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2007-07-29, 06:52 AM
I let my mate DM once. One of our funnest dungeons. We were eaten by a giant frog. Inside the frog was several rooms, including a tomb, esculator and the sky. We decided the whole dungeon was an LSD trip.

Illiterate Scribe
2007-07-29, 07:01 AM
I did once play through a dungeon that was basically an MC Escher drawing - subjective gravity, a room that was entirely made up of teleportation circles, that sort of thing.

2007-07-29, 07:13 AM
A dungeon that was the site of a battle between cheese goblins and Orcs Without Pants. The joke at the end was even worse, though no-one's yet got that far.

Fuum Bango
2007-07-29, 07:23 AM
I once did a simple dungeon called the Shrine of Diti, a goblinoid god.
The gang ran in thinking it was a evil cult, it turned out Diti is the goblin's goddess of childbirth.

Needless to say, it was more terrifing than any place they had ever been to before. :smallsmile:

2007-07-29, 07:46 AM
The Dungeon of Unspeakable Yet Not Technically "Evil" Secrets

The Dungeon itself was a small demiplane with attributes that confounded the players. Such as, there were 7 dimensions of movement, and 11 cardinal directions. This made battle on a grid pretty much the most confusing thing I've ever seen, considering it only represents 2 dimensions of movement. Not to mention exactly what we were to call the different ways to move. I think we eventually settled on "Up-Down, Left-Right, Forward-Back, One-Zero, Yes-No, Pineapple-Kiwi, and Fnord-Salmon".

At the center of the dungeon was the secret of dwarven reproductive cycles. It involved female dragons and a dwarven larval stage which was not unlike a large bearded maggot.

However, I can't take much credit for the ideas, since I got much of them from my buddy, Dorn, on rpol.net.

2007-07-29, 07:59 AM
I once made a dungeon that was inside a Gelatinous Cube. Yes, it was sticky.

2007-07-29, 08:42 AM
Advanced Heroquest!!

Me: You open the door.

roll number 1: ok, it's a hallway
roll number 2: 2 sections long
roll number 3: ok, 3 doors
roll number 4: um... ends in a T junction
roll number 5: ah... no monsters

Player #1: I open the first door

roll number 1: It's a room!
roll number 2: Size template 4
roll number 3: there's a chasm in the middle
roll number 4: and a chest
roll number 5: and 10 skavens!


Actually a fun game, but good lord does it love the d12s.

2007-07-29, 09:16 AM
The most random dungeon...was what I did when I threw togethor lots of assorted appropriate-danger encounters onto a random cliffside. there were devils, demons, centipedes, things that tried to lay eggs in the rogue's neck (the rogue's player spent the whole encounter screaming in raw terror).... all that good stuff. and some other, very random things. I did come up with an explination:

a wizard did it. No, seriously. He was on a cave at the top of the mountain. His real name was Fred.

2007-07-29, 09:17 AM
Not quite a dungeon, but a one shot game were the players chased a hooded figure through portals leading through vaarious other worlds, including:
-The mushroom Kingdom
-The blockade runner from the opening of star wars
-the Uk within Vampire (entire encounter scrapped when the cleric cast Daylight to see what was in the shadows)
-Lord of the Rings (which PROVED Aragon was a fith level fighter).

I also let the players play nearly anything they wanted, so the party included:
-Cat Girl, not the usual one, just some women with a bag of holding full of cats
-Emo Prime, transformer using the Inevitable rules
-Kobold fighter with evrythingphobia
-Jethro the Retarded Slug. He was late to the game, so I let everyone else decide what his character was.

It ended with a reference to Gamers, in that the hooded figure was found in a room, sitting in a circle speaking to a group of people in dark clothes with books scattered everywhere. They managed to take down 2 people before they realised that these NPCs were us from real life.

Fun was had by all! :smallbiggrin:

2007-07-29, 02:48 PM
It was just one giant room. But the giant illusion we where caught in made it a constantly morphing dungeon. Going through a torch lit cave and finding a stonework staircase that looks like it belongs in a castle, and when you hit the bottom step you're looking outside at a graveyard with the moon out (it was day when we entered the dungeon) etc etc etc
The only thing real in that place was the constructs, and the crystal making the illusions.

2007-07-29, 05:10 PM
http://www.aarg.net/~minam/dungeon.cgi Dungeons from there are pretty random.

2007-07-29, 05:32 PM
http://www.aarg.net/~minam/dungeon.cgi Dungeons from there are pretty random.
That is one useful tool.

The most random dungeon I've ever designed (haven't had a chance to run it) abuses Shadow Conjuration to create walls and floors. About 10% of the walls and 20% of the floors wall were completely fake, and just because you made your Will Save to disbelieve the illusion doesn't mean you're safe. If you stand on a fake floor and make your save, you'll plumment into pits filled with spikes and...I dunno...lawyers. Which are on fire.

Likewise, disbelieving a Wall might allow you to pass through into a trapped corridor.

I still need to work on the encounters a bit more.

2007-07-29, 06:26 PM
http://www.aarg.net/~minam/dungeon.cgi Dungeons from there are pretty random.

Try This One (http://direpress.bin.sh/tools/dungeon.cgi). Gives the NPC's equipment and most stats in a compressed block. Also includes pre-built themes.

2007-07-29, 08:54 PM
TheThan’s randomly generated dungeon of terror!
20 randomly generated levels of randomly generated monsters. One level grants enough xp to level the party once…assuming you live that long.

One of these days I'm going to run it in the gaming forums here.

Dairun Cates
2007-07-29, 09:19 PM
Most Random room in a dungeon? The DM used the randomized chart in the DM's guide. The room was a 10 by 10 foot swamp that only contained one candelabra. That's as random as it gets.

2007-07-29, 10:39 PM
The World's Worst Dungeon. Sort of a last minute thing thrown together for my friends before we finished the school year. Highlights included:

1) 13.3 1" hallways
2) 13.3 Encounters per floor. Each one using monsters whose CRs equalled or were less then the level the players were on. Some fun ones included the Orc mounted Kobold sorcerers and the Ash Rats in forge that ressurrected* while the party was sleeping.
3) The Killer Chicken
4) Poisonous monsters from Jurassic Park
5) Legacy Items based on the Power Coins. Rituals involved yelling, "Its Morphing Time!" and singing the original Power Rangers theme.

2007-07-30, 07:00 AM
This might be a bit long, so apologies in advance.

Homebrew system. The party had to retrieve an idol from the room at the end of the dungeon, which was buried under a hill. The first room was all dark, so we threw a torch in. A massive paw slams down onto the torch. Not quite believing what we saw, we threw another. Same thing. After fifteen minutes of discussion we stormed the room. The huge monster we were expecting turned out to be a small, beaver-like creature that was slapping the torch out with it's tail. And it could cast illusions. After the laughter stopped, we found it had got away.

T-junction with rooms at either end. In one room was an altar of fire. At the other end was an altar of water. We figured that breaking a line of runes at the entrance to these rooms would cause an elemental to be summoned. It stood to reason that the two elementals would fight each other and we would only have to pick off the weakened winner. We left one party member at the junction to hold open any doors that might close (the GM was like that), and triggered the runes at the same time. Here's where the plan fell apart.

One room was instantly filled with water, causing lots of water damage to one character. The other room was instantly filled with fire, causing lots of damage to my character. The water and fire then rushed down the corridors, dealing double damage to the person left standing there. How we laughed!

Once we were dried out/put out, we found that the resulting carnage had broken open a secret door that we had missed. Inside was the idol we were looking for, under a beam of sunlight from the hole in the ceiling. The hole we missed because we didn't check out the hill. The hole which we could have climbed down, thus avoiding all the traps.

2007-07-31, 02:44 AM
A "living dungeon" where the walls and floors were actually moving. All the time. At several points the party even got split and re-united, and all the monsters in there were just as lost as we were. We were trying to undo the curse that made it that way in the first place, because otherwise there was no way in hell we were going to find our MacGuffin in there. And yes, just to be silly, we really called it the MacGuffin.

I'll never forget this particular adventure, because it was with my favorite character (which I still have, and I've even updated for 3.5), a Paladin who fell and later became a Blackguard - all because our pain in the ass bard decided to slip a Helm of Opposite Alignment on him in his sleep "just to see what would happen"...

2007-07-31, 03:44 AM
Random as in odd, or random as in randomly generated.

As for randomly generated I took an online Dungeon genarator, made a big 36 room map, had the guys roll up 6th level characters. Then I rollad a d8 for what level of mob was in the room. Rolled randomly on the tables in the DMG for what mob of that level and we were game on from there.

It turned out to be speed D&D, All hack and Slash no RP. We called it the zoo, as no monter left their own room but were hungry and hostile. Random generated loot by mob. We cleared 31 rooms before we called it a night, and the characters gained 2 levels after everthing was added up.

Somewhat like a Diablo dungueon. Pretty cool, thinking about doing it again.
This time one of the other guys gets to run.

The Zoo, 2nd Floor.

2007-07-31, 04:56 AM
I remember once years ago playing through a dungeon generating it using the 1ED random dungeon generator. as we went along. Other than a few bits which warped the fabric of time and space (corridors that connected to nothing etc), it was kinda fun as a mindless dungeon-bash.

Strangely (and perhaps worryingly) I adopted the dungeon and characters and turned it into one of my better (if rather weird) campaigns...

2007-07-31, 10:42 AM
I remember one of my friends was DMing for the first time. It was a one-shot with the party investigating a mysterious haunting that had driven the inhabitants out of a large manor house.

We began our investigation by faffing around in the gardens and outbuildings looking for secret doors/passages which didn't exist. My character was lucky enough to a magic trout (in a bottle) which would turn into a red herring when the party were wasting their time, which it promptly did. Eventually, we took the hint, stopped poking around the flowerpots and wheelbarrows and went inside.
Once in the house, our natural adventurer tendency to head underground led us to the basement where our rookie DM made two fairly silly mistakes:
1) He included 4 doors which he never intended us to open with thinking what would be behind them when he did. Even my trout did not dissuade them.
2) When the party rogue got something ungodly on his Open Lock check (something like 30 at level 1) he didn't just wave his hands and say "It's stuck, you can't open it", "The room inside has collapsed" or "You find a dusty storeroom full of empty boxes". No, he improvised...

So behind the first door we found a 10'x10' room containing an orc and a chest. The orc was called Tim ("Some call me... Tim.") and he promised to let us look inside the chest if he fetched him some coffee.
The room behind the second door contained a number of random-generator-esque features - a font, a shelf, a candlestick, an odd smell (or something like that) - as well as a priest. He was a priest of Tescos and sold us some biscuits for a reasonable price (the font doubled as a cash register). They were out of coffee.
Luckily for us, the third door revealed a Starbucks (they are everywhere) were we bought some coffee for Tim the orc. After a brief detour via the fourth room (a roller-disco which turned out to be a holodeck), we triumphantly returned the coffee to Tim and claimed a peek inside the chest.

It contained a stairway, from which poured an endless supply of goblins until we got the damn thing shut again. Our curiousity sated, we got on with what we were supposed to be doing and went to the door at the end of the corridor (much tot he relief of the DM and my trout). On the other side was a brass dragon, who was heating a water-boiler with his breath. We questioned him politely and he told us that the phenomena we were investigating was caused by mischievious pixies.
We went back upstairs to the "haunted" house and proceeded to get clobbered by fairies. With equal party skill and luck we fought them off, drove them out of the house, were handsomely rewarded and all went up to level 2. Hurrah!

Afterwards, the DM was slightly embarassed about how wierd it had got but still announced his intention to co-DM a campaign with a similar "Adventurer's Guild" premise. I asked if I could reuse the same character and was told I would have to take him back to level 1. The whole adventure was declared to have been a weird dream that my character had had. But somehow he got to keep the trout.

2007-07-31, 12:32 PM
Granny Treant's Famous Apple Pie Co. factory. Years ago, Granny Treant went out of business due to gnomish competition, and the factory was taken over by kobolds, who were ruled over by Bugspit the Goblin, who wore a shabby overcoat and bowler hat, and smoked very large, foul-smelling cigars. The party (which consisted of one person, as I was using this dungeon to teach my sister the game) had been hired to go in and locate the long lost Secret Apple Pie Recipe.

2007-07-31, 07:59 PM
I am thinking about running a series of games based around a network of wyrmholes. The wyrm, which is an otherworldly creature that lives off the imbalances of energy that exist between the planes, leaves a series of tunnels that have some very odd, and quite varied, properties.

In some, gravity always pulls to the walls of the tunnel and so you have hundred mile long tubes of forest with chill rivers running down them... the whole place lit by a streamer of luminescent ether running down the middle. Elsewhere, the entire tube is flooded and as dark as night... or corked by a weblike filterfeeding slime. Whole civilizations live and die in this network of demiplanes unknown to any. And, every once in a while, a branch of the tunnel opens into some random location.

But I just cant work all this crap out on the grid. Varying gravity, dimensions that twist on one another and where even scale gets screwed with, etc. It would be epic if I ever got it all down.

2007-08-04, 07:18 PM
I remember my friend and I let his brother DM an adventure for us one day, and it was quite possibly the oddest thing I've ever experienced:

Plesiosaurs on land, Hound Archon slaves, Cardboard dragons, ghosts, mimics of weapons...what was the weirdest was that it was all under the command of a White Dragon...the breed of dragon not known for their intelligence...yet, it had somehow designed an intricate/haphazard lair.

2007-08-04, 07:42 PM
I was DMing a normal starter dungeon and the paladin died all the time whilst the elf wizard killed half of the enemies in the dungeon. they then levelled up on rat swarms after they let their main target get away.

the paladin had intelligence 5 and a very low charisma