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2017-04-20, 06:25 PM
this is a continuation of my previous thread here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?517738-my-D-amp-D-3-5-altered-classes-(Core)-Part-1-hopefully&p=21786015#post21786015)

These are the non-core classes that i am working on. I will be uploading them by book, slowly. Sorry but I actually try to put some thought into posts before making them.

Again I am aiming to make tier 4-6 PC classes tier 3 by using relatively few, simple, powerful, changes.

Complete Warrior

 The Hexblade's curse:
May be used (class level) times per day.
Is a swift action to use
At 8th level the save DC is 15+1/2 class level + charisma modifier
At 11th level Saving against a hexblade curse does not make you immune to it for 24 hours.
 Caster level is equal to his Hexblade level -3
 Good fortitude save
 At 14th level the Hexblade becomes Proficient with and may cast spells in medium armor
 At 6th level, the hexblade may quicken a spell 1/day without a level adjustment, unlike a sorcerer using this metamagic ability does not lengthen a spells casting time. He gains an additional use of this power at levels 9, 12, 15, and 18.

there is no way to make this one short; sorry.
 Upon reaching 2nd Level a Samurai is given a katana (Masterwork Bastard Sword) and Wakizashi (Masterwork Short Sword).
 Focused weapon training:
The samurai may select feats as if they where a fighter of Class level -4;
Samurai receive bonus feats as a fighter on levels: 3, 8, 13, and 18
 Skill points: 1st Level: (6 + lnt modifier) x 4. Each additional level: 6 + Int modifier. Add balance , handle animal, knowledge (Religion) and tumble to the samurai class skill list
Change Willpower save to good
 A Samurai adds his level/2 as a bonus on all rolls to resist fear
 Dashido Versatility: Any feat that applies to the katana also applies to the wakizashi. (so if a samurai gets weapon focus for the Katana they also receive it for the wakizashi)
 Bonus Samurai Abilities 3nd, 9th, 15th, choose one of the following each time:
Daisho of Past, Present and Future: the samurai learn a ritual that may bind their traditional weapons to them and the blood. They gain Ancestral relic (Katana), and Ancestral relic (Wakizashi). They may later perform the ritual again on a different katana or Wakizashi of choice but any previous enhancements are lost. this is used to replace a destroyed weapon.
Unarmed combat training: Improved unarmed strike and monk damage as a monk of half the samurai class level (no other monk combat abilities however). If the character has monk levels the total levels stack for purposes of damage (monk 5 / samurai 5 deals damage as a level 7 monk) and the katana and wakizashi count as monk weapons.
Moral Stance: Law devotion and war devotion, each usable 1/day. May be used together as a swift action. At 20th level these may be used 3/day.
 Kiai Smite improvements
Adds the Samurai's willpower save to damage, not the characters charisma bonus
Lasts for one round, each attack is enhanced
At 4th level when using kiai with Dashido blades reduce any struck opponent's damage reduction by 5 against the samurai's attacks for 5 rounds; to a minimum of 0 Damage reduction, an opponent instantly knows if this ability affects them.
At 8th level using kiai smite applies ghost touch to their Dashido blades for the duration of the smite when the samurai uses the blades.
At 12th level the damage reduction penalty stacks per hit to a minimum of 0 Damage reduction. If this ability reduces an opponent's damage reduction by 10 or more, the samurai receives a +1 to intimidate per 3 points of damage reduction penalty as the victim realizes the samurai's power to kill them.
At 16th level the Dashido blades gains supernatural hardness when using Kiai smite and are treated as adamantine in addition to any other metal (including against damage reduction and the Dashido's hardness if that is beneficial.)
At 20th level the damage reduction penalties last 1 hour from the last kiai smite that struck.

 Dodge bonus works for every opponent
 Insightful strike doubles the damage bonus at level 6, and triples at level 12; at level 18th level half of this damage applies to creatures immune to critical hits.
 Improved flanking gives +4 on damage as well
 Instead of Lucky class feature Bonus Luck feats at 3rd, 7th, 11th, 15th, and 19th

I will be adding more books/classes later.

Please let me know what you think about these changes and where they land the classes