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2017-04-18, 04:49 AM
Warning there are 4 sets of 100.

This is for my upcoming campaign. Each one will be used once, in order depending on situation. I sorted in sets because if I'm not ready to go to the next set, I'll repeat the set.

I used several sites/posts for ideas. I adjusted for how they will be used, and how my players would react. I was looking for things that would make further play interesting.


We have been playing together for over 10 years, so wanted something different.
This is for 3.5 but I didn't tag it that way, as fumbles can be universal.
We use fumbles only in combat situations.

Thanks in advance for anything suggestions you have.

2017-04-18, 04:51 AM
set 1

1-You feel a smack on the back of the head. You turn around and see nothing

2-a dog appears in front of you and barks at you. Then a giant hand reaches down from sky and picks up the dog. you then hear "Bad dog!"

3-A small gray creature with a large head, large eyes, small mouth, and no nose appears in front of you. This creature jabs a finger you and vanishes in a beam of white light

4-A pixie begins to fly around your head singing horribly. Then vanishes in a puff of horrible smelling smoke

5-A 10ft, by 10ft, by 5ft, block of ice appears in the nearest area that will fit it. This ice is completely normal

6-5x5x10ft block of cheese appears. 2D4 rounds after this, 3D4 rats appear and eat the cheese. They vanish as soon as the last bite has been taken

7-A female appears in front of you, slaps you, then vanishes

8-4D20 books appear in piles all around you.

9-20 cats appear and run across the ground attempting to get away from you no matter what.

10-An elephant wearing a monocle walks through the area and says. "How rude." He then continues on his way.

11-A top hat appears and lands on the ground. A man wearing a suit crawls out of the hat, gives a bow, then reaches down and pulls a rabbit from the hat After he has done this, he jumps back in, taking the rabbit with him. The hat disappears.

12-A large, naked, hairy, thing, runs past the party and behind the nearest cover. Where it vanishes

13-You are warped into an underground cavern, on a ledge over looking a bridge. On the bridge is a 40ft tall flaming demon, a human wearing robes and wielding a staff, four halflings, one dwarf, one elf, and two other humans. As you watch the wizard shouts "You shall not pass!" and slams his staff on the ground causing an explosion of light. You are blinded. When you regain sight you are back were you started with no apparent effects.

14-Your armor now has a bulls eye on it. This bulls eye has no game effects but won't go away

15-Your pants, or another appropriate piece of clothing begins to glow, giving off light as a torch

16-A Voice screams to all in a 200 ft. area: "We're sorry, but the Forces of Chaos cannot respond at this moment. alskeijfaiso, Have a pickle day."

17-A puddle appears wherever you step.

18-Baarh'kaleth, a rather unfortunately geased Balor demon, is deftly summoned wearing a random set of clothing, and is required to perform a burlesque striptease for 1d10 rounds, before being returned to whatever task he was previously attending.
"-and I will rend your soul from your- Huh? Oh not this again! Ugh, lets just get it over with."

19-Your weapon, bored of the routine, decides to stop existing.
Your weapon decides to exist again, claiming that non-existence is much more boring than existence.

20-Your enemies pity your failure, and walk away..

21-Everyone in the battle is abducted by an alien race, probed, and set back down on Earth with their memories erased. An awkward silence falls over the field.

22-The opponent smacks you. No damage, except for your pride

23-You shout "I just lost the game." However, you don't know why, nor will you ever know.

24-you grow an extra arm from your shoulder.* The arm dangles limply, occasionally mimicking the movement your other arms.* The arm does not provide additional attacks, or affect most in-game situations,
25-You emit steam-like mist from your ears for the next hour.* The mist is harmless and easily dispersed by movement or even a light breeze,
26-All of your belongings turn yellow

27-Your skin is turned transparent, lasts for 1d8 rounds

28-Your eyes burn with power.* The eyes serve as a light source of the intensity of a torch.* You suffer no penalty from having the light in his eyes, but it could be difficult to hide.

29-Your teeth become elongated, sharp, and pointed.* (Think Ferengi.)

30-A doppelganger of yourself is instantly created 5 feet away from you.* The creature pays its humble respects and wanders off to see the world.* Cannot be dispelled, no control is granted)

31-Everything you touch is stained blue

32-your voice becomes high pitched like a pixie.

33-you are unable to speak in a whisper, and your speaking voice becomes louder than normal.

34-A white cat comes up to you and says she's sorry.

35-you, and everyone within 10 feet of you have their fingernails stretch and curl.

36-you becomes incapable of standing still (move at lest 5' step each round)

37-your upper lip curls into a sneer.* your are incapable of making any other facial expression.* -4 to charisma

38-You grow an extra thumb.

39-A community of black ants explains its loyalty to you and follows you everywhere

40-A scribe appears and wants to do the story of your life.* He's very hard to get rid of and won't take no for an answer.

41-A hippopotamus walks by ignoring you.

42-A bone-flute-playing fairy accompanies you for a day or two or three...

43- a big green toad crawls out of your mouth and hops off.

44-All of your clothing just disappears into thin air.

45-All your friends, even distant ones, are mystically teleported to your location. They each say hello, and then disappear again.

46- A random person within 30 yards falls in love with you, no matter how strange it may sound.

47-A pixie comes up to you and asks what's wrong with that stone circle a few hundred yards away. She waits for an answer

48-Your friends notice a little pink hedgehog sitting on your head

49-A moose comes up to you and whispers in your right ear.* "You can't hear this with your left can you?" When he has said this he looks at you for a moment and wanders off mumbling.

50-You grow a 10 in long red nose.*

51-A bard steps out from hiding, sings folksongs, bows respectfully and departs.

52-a messenger delivers a full size portrait of you. Waits for payment

53-You inherit an estate from a senile Baron.* This is told to you by a messenger who also asks you to attend the funeral, which will be held soon.

54-An Iron golem steps up to you and explains that he's ready to serve you now. He is insane.

55-the next stranger you talk to will mistake your for an old enemy.

56-Coloured streamers pour from your weapon or your fingertips.

57-Streams of butterflies pour from your mouth.

58-you leave monster shaped footprints instead of his own

59-A nearby tree asks...."A game of chess, hmmm?"

60-You grow webbed hands and feet. *Swim +10

61-A well dressed violinist steps out from a shadow and plays a song for you, when he's finished he bows, turns around and implodes.

62-You grow a hairy tail, 3 ft long.

63-The next stranger you talk to will mistake you for an old friend.

64-You find yourself in a black small room.* You can see light peeking in from a crack in what might be a door.* If you open the door you realize that a cupboard must have materialized around you.* The cupboard is of good quality and has several sets of fine tailored clothes in it.* Everything fits as if made for you.

65-A strange pine tree appears in front of you.* It is highly decorated as if part of some strange ritual.* If you examine it closely you can see small dolls hanging from its branches featuring a bearded man in red clothes.* Burning candles also line the branches.* Under the tree there are some packages in multi-coloured paper, each one bearing a label...

66-"Just who do you think you are!!??* GET OFF MY HEAD!!!" Screams a stone from under your boot and gives you the evil eye. (Not the psionic or curse.)

67-A rat crawls up your back and bites you in your left ear and runs off leaving you with an infected wound.* You also receive one point of damage.

68-You grow a 5-inch high dark crest.*

69-A passing butterfly tells you to shut up.

70-You find that your nose has turned into 24 carat gold.*

71-A flash, a puff of smoke and a little pink frog.

72-you notice that your left thumb is somehow stuck.* You discover a silvery thumbscrew is attached to your thumb.* It may easily be removed.

73-You become color blind

74-nothing happens......The world 'forgets' you and you are practically invisible.
75-You find a piglet among your gear.

76-You find a kitten in one of your pockets,

77-A New Orleans Brass Band materialized from thin air plays a funeral march and dissipates into thin air again.* Every action stops during the music.* Everybody has to reroll initiative afterwards.

78-A bunch of barely dressed Elvin maidens run in your direction.* They disappear 1 yard in front of you.* If you are male you are fascinated while they are there.

79-A white rabbit passes by.* When it gets in front of you, it stops, takes a kind of amulet out of a pocket in its vest, looks at it and mumbles, "oh-oh, I'm too late for the tea-time."* After that, it will vanish down a hole

80-Two humans in strange dark-blue uniforms appear in front of you.* They say: "We are here to arrest you.* You have certain rights: You have the right to an attorney; you have the right to say nothing.* If you say anything, this might and will be used against you in the court."* They walk towards you and in the very moment they touch you they disappear.* Who knows, maybe one day they'll be back to fulfill their attempt.

81-you have a craving for Moose Dung facials.

82-"Pleased to meet you.* Allow me to introduce myself..." You find yourself in a large damp dining hall at one end of a large oak-table facing a handsome dark-eyed young man.* He looks at you and has a sip of his wine, smiles and says: "I have a proposal to make, but first we eat hmmmm?"* The dinner you're served is the best you've had in your entire life, the man makes small talk during the meal.* After you're finished he personally serves you a glass of vintage wine and asks you to do a favor for him.* "It is of course voluntary, since I wouldn't dream of forcing you to do anything against your will."* He will not tell you the nature of the favour until you agree.* If you refuse he will simply send you back....

83-you are surrounded by a continual, soft glow of bluish white light; makes sneaking in the dark impossible and is frightening to children and superstitious individuals.

84-A devil/angel duo appears on your shoulders, and advises you appropriately as to what to do

85-you lose all your teeth.

86-A loud Gong sounds. and an overly large shepherd's hook reaches out towards you.

87-Two heads are better than one: Or are they?* you grow an argumentative, annoying second head on you shoulder.

88-you are teleported to the top of the highest tree in sight

89-you begin to stutter. * 75% chance that spells cast while stuttering will misfire

90-Small rubber balls (1 inch diameter) rain down in a 20’ radius around you d4 rounds. Everyone in the area must make a balance check to move or fall down. The balls remain in the area, causing a check every round of movement until cleared.

91-An enormous tornado picks up you and her associates and takes you to Kansas (or some other boring, flat, corn filled spot on the same plane.)

92-you are teleported to the highest mountaintop in sight.* If there is no mountain visible the highest location within sight will do.

93-All magic items within 60 feet of you wiggle when touched

94-All non-magical clothing, weapons, armor, and similar equipment must make a save vs. magic or Enlarge to twice their normal size

95-your stomach is emptied; you become ravenously hungry and must stop to eat.

96-An Imp appears, insults you, and disappears.

97-you becomes hysterically religious, believing yourself to be an Avatar of some previously unknown god(dess) and try to convert followers.

98-you become immensely dirty- so much so that a dust cloud forms around you. Only natural bathing will remove the dirt. Interactions with others will suffer a penalty (unless they enjoy that kind of thing).

99-you think your favorite weapon/wand/other long skinny object has turned into a poisonous snake.

100-The next time the PC’s enter a town the inhabitants will try to chase them away.

2017-04-18, 04:52 AM
set 2

101- A skunk is conjured before you, and promptly sprays you

102-The ground beneath you, and only you, becomes slippery as if icy.

103-600 gems, each worth 10 GP, land all around you

104-A nearby bird starts singing the Star Spangled Banner in a rich baritone voice, and will follow you, singing at 100 decibels

105-you develop an irritating rash and have to scratch incessantly.

106-Darkness in a 30-foot radius, centered on you and moves with you

107-your clothing and equipment turn invisible.

108-A randomly chosen possession of yours begins to gripe about your treatment of it, lousy working conditions, low pay, long working hours, etc.

109-you have a vision of the players around a table, rolling dice, playing a game.

110-A barrel of syrup appears in the air above the party and empties itself on the first person to notice it.* (Person who made the highest spot)

111-you are covered in liquid chocolate.* A random passerby offers to lick it off.

112-your associates all turn green whenever they come within 5 feet of you

113-your hair spontaneously combusts into blue flame and continues to burn. The hair is not consumed, and no damage is taken. The flame is actually an Illusion and can be detected as such.

114-2d6 chickens appear at the your feet and run away at top speed.

115-your clothing becomes sentient, refusing to leave your warm, comfortable body and complaining loudly if treated roughly or exposed to uncomfortable elements.

116-Tip of your nose glows red for a second.

117-A watermelon appears in the your hands.

118-your clothing is transformed into a soft, skin-tight, glossy black leather outfit studded with silver.

119-Sweet music fills the air, produced by a nearby flower (if there aren’t any one grows first). The flower will never die, even if picked, continuing to sing forever and the tune never repeats.

120-Everybody’s last meal animates and seeks the easiest way out, which will be down if more than 3 hours have passed. No damage is incurred, but combat ceases for 2 rounds and the result may be embarrassing.

121-An enormous glitter covered ball appears in mid-air between you and target. The words and music to “Staying Alive” play loudly, and you and target disco dance

122-All blunt weapons within the your sight emit loud kissing noises whenever they hit anything for the next turn.

123-Nothing happens. The GM should roll many dice and chuckle a bit.

124-All soil and ground covering a 100’ radius around you becomes invisible, so that it will seem everyone is standing on air. Buried objects will be visible

125- An log cabin pops up next to you.

126-Rabbit comes out of the nearest helm/hat. It runs for its life, but not before soiling the head of the wearer.

127- Burst of fireworks (harmless but neat)

128-A giant red sock with fur trim appears in your mouth.

129-your shadow runs away. must be sewn back on.

130-Graffiti reading “<your name> was here!” appears on target written in ink. Ink is visible even if target is not.

131-The next time the PC’s enter a town the inhabitants will try any method available, short of imprisonment, to try to get the PC’s to live there permanently.

132-your clothing changes color to match the surrounding environment. If the environment changes the caster’s clothes will not change again.

133-you are covered in earwigs. These do no damage but are likely to greatly annoy you and gross everyone else out as they drop off your body and scurry away.

134-your arm stretches out and slaps the target across the face.

135- Oh, God(dess): your deity is summoned. This does not oblige the deity to come, but is liable to attract attention. A reasonably smart deity will recognize the summoning as unintentional, but may still watch you a little closer for a while.

136-An announcer’s voice is heard, announcing everyone’s moves and offering critique when someone does something wrong. When it’s all over, the voice will give a synopsis of the event and a final opinion, good or bad.

137-next time you try to intimidate someone you mix in the phrases, "you suck" and "I hate you".

138-You let go with the wrong hand when loosing an arrow, and the bow smacks you in the face.

139-The sky opens, unleashing a torrential rain, only on you.

140-To help manage your frustration after such a terrible failure, you must recite the positive affirmation your therapist gave you. It would be great if the player then had to stand up and say some sort of positive affirmation. ("I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!")

141-You are inexplicably compelled to walk about the field of battle in a silly and spastic manner. A suited man with a British accent appears and cites you for your silly walk which does not have the proper ministry approval.

142- you become convinced that one mundane item is a very important magic item and will not part with it

143- Pathological liar- everything you speak is a lie

144-You must have the nearest shiny thing.

145-You grow a third eye on your forehead. This provides a +4 to spot checks. But since this eye can never close you cannot close your eyes to avert gaze attacks

146-2D6 spider swarms appear on you

147-It literally rains cats and dogs in a 20ft area, centered on you

148-Whatever you are holding grows spikes and deals 1D6 damage.

149-200 wooden D20's appear around you.

150-10000 flies appear, fly around, then vanish

151-A giant hand appears in front of you and smacks your for 2D4 damage. a booming voice says "BAD!"

152-A man in wizards robes and a hat saying "Wizzard" runs past, he is being chased by a large man with a knife, who is in turn being chased by a treasure chest with hundreds of tiny human legs. you are paralyzed as this happens. The group runs around the nearest cover and vanishes.

153-A disgusting *pfffft* erupts from the Wand (or weapon), and a Stinking Cloud at caster level 20 appears, centered on you

154-The rod(or weapon) screams "THIS IS SPARTA" and a boxing glove flies out, punching you for 1d6 damage.

155-For 5 rounds, you gain a protective bubble made out of your charisma. Gain your Charisma score to your AC for the next 5 rounds. However, In order to attack through your Bubble, you must first make an attack roll(at base attack) that beats your Charisma score.

156-A magical mobile scarecrow is summoned on the nearest ledge or cliff face within 200 feet. Pointing at the scarecrow causes the pointer to move directly toward the scarecrow at 60 feet per round.

157-A pirate ship crashes into you. Regardless of where you are.

158-You are teleported to the nearest tavern. The bartender doesn't say anything and just hands you a drink. On the house. once you drink it, you return

159-Suddenly you and each member of your party has a small, triangular shaped glass with a strange alcoholic drink and a green olive on a pick in his hand, instead of any other item they had before.* If they consume the drink, the items come back. If not, they are gone forever.

160-your body chemistry is slightly altered.* creatures with scent always know your exact location, provided they are within 20 feet.* Creatures tracking you by scent gain a 20% bonus to their tracking to do so

161- you emit the scent of a predator.* Domestic animals, including dogs and horses, begin with an initial attitude of hostile.* Creatures tracking by scent gain a +5 to their Tracking checks while the effect lasts.

162-you are compelled to sing until your next action.* The singing prevents you from casting spells, unless you are trained to cast by song.*

163- A large squid lands on your head and starts to strangle you.* It deals 2d6 damage/melee.* It has 20 HP and 15 ac

164-your skin becomes sticky, like powerful glue.* you must make a str check to drop an object that you are holding.

165-your tongue grows to 3 feet in length.* you cannot speak properly and must make concentration check to cast spells.*

166-you grows scales all over your body.* you are overcome with an unbearable itchiness and are compelled to scratch at them,

167-you become drowsy, and fall asleep.* you can be woken normally, as if they were simply taking a nap.

168-You teleport 10 feet in random direction

169-You grow roots and cannot move, unless someone cuts off your feet of course.

170-you suffer from a distracting cough.* must make concentration check to cast a spell

171-You are blinded in one eye. (High=Right, Low=Left.)

172-You've got yourself so down you got a headache.* Migraines, 30% chance of occurring when in a stressful situation

173-Your spell is delayed for 1d4 rounds, but you're not quite sure what happened.

174-A mad count has you contracted for assassination without apparent reason, but the good thing is that you're aware of it.

175-You forget how to read

176- A maddened tribe of trolls set out in order to make dinner of you, but in some strange way you're aware of their plans and can act accordingly.

177- You're mistaken for a wanted person in the next town you enter.*

178- You seem to have caught a rather common deadly disease; PLAGUE! (Bubonic that is.)* Unless properly treated you'll die within 3 weeks.* Sorry.

179- A Wall of Force appears in front of you

180-The next phrase spoken by you becomes true, literally.

181-Your head is turned backwards for the first time in your life, and pleased as you are to see your own behind, after a while it becomes quite uncomfortable

182-An eternal flame is instantly created where you stand.

183-One of your legs turns out to be made of pine.

184-Colourful bubbles come out of your mouth instead of words.* Words are released when bubbles pop.* Spells that are not stilled cannot be cast

185-you pivot 2 and 1/2 turns. you are dizzy

186-You are struck by the effect of drinking 10 mugs of ale.* You become intoxicated and suffer the appropriate penalties

187-A light brown snake bites you in your left knee.* It is a non-poisonous snake and it only deals 1 point of damage.

188-A hard-core goblin child attacks you from behind with a crude cudgel; he will flee if he suffers any damage.

189-20 orcs appear on a stage and begin to do the Russian dance. They vanish when done. everyone is distracted.

190-13 common pixies make you and your friends life miserable

191-you and all creatures within 30 ft of you begin to hiccup.

192-You grow claws, horrible black, non-retractable claws. (Dam 2d6+2)* They may be removed by a remove curse, if you find a priest that can be convinced you're a good guy that is.

193-Deafening bang affects everyone within 60 ft.* All those who can hear must save vs spell or be stunned for 1d3 rounds

194-A warrior's arm and sword in another part of the world happens to slash through a hole in space hitting you instead of its intended target.* You get a really good close-up of a dwarven-made broadsword taking 1d8+4 points of damage in the process.*

195-1,000 lbs of non-living matter within 10' of you vanishes.

196-you turn ethereal

197-All non-magical articles of clothing you, crumble to dust.*

198-your gain the ability to see magic. The sensitivity is so great that if you look at a +5 or greater item you are flash-blinded for d4 rounds. you should probably invest in Ray-Bans.

199-everything goes black for a few seconds.* When you open up your eyes again you are standing in a long 20 ft wide, 100 ft long corridor which has its walls lined with strange chairs, two on each side.* Every chair has a strangely clothed human in it.* 120 people in all.* They all stare at you, mouths wide open.* Though small oval windows on the walls you can see clouds and you can hear a distant humming sound.* There is a strange door to your right.* After about 10 seconds, everything goes black again and you're back where you started

200-A respected noble claims that you owe him 56000 gold pieces and sets a reward of 5000 gold pieces to anyone who can bring you before him alive.* You become aware of this when you see your own picture posted in the next town you enter.

2017-04-18, 04:54 AM
set 3

201-The ground opens up and swallows you to the neck.

202-You vomit uncontrollably producing a strange green foul smelling thick liquid taking 2d4 points of damage directly to your hit points.

203-The back of your skull is made of crystal.* Mind the head, please...

204-A god (random, of course) "awards" you with a quest (the nature of the quest is up to the DM. You may decline....

205-You develop a severe allergy to your target

206-You feel an itch on your back.* As you scratch yourself you become aware that something is not as it used to be.* You grow 1d12 hand sized green mushrooms on your body.* Each mushroom may be removed, but it will inflict 1d3 points of damage directly to your HP in the process.* Good Luck.* After a month they fall off naturally. (causing no damage.)

207- the next priest of darkness you encounter casts a random curse upon you.

208-A group of wandering pilgrims mistakes you for a saint and starts harassing you with prayers, offerings and submission.* They will be very hard to get rid of and may act violently when the truth is revealed, depending on their religion of course.

209-You and everybody in a 100 ft radius will be teleported 20 feet in a random direction (1d4 N, E, S, W).* .

210-From this day on, you will always walk on a track of solid cement.* The cement will remain even after you pass.* You won't have to worry about dense forests and such, but tracking you will be very, very easy.* Remove curse and negate magic will work.

211-1000 healing potions appear 100 yards above you and fall down on it.* They will make damage and heal it in the same moment, so nothing really happens, besides the mountain of shards you are buried under

212-Your head is tired of being on your shoulders and decides to take a look at the world from a different angle.* It moves down between your legs.

213-you are forced to speak in rhyme.* Cannot cast spells.

214-A Banshee appears by you and Wails.

215-your toes enlarge to 3x their normal size, ruining footwear and inflicting 1d10 points of damage and reduce your SPD to 50% of normal. If you are wearing metal footwear (or something else which wouldn’t normally be destroyed) 1d10 toes are broken.

216-you develop an allergy to one of your magic items. This item causes sneezing and coughing every time it is used.

217-The ground between the target and you turns to molten lava. All creatures touching the 5’ by 10’ strip of lava will take damage as per River of Lava at your full level, every round they are in contact with it.*

218-Caustic slime spews out of you nose. you takes 1d10 points of damage and cannot smell

219-you emit a powerful fart which does 1d10 damage to the you, propels you 10 feet forward, and remains where the you were and acts like a Stun Cloud. Any non-magical trousers are ruined completely.

220-A 30-inch Color TV appears from another time and dimension appears in front of you. All who view it must make a check or be totally unable to do anything except watch the screen.

221-you are buried to the chest in offal that oozes from a gate that spontaneously appears.

222-The spell you cast will repeat itself at the same time of the day everyday.* Spell cost will of course have to be subtracted.* If you're out of spells the spell won't repeat that day.

223-you are surrounded by hot coals. All those attempting to walk on the coals must make a check to stay on them.

224-you become magnetically repulsive. Metallic objects cannot be brought closer than 5 feet; any ferrous items on the caster are repelled and go flying.

225-your mouth is puckered. No speech, spell casting, breath weapons, or other uses of the mouth are possible.
226-you are flattened.* A companion may re-inflate you by blowing into your thumb

227-you are yanked into the air 10 feet and spin around rapidly, transfixing all those who see it as per Hypnotize.* you will continue to spin until you fail a check, at which time you fall, taking 1d6 points of damage.

228-you are covered with tar and feathers. 50% chance target will stop what he’s doing and taunt and laugh hysterically at you

229-your are turned into an infant of the same race.

230-Incapacitating green gas comes out of the your ears and floats in the target’s general direction. All those between you and target must make a save vs. Poison or fall unconscious.

231-you are sprayed by 2d20 pieces of confetti, edge on. They do 1 HP of damage each and you have annoying paper cuts that will itch maddeningly as they heal.

232-Trees around you fall down (if none, some grow first). you must make a check or be pinned beneath them.

233-you are hit by 1d6+4 giant staples, which do puncture damage for 1d3 each and staple the caster to the nearest surface.* This may be the ground.

234-you are covered in an inert green slime that drips incessantly into your eyes. your are at a –5 to attack and ac.

235-Jail cell bars of the appropriate size surround you and your party (and anyone else in between).

236-you collapse and appears to be dead. you are not, . you will wake up and be fine

237-your knees are reversed to bend the other way. This incurs a –3 to your cha. Armor will require modification. On the plus side, your base SPD is now doubled.

238-your footwear animates and grows teeth. These teeth will attack everything within range, causing you to kick the nearest person. Treat as combat.

239-No one (except you) can hear you, you can still hear normally.

240-you are surrounded by a giant pliable (but impenetrable) bubble (Giant hamster ball, anyone?)

241-you and target become locked in a heated debate over the nature and use of Arcane Magic and will do nothing else. If the two do not have a language in common, an imp appears to act as translator.*

242-you are encased in a block of lime Jello 10 feet on a side. you must make a str check every round to escape. Keep rolling until you get out or pass out from lack of oxygen.

243-your feet are changed to two left feet. your SPD is halved and fitted footwear becomes uncomfortable.

244-you loses all hair/fur/feathers/scales etc. Whatever is lost grows back naturally

245-All creatures within 50 feet of you teleport to random other positions within 50 feet of the caster.

246-All weapons within 60 feet of caster sing one shrill note for one round.

247-A field of mushrooms sprouts around you. They are edible and will either heal 3d10 HP (50%) or cause 3d10 HP dam (50%).

248-A solar eclipse occurs (or lunar if nighttime).

249-A 10-foot diameter boulder rises from the ground directly under you. Footing is precarious.

250-Five foot long pink flower petals with green polka dots rain from the sky in an area 50’ around you.* Everything in the area is buried and combat stops while everyone fights their way to the surface

251-All grass in a 160 square foot area around you grows uncontrollably. If there was no grass previously, a well-manicured lawn sprouts.

252-The area fills with countless butterflies, blinding everyone.

253-A plant within 10 feet of you swells alarmingly and then explodes in a cloud of pollen, obscuring everything in a 20-foot radius as per a Fog spell.

254-1d4 rotten tomatoes hit you

255-your Handedness is reversed. must take time to switch hands or suffer the appropriate penalty.

256-A stream of beer shoots from your fingertips

257-All your coins are transformed into pearls (100 GP base value). They will remain pearls until 2 hours after they are sold or traded to someone else, then return to normal. They cannot be used as spell components

258-a Cream pie flies at you; must waste a round wiping it off your face or fight at –2

259-No gravity at your location (max 5’ radius)

260-you have an urgent call from nature and must immediately retreat to relieve yourself.

261-you are struck by an invisible fist (1d4 dam)

262-you see a volley of arrows headed for you and will react appropriately. They’re not really there, though, and your allies wonder what the heck he’s doing.

263-Rubber Ducky, you’re the one: A giant (6’ tall) rubber ducky falls out of the sky to land between you and target with a loud “SQWEEKEE.”*

264-your crossbow jams, your entire suit of armor is now sticky due to all of the strawberries flying from the weapon

265-your javelin flies into the air and skewers a completely random bird flying overhead, causing it to plummet downwards and dink you in the head for 1d6

266-Your grip shifts oddly in your hand and you think your weapon is a snake, dropping it and moving your move in a random direction.

267-Your leather grip squeaks against your glove and you think it is a piglet, immediately cuddling it, provoking Attacks of opportunity

268-A marching band crosses the field of battle causing you to stare in stunned disbelief for one full round. You should be particularly amazed that the band does not interfere with anyone else's actions, but that is a matter of roleplaying. A trombone slide, a drum mallet, or a twirler's baton manages to hit you in the face.

269-Your weapon becomes flaccid and ineffective for 1 round.

270-A joke you heard a long time ago pops into your head and you can't stop laughing until you tell it to someone else.

271-you becomes light sensitive in direct sunlight

272-You have an irrepressible urge to cartwheel. DC 15 acrobatics check to cartwheel away from your opponents. Provokes attacks of opportunity.

273-You are convinced you are a ferocious dragon. Forfeit your next round of actions as you bellow a challenge to all your opponents. Intimidate check. -20 circumstantial penalty as they can clearly see you aren't a dragon!

274-Hundreds of pages from a book fly at you dealing 3D6 damage from paper cuts

275-A naked gnome falls from the sky and claims to be the son of Moradin and you have to help him find his father's hammer so he can fight evil. Said hammer is in the nearest cave and when the gnome touches it he vanishes in a puff of foul smelling smoke

276-A goblin appears in every adjacent square of you. They proceed to attack. When killed 20 rats explode from the body dealing 1D4 bludgeoning damage to all within 20ft

277-A green parakeet lands on your shoulder. If shooed away the parakeet begins to fly around the your head squawking loudly. This makes sneaking impossible. The parakeet has AC 20 and 5 HP. If killed the parakeet explodes in a green gas that launches razor-like feathers at all within 20ft dealing 3D6 damage

278-you die from shame and are then reincarnated (as the spell).

279-a reversed Gust of Wind effect comes from the tip of the wand ( or weapon), causing anything in the effect to be blown towards you.

280-Music plays, and you and everyone within a forty feet radius breaks into a choreographed dance routine for one minute. Onlookers must make a DC 20 will save or be Fascinated

281-You hear the cue for musical chairs, you can do nothing except move until you and the target switch positions.

282-Double vision – all targets are treated as having the benefit of displacement

283-Heavy rainfall (5 ft radius) centered on you, The cloud is constantly 30 feet directly above your head.

284-your hands become slimy, and you have to make grapple roll each round to maintain their grip on any object you are holding.

285-your are overcome by severe stomach cramping.* you suffer a -2 to attack rolls and -5 to skills.

286-You go berserk slashing out at anyone within 30 ft.

287-You turn out to be holding a beer glass, filled to the tip, rather than whatever it was you had.

288-You find yourself sitting on a transparent seesaw facing the target (also on seesaw)

289-your friends get to save vs. magic if they fail they'll fall into a mindless frenzy and go berserk melees slashing out at anyone within 5 feet.

290-Insomnia: You cannot sleep or rest properly

291-All plants within 30 feet try to kill you (Same as Animate Plants.)

292-you develop an allergy to your magical items. *you cannot control the sneezing until all magical items are removed.

293-A donkey appears in back of you and kicks you with its back legs. you then flie 2D20 ft and takes 1D6 damage for every 5 ft you flies

294-Gravity beneath the your feet is reversed .

295-Lightning strikes the tallest person in your vicinity, it might even strike you.* (Damage 6d6)

296- A troll makes you his enemy and comes looking for you.* In some strange way you're aware of it

297-The king of the country you're in decides you're responsible for a plot made against him and sets a reward of 10,000 gold on your head.

298-You find yourself dressed in the finest silk garments, but you've no idea of where your armor is.* (Or whatever you were wearing.)

299-a Gate opens to a randomly chosen outer plane; 50% chance for an extra-planar creature to appear.

300-your Spell takes physical form of free-willed elemental and cannot be controlled by caster.* * Touch of the elemental causes spell effect

2017-04-18, 04:57 AM
set 4

301-A wall of fire appears running down the middle of the street.

302-A star falls from the sky crashing into the nearest village. You know you’re responsible.

303-You're attack by a whole nest of wild bees.*

304-You develop blisters.* First on your hands and a few days later your arms.* After a week your entire body is covered and the blisters begin to turn into sores.* You realize only too late that you've caught the disease leprosy.* Unless magically treated you will die in 1d6 weeks.

305-You find yourself to be the next victim of a secret death cult* You are aware of this but you do not have the faintest idea of how you became aware.* Today is the perfect day for writing your testimony.

306-A greater Fire elemental sees you as one of the ancient "lost" elementals and in order to help your quest it grants you resistance to all kinds of fire and heat (magical or non-magical.)* You also grow the mark of fire on your forehead and your pupils from now on glow with a deep red light.*

307- A pack of wild boars are accidentally summoned to a location 30 ft to your left.*

308-You are covered in a glasslike substance that tightens so much that you cannot breathe.* Make roll vs str to shatter the glass or take 1d6 damage each round until you are dead.* Others may also try to break the glass.* hardness 12 hp 30

309-A rain of fish starts with you in the center.* 1d6 fish fall from the sky per 5' square /round* Each does only 1 point of damage.* the fish stay until eaten or rotten.* The 'storm' has a radius of 2 miles.

310-You cast a successful resurrection on all dead within a 5-mile range.* Not only on the recently dead, but also all others who died in the last 500 years come back to life, their bodies mystically restored.

311- you become completely weightless.* According to the universal laws of physics, if you make any movement, you will leave the ground and fly, but after the weightlessness wears off your body weight is increased by 10 pounds per level of your experience.* If you were flying, you now will fall back to the ground.*

312-10 normal 1st level Wizards show up and cast the same spell you just tried on your intended target.* They disappear when this is done.

313-Everyone you look at in the must save vs Psionics or be hit by an Evil Eye (20 points of Damage each.)

314-Out of nowhere comes a carriage, which is unable to stop when the driver sees you.* You are trampled, taking appropriate damage.

315-An earthquake comes to visit the area surrounding you (300-yard radius, 6+ on the Richter scale.)* Buildings shake and will crumble.* I hope you are not indoors.

316-you become a very strong magnet .* All metal in the area will fall toward you.* Metal weapons will attack you at +2; those wearing metal armor will fall on you, who will take appropriate damage.

317-A gallows appears. you must make a roll to avoid being hung. The rope can be cut down before you die

318-you and all your party are transported to another site of conflict.

319-A large bulls eye target appears on you, giving anyone aiming at you with any kind of ranged attack a +10 to hit.

320- All of your weapons jump off you to a spot 10 feet away.

321-you are picked up by an invisible hand and shaken like a rag doll. Spellcasting under such conditions is impossible unless casting an instantaneous spell.

322-Technicolour hailstorm. 1d4 icy stones of various colors, doing 1d6 HP of damage each, hit all those within 50’ of caster.*

323-you are turned into a puddle of water. Evaporation or splashing will do 1d20 hp .

324-your pack/robes whatever ignites. you take fire damage every round unless you remove the source of the flame or renders yourself immune to natural flame/heat..

325-you are affected as per a Charm spell where you think the target is your best friend.

326-you are bound in High Steel straps. These will take a skilled locksmith to remove.

327-A geyser erupts midway between you and target. Anyone within 10 feet of it takes a 4d6 damage from the boiling steam.

328-You accidentally summon a lesser devil, that isn’t very happy ‘bout being dragged from his own dimension.

329-All the your magic items are teleported to random locations within 100 feet.

330-Nearest dead body within 60 yards of you becomes a Zombie and attacks you.

331-A net falls on you and you become so entangled you will have to be cut out.

332-Target and you are sealed behind an impenetrable force wall that only falls after one of them is dead.

333-The shield closest to you is turned into a flower basket. painted on the basket is the words "make love not war"

334-you are coated in a thick layer of taffy. Damage to you is at -2, but the taffy will solidify in one turn.* you will be immobile unless the taffy is removed.

335-Vacuum 10’ centered on you.

336-you find your lungs filled with water; you must make a check or die.* If it is made you can do nothing but cough and sputter.

337-Everybody within 50 feet of you and Target starts singing bawdy drinking songs. Everyone affected must make a save vs. magic or become friends. Those who make their save may Ambush those who don’t.

338-you and target exchange current HP total.

339-A deep lake forms in a 100’ radius of you. Everyone in that area gets a quick swimming lesson

340-you are turned into a cartoon rendition of yourself and will not be able to take any action without making a short (takes 1 move action) speech telling everyone exactly what you are going to do.

341-darkness 10’ radius, centered on you for one round. It reappears in the 3rd, 5th, etc. for 2d20 rounds.

342-All weapons and armor within a 30’ radius of you become rubbery and useless for you. Weapons used during this time will be ruined, armor becomes form fitting.

343-All plants in a 20’radius around you wither and die.

344-you fall down and are pinned there as though under a great weight.(elephant sits on caster)

345-Shimmering colors dance and play in a 10x10’ area directly in front of you. Everyone caught inside is stunned.

346-All creatures in a 20’ sphere centered you become invisible, as per Invisibility Sphere, except you who is still visible.

347-you are sent d4 rounds forward in time. To everyone else it looks like you simply disappeared.

348-you begin to recite very bad poetry, taking no other action unless attacked.

349-A pillow (25%), small table (25%), or anvil (50%) appears over head. The pillow causes no damage; the table causes 1d10 points of damage, and the anvil 4d6 points of damage.
350-A randomly chosen item on you sprouts wings and flies away.

351-A magical artefact of great power is transported into your hands. you are affected normally by handling it. The previous owner will probably be missing it and be coming after it very soon.

352-you fire your bow at the enemy but the arrow ricochets off of his shield, comes back to you and cuts your bowstring

353-when a wizard casts fireball instead of trying to duck out of the way you are convinced that the wizard is an illusionist.

354-Your melee weapon is transformed into a banana.

355-You step on the upturned tines of a rake and get whacked in the face by the handle for 1d4. (Optionally, your hair looks just like Sideshow Bob's for the remainder of the encounter.)

356-The weapon slips from your hand and falls the ground. Not funny? Did I mention that it slips because of the load of poop from the bird that appeared above you just long enough to drop it on your hand then disappeared?

357-You realize the clash of metal on the battlefield is the rhythm to your favorite song, and suffer the effects of Otto's irresistible dance.

358-You are momentarily paralyzed and your body is gradually, over the course of a few seconds, enveloped in and then replaced by a swirling, twinkling silhouette of yourself, then fades away. After a full round delay, the process is reversed as the swirling twinkles reappear and then form back into you. You have been moved 10 feet in a random direction and appear with random facing.

359-You are swallowed by a python. The python is then stomped on by a gigantic foot from out of the sky, causing you to be regurgitated; the python and foot disappear.

360-A demon appears in a ball of flame, swears vengeance on you, then vanishes

361- Any mode of transport, other then walking, the you have dies, breaks down, or crashes.

362-All non-magical glass or crystal within 30 feet of you shatters.

363-You scorch yourself on the cold blue magical flames that suddenly engulf you as you burn all of your spells for the day* (1d6 damage for each spell)*

364- you and the target suddenly fall asleep. No save allowed. Creatures that do not sleep are still susceptible to this effect. Creatures immune to sleep effects still suffer this effect.

365-You spill your guts all over the ground and fall into a coma, roll to save vs. coma/death.* (Death if no one gets your insides back where they belong, otherwise coma)

366-Wounds take twice as long to heal, healing spells are only half as effective

367-The next person you tell your name to will instantly attack you

368-The earth beneath your feet opens up and you fall 30 yards down a hole taking 9d6 points of damage.* After two minutes the hole closes and if you're still there, only the gods can save you.

369-Do you like...Music?: A church organ materializes 60 feet above your head and decides to fall on you, dodge may be tried at 18.* Otherwise you suffer the wrath of a god in the shape of 10d6 points of damage.

370-Your magic has upset the very forces of nature.* 1d8 elementals turn up to give you and your party a lesson you may not be able to forget.

371-A random person in your vicinity is reduced to 1/2 normal size

372-One magical item within 30' of you (randomly chosen) is permanently drained.

373-Every stone within a 50 ft radius starts jumping in all directions; if there are boulders present they might even hurt someone unless a dodge vs 14 is made each round.* (Damage 2d6)

374-You are lucky to be instantly teleported 100 feet straight up into the air.* And on your way down you have a splendid view.* Hope you'll live to tell about it. (Dam 20d6)

375-you are imprisoned at another place

376-A bunch of flowers, different types, 24 all in all. Appear before your feet with a card. The card reads: "We humbly apologize for not telling you to duck earlier... Love: The council of most unbelievable and unpredictable accidents." If you look up when you’ve read this you see a gray stone made windmill falling directly on you from the sky. You may dodge it (14 or higher) or suffer 10d20 points of damage.

377-A shrubbery a few yards away warns you of a nearby band of Orcs.* Actually true, but far too late.* 10 Orcs step up to your party and explain that they're going to eat you for supper.

378-You hear a whistling sound above your head.* A shell from a WWII howitzer is dimensionally teleported to this world and explodes 50 yards above your heads.* Spreading shrapnel over a 200-yard radius.* 60% chance of taking 8d6 points of damage, 30% chance of starting a fire.* You are deafened for 1d6 minutes, if you survive that is.

379-A pool of boiling lead is created 10 feet above your head.* You are aware of it and may dodge it (10 or Higher) If you fail you will suffer 8d6 points of damage.*

380-You grow gills and cannot breath air anymore.* You must find a large body of water within 3 minutes or die from suffocation.* Luckily for you the gills work in both salt and fresh water

381-Roll 1d10 for each of your possessions.* On a 1 this item disappears.* (up to 10 possessions) you may choose the order, but must continue until you reach 10 possession lost, or run out of possessions.

382-All your magic items and weapons change their special abilities, and you don't know which is which.* (For example, you have a ring of save vs magic +1, 1 pair of gloves with healing touch and a sword with 1d6 extra damage.* You now have a ring with 1d6 extra damage, a pair of gloves with +1 save vs magic and a sword with healing touch.* Or any other combination.)

383-50 feet above you appears a cow.* When the cow falls you and the cow both take 10d6 damage

384-A meteorite streaks out of the sky and hits you for 5d10+50 hit points. (If underground, waits until exposed to sky.)

385-All of your scrolls vanish.

386- you turn into a painting of yourself, until Dispelled (any Dispel will do). Any changes painted on the canvas will become part of the caster if and when she is returned to her normal form.

387-Nearest creature friendly to you is replaced by a doppelganger. The original creature is imprisoned in the doppelganger’s lair (wherever that may be).

388-All creatures in a 30’ Radius hostile to you are duplicated, including possessions, etc.

389-All gold in the your possession turns to copper

390-A large mirror appears in front of you. If you try to get around it your mirror image emerges from the mirror and engages you in combat.

391-you ferrous items must make a save vs. spell or rust completely away

392-A booming voice audible over the din of battle says “SURRENDER!” This acts as a Command Word and all who hear it must make a save at the you level or surrender to anyone who makes their save.

393-Enchantments and bonuses on all weapons and armors/shields within a 30’ radius you have their bonuses inverted (i.e. a +10 weapon becomes a –10 weapon)

394-your entire party is teleported to the nearest artifact/relic (does not guarantee it is usable, and it is likely to be in the possession of someone else.)

395-The next time you say the word “Blind,” “Kill,” or “Stun,” it acts as though a Power Word has been spoken with. you name the target.

396-All fluid in containers on you turn to deadly poison.

397-You are now "it" and must tag someone else. You may only make unarmed strikes until you successfully hit someone else to make them "it"

398-Suddenly you find yourself surrounded by a pack of frenzied hungry northern timber wolves. They're hungry

399-Molten lava comes out of the ground near you, who takes 5d10 points of damage.

400-Death himself comes to claim you.