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2017-04-14, 12:03 PM
I've been working on a Urban Arcana-esque, D6-based game system, focused around the Tamer Squad, a secret police assigned to keep magic and monsters out of the public eye. But I've got a few problems:

1.) Classes
2.) Magic guns? Swords for the police?
3.) Magic-users on the Tamers?

There are more, of course, as always occurs with game systems, but I thought I'd ask for some help on hammering these out. One more thing:

I'd like to know, by general consensus, if this sounds like a good idea:

Each player, at the beginning of an encounter, receives 12 d6's, their Split-Second dice. Split-Second dice may be rolled to take an action at any time, but a player loses every Split-Second die they use. At the beginning of their turn, they regain three Split-Second dice.

So, what do you guys think?

2017-04-14, 02:08 PM
What is an encounter?
When the pope says let us speak and that his cook comes and tells him that in five minutes his roasted beef will be finished and then that the pope tells you that he wants to be alone when the roasted beef comes does this counts as an encounter?
When you are trapped in a room and that you might run out of air do this counts as an encounter?
When you are sitting in town and speaking with each other is this an encounter too?

Help there's a
2017-04-14, 03:11 PM
It's still very rough, that's the problem. What I've defined two kinds of encoutners so far.
a) Combat
b) Negotiating

Combat: Let's say Marcus is getting attacked by an Orc Skullsplitter. He might make a Split-Second Tumble check to go from prone to standing, giving him more of a chance to dodge.

Negotiating: Kate and Jackson are interrogating the pawn of an infernal cult leader. If the man says that he's the true leader, either one might make a Split-Second roll for Sense Motive.

I've also been considering a Passive encounter: pick-pocketing somebody, intimidating a hostage, etc.

2017-04-14, 04:56 PM
I guess escaping a shut room in which you would start to lack air would probably be a combat encounter against the environment.
For the classes you cold look at another D6 system that is about stuff similar to what you want to do and try to possibly adapt the classes.(But I have not seen many D6 systems)
(D6 Adventure is in a modern setting with magic so there is some things you can pick up)

2017-04-16, 06:46 AM
2.) Magic guns? Swords for the police?
3.) Magic-users on the Tamers?
Is this set in the real world? Because if so, you're police don't really want to be using swords or other archaic much due to the public eye thing, not to mention the obvious disadvantages compared to firearms. Magic is a somewhat different matter, but they'd still want to avoid obvious magic* unless things have really gone to hell.

*Or at least, obvious magic that they couldn't disguise as something else. "Lightning bolt? Nah, that's the new taser they've got us testing. I think they might want to tune the power down a bit though..."