilities: Str 34, Dex 17, Con 25, Int 7, Wis 16, Cha 12
Skills: Climb +20, Hide +26, Listen +5, Move Silently +9, Spot +5, Survival +3
Feats: Power Attack, Alertness, Cleave, Hover, Wingstorm (create hurricane force winds while hovering in a 30ft. radius, 100ft. tall cylinder), Improved Natural Attack, Improved Natural Armour x3
CR 16

The lost artifact sword:

Truthteller (major artifact)
The human concept of gods is simple: respect for power. Peasants bow to nobles. Soldiers salute to generals. Mortals pray to gods.
Vashar have different ideas. To the denizens of the Well of Shadows, the Outer Planes and everything that dwells in them are lies. The Inner Planes contain the building blocks of the Prime: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Dynamism and Entropy. The Outer Planes are alien, and therefore compromise the essential ‘truth’ of the Prime. Celestials, Fiends and other creatures of those realms are meddlers and invaders and must be destroyed. Worst of all, from the Vashar perspective, are gods. Outsiders must travel to the Prime through the Shadow World, and so they can be barred or at least hindered. Gods seem to meddle with the Prime seemingly at will, and most heinously they use mortals to further their meddlings.
To counter this perceived threat the Vashar created Truthteller, a sword designed to slay gods. Truthteller’s power was proven in the same moment as it was lost: the death of the god Erythnul.

Truthteller strikes as a +10 shadowstriking outsiderbane thinaun bastard sword. Like a sun blade, however, its wielder may wield it as though it is a short sword, applying feats and abilities that apply to either type of weapon.
More importantly, Truthteller renders its wielder and everything within 60ft. of it entirely immune to salient divine abilities. Any deity struck by Truthteller loses their divinity and all accompanying abilities as long as Truthteller remains attuned to them with its shadowstriking ability.
A non-vashar wielding Truthteller wields it as a -10 bastard sword until they fail a save against a dominate monster effect (DC 23) that commands them to return the sword to the vashar.