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2007-07-29, 10:23 PM
((Is this the right forum for this? If I have broken any courtesies in posting this instead of elsewhere, I apologize))

Hail to ye all, august Forum-goers.

How are y’all? I hope every one of you if fine.

I am sorry to say that there have been severe storms where I live and phone lines have been damaged. Yes, that means that at home, our access to the Internet has yet to be restored. We expect that lines will be repaired in two to three days’ time.

How, you may ask, have I posted this message? I am at a public Internet shoppe but have not much time. (not a café because there is no coffee)

TO THE PLAYERS OF “THE BEAUTY AND THE BLIGHT OF THE BLACK ROSE”: (Djinn in Tonic, Tricycle Knight, Thunder Ranger and Kylma Tuli): Please forgive me for the subpar entry. It is all I could manage at the moment. Hmm, you have the choices of exploring the city while I’m away, or taking some NPC control and resolving the Fiery Shpit’s landing and chit-a-chatting amongst yourselves.

A tally of characters so far:

The survivors among the crew are the two d’Lyrandars---Dira and Porth, Errk the old sculptor… and the “temporary mechanic”, Jauis.

Survivors among the passengers: Aloysius, old cleric of the Sovereigns. Karel, ranger of the Valenar. Travis, bard and Inquisitive reporter. Jauis, adventuring artificer. A boy, whose grandmother died, curled up around him. The girl whom Vin the changeling saved. Girl’s mother, still hysterical with grief over her dead husband and the overall trauma of the trip. Two other I-survived-freaky-fiendish-fire-and-fume-on-an-airship-with-a-drunk-captain-and-all-I-got-was-a-lousy-T-shirt type passengers. The kalashtar fortuneteller, Kashana, jumped off the ship mid-flight and is presumed dead.

There are also the various technicians, artificers, porters, maintenance personnel and curious gawkers at the Stormreach airship tower whose roles y’all may take over ‘til I get back.

TO THE PLAYERS OF “THE SECOND DOUBLE STEP”: (de-trick, wingover gimble, ajw79, Mr the Geoff and Methalor) Sorry for missing you if I missed you. Also, I most sincerely apologize for my dismal performance in that game. I… I guess that thread just wasn’t meant to be. Let it rest in peace like its predecessor, The Single Step.

TO THE PLAYERS OF “THE YAVISAN RECON”: Please forgive me, Slash 172 and ImpFireball. Please forgive me if I’d misspelled your names and/or for ending our game. It was nice while it lasted but I just had too much on my hands to effectively GM it. It’s not just school, and weather problems but other private troubles as well…

TO THE PLAYERS OF “GATHERING CITY WATCH”: During the time that I’m away, Keps is either meditating or practicing katas.

TO THE PLAYERS OF “NEW DURENDAL, EVENING…”: As soon as he is able, Argrive is going to yawn and excuse himself from the table and try and sleep off what little of the night is left to him.

TO THE PLAYERS OF “LICH RULER”: Neshi has more than enough Cure spells to go around. Here, help yourselves! 3d8+3
I have asked Daiyanissa and Methalor to play Neshi’s character while I am away but otherwise, Neshi will follow still orders from Daiy.

May God bless y’all.