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Baron Corm
2007-07-29, 08:06 PM
The cult of rain is an organization which worships no deity. Similar to the eastern monks' method of studying animals to improve their fighting abilities, cultists of rain (or "rainlayers") draw insight from watching, listening to, and generally experiencing rainfall. True to the nature of rain, most rainlayers have calm yet wild demeanors, and they bring this to the battlefield. Most rainlayers come from the ranger class due to inherent similarities between their philosophies; focused, yet bestial. The stalking abilities of the ranger aid the rainlayer in seeming to be as numerous as the raindrops themselves, and the ranger's connection to nature enables a rainlayer to lay the foundation for learning from rain.

{table=head]Level|BAB|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+0|Stormwalker, torrent

+0|Call rain

+1|Favored enemy

+1|Combat style

+1|Improved torrent


+2|Favored enemy

+2|Tracking torrent

+3|Greater stormwalk

+3|Greater torrent[/table]

Alignment: Chaotic neutral, true neutral, chaotic evil, or chaotic good
Hit Die: d10
Class Skills: Concentration, Heal, Hide, Jump, Knowledge (geography), Knowledge (nature), Listen, Move Silently, Search, Spot, Survival, Swim, Use Rope
Skill Points at 1st Level: (4 + Int modifier) 4.
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 4 + Int modifier.


Base Attack Bonus: +4
Skills: Hide 4 ranks, Move Silently 4 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 8 ranks, Survival 8 ranks
Feats: Endurance, Dodge, Mobility

Class Features

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

The rainlayer gains proficiency with all simple and martial throwing weapons.

Torrent (Su)

Once per encounter, a rainlayer may hurl a thrown weapon as a standard action. The weapon splits into two separate weapons, plus one per 2 class levels (becoming 7 weapons at level 10). The rainlayer may thus make multiple attacks with this ability, but all must be made against a single target. The first attack is at his full attack bonus, while each additional attack is at a cumulative -2 penalty. Precision damage may only be applied to the first attack. A critical hit only applies to the first attack. Immediately after the attack, the weapon and all of its copies disappear and the original weapon appears in the rainlayer's hand.

This attack is accompanied by a brief, horizontal shower which follows the path of the weapons and does nothing but get the target wet (potentially extinguishing nonmagical flames, etc.). A creature so drenched acts as if under the faerie fire spell, but to the rainlayer's eyes only, and only if it is one of the rainlayer's favored enemies from the ranger class or similar. The faerie fire effect lasts until the creature becomes dry. If every attack misses, this brief rain misses as well. At the DM's discretion, the shower could hit while the attacks miss (if, for example, the creature has a high natural armor but a low Dexterity).

The rainlayer may use this ability once per encounter, plus an additional time per encounter at every odd level after first.

Stormwalker (Su)

The rainlayer does not take penalties to his skills or ranged attack rolls while within a rainstorm. In addition, he is always considered to have concealment while within a rainstorm.

Call Rain (Su)

At level 2, the rainlayer gains the ability to call forth a rainstorm as a full-round action which covers himself, any enemy he has in his sights or is actively engaged in combat with, everything in between them, and 100 feet outwards. This rain moves with the rainlayer and his enemies if any of them move, but ends when the encounter is considered over. Rainclouds appear one round after they are beckoned and it begins raining one round after that. A rainlayer may not call rain if there is no enemy present. A rainlayer may call rain as often as he wishes.

Favored Enemy (Ex)

At level 3, the rainlayer receives a favored enemy, as the ranger ability.

Combat Style

A level 4 rainlayer who has chosen a combat style from the ranger class loses the benefits of that ability, but gains the throwing combat style. This grants him the Quick Draw, Ranged Pin, and Improved Precise Shot feats as long as he is wearing light or no armor. A rainlayer without a previous combat style gains no benefits from this ability, though if he later acquires one, he then gains the benefits.

Improved Torrent

At level 5, the rainlayer may apply precision damage to the first half of his attacks when using his torrent ability. Any of these attacks may critically hit. In addition, each attack after the first receives a +2 bonus on the attack roll.

Raindance (Su)

At level 6, as long as the rainlayer is in an area where it is raining, he may enter a raindrop he is touching and exit at any other raindrop. He may move up to his speed in this manner, but does not have to use his whole move action at once.

Favored Enemy (Ex)

At level 7, the rainlayer receives an additional favored enemy.

Tracking Torrent

At level 8, the rainlayer can sense the location of a creature who has been moistened by his torrent ability, as long as it is one of his favored enemies. This ability functions at any distance, but not across planes. It lasts until the creature dries off.

Greater Stormwalk (Ex)

At level 9, the rainlayer may use the hide skill while being observed, as long as he is within a rainstorm.

Greater Torrent

At level 10, the rainlayer may apply precision damage to each of his attacks when using his torrent ability. Any of them may critically hit. In addition, each attack after the second receives a +2 bonus on the attack roll (cumulative with Improved Torrent).

2007-07-29, 08:19 PM
Does the torrent ability give each copy the magical abilities of the original weapon? Or the enchancement +1 of a masterwork weapon? This might be broken if each weapon can be used for ranged pin or such. Just things to consider.

Still, a flavorful PrC.