View Full Version : Shapeshifter Class DnD 5e {PEACH}

2017-04-18, 06:37 AM
Recently co-created a class w/ a friend of mine. 60% inspired by Pandora's Actor from the light novel Overlord, 40% inspired by my own wanting to play every class in a long campaign.

Looking for a bit of feedback, as the more eyes on something the better, right?

The basic idea was a class that could *emulate* almost anything it encounters, but only ever perform at 80% of that something's full potential. The ultimate Jack of All Trades if you will.


Thanks in advance for any comments!

2017-04-25, 07:46 AM
Need to consolodate this with the other thread in the dnd 5e threads (or if a mod sees this delete it please :p).
Also shameless bump for feedback...