View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Spheres of Power for 5E, advice needed

2017-04-26, 09:57 PM
Not the first. Not the last. Got a pretty solid base so far. Making this for home games.

Formalities out of the way, ive hit a stumbling block. Concentration is a very important balancing mechanism for SoP. It is ALSO a very important balancing mechanism in 5E. Problem: concentration in 5E works differently than in Pathfinder.

In 5E, characters can mantain concentration without spending actions, but only at one thing at a time. The game is balanced around the fact you cant concentrate on more than one spell at a time, which includes most buffs.

In Pathfinder, characters need to spend an action each round to mantain concentration.

In SoP, which is a 3pp magic system for PF, pretty much anything that can be mantained through concentration can also last beyond concentration as long as you pay 1 spell point so it continues for minutes per caster level.

What more do i say. I need help. Anyone can spare any??

2017-04-27, 01:57 AM
Make the PP cost exorbitant, and don't allow them to do it more than once per Long Rest.

2017-04-27, 09:38 PM
What about using skill checks as a way to increase duration? I know that adds more dice rolling, but it is a moderately balanced way to do things.

2017-04-28, 12:20 PM
Concentration serves completely different functions in 5e and PF/SoP. In 5e, it acts as a mechanism to prevent stacking large numbers of buff spells, while in SoP, it allows casters to have at-will powers for when they run out of spell points. There's no need to merge them simply because they have the same name - just note that concentration works different from sphere casters, just as caster level does.