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2017-04-25, 12:40 PM
I recently came across a class while doing some research in 3.5. The Class is called TrueNamer, I wanted to convert this class to 5e to be able to use it for future missions. Over the past couple of days using the 3.5 version of the Tome of Magic ( https://dnd.rem.uz/3.5%20D%26D%20Books/Tome%20of%20Magic.pdf ) starting on page 191, I have been trying to move the character over to 5e, while keeping most of it. Now there were a few holes in the class from 3.5 that I tried to fill. The holes are there, because I believe that it was a concept that was not finalized. The class is very interesting in how it works, It is very buff/debuff oriented, so I really need the help to find a good balance for it in 5e, while keeping the uniqueness and the ability to really customize this class. This is why I did not use the already player made TrueNamer conversion that was on here ( https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Truenamer_(5e_Class) ), not that it wasn't good, but I don't believe that it really kept the uniqueness of the class, by editing it too much. Any help is much appreciated.

The class draft is located here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1E05YnB5OLvxtxkf49ppQ-6SPkM3xWkyB51UfUjNxK5Y/edit?usp=sharing

2017-04-25, 01:09 PM
You should have one weak and one strong save, not two weak.

Why do you start with armor if you aren't proficient in any?

You have two listed proficiency sections, and they contradict each other.

You're very MAD-make it focus on one attribute, not two.

Archetype should come by level 3 at the latest.

Blanket +2 to DCs is a no-no.

It should be 8+Proficiency+Casting mod, not 10. That lets you hit DC 21, even without your Capstone.

Don't force alignments on players.

Also, it doesn't say how Truenaming actually works.

Utterances need more detail.