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Sornjss Lichdom
2007-07-29, 11:07 PM
OK heres my homebrew vestiage. And I do have the link to the huge page of them at wizards board. ty

Altebold, Godís Bane 7th lvl, binding check 28

Legend: Altebold was a Balor who in his lust for power overly defied every god he crossed, soon his pride and ignorance lead him in one of the biggest open revolts against a certain orc god who didnít like being crossed. Altebold forced himself into the Godís plane of existence with his hords of servants who turned around and gated in many of there kind in also. The battle shook the mortal world and the godís followers were said to have gone without divine power. In the end though the god prevailed, throwing all the demons from his realm and into the endless Abyss, after imprisoning Altebold in a anit-magic dome. No one knows when, how, or why Altebold died, but some how his soul passed own into a void were only vestiages go.

Special Requirements: The binder doing the summoning must not be aligned to one god, or have a patron deity.

Manifestation: In the middle of the circle sprouts swirling smoke which turns from dark black to light white, and then a surly yellow as it transforms to brimstone. As the brimstone dust fills the circle all the way to the edges a dark silhouette appears in the yellow cloud. As the outline becomes more defined the yellow cloud rushes out to meat you, staying just below your knees. Now though you can see a Hulking orc, leaning on a long sword, a token to his last and greatest foe.

Sign: You grow small black horns that are usually no more than nubs on you for head, your eyes become red rimmed and you give of a slight smell of brimstone yourself, giving everybody around you an uneasy feeling.

Influence: You donít take clerics, druids, rangers, and paladins seriously and love to get in moral arguments with the best of them, even when you might agree with there motives and actions.

Granted abilities: You gain profeciancy with the long sword or whip and weapon focus with said weapon. You can make any whip or long sword you hold a +1 flaming weapon. Every five rounds you can use power word, stun with the DC of 18.

This I think is pretty cool, but I think you can mix in the same thing but with different Demons for different effects, like a Mirilith for lesser lvl binding or my other favorite would be a making it a vrock and then make you spells for travel, like teleport or mirror image. Preferably teleport once every 5 rounds and mirror image at will. Tell me what you think.