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2017-04-27, 04:04 PM
This is a little project I'm working on

Band Mates

You attract fellow bandmates to help your performances even more.

Prerequisites: Bardic Performance or Rage Song, character level 7th.

Benefit: You gain a number of cohorts (as the Leadership feat) that represent NPCs joining your band. You have a number of such cohorts with a total hd equal to the amount of hd a normal cohort could have. Unlike normal cohorts, these minor cohorts must be at least 4 levels lower than your character level. These Cohorts must have bardic performance or raging song and cannot multiclass.

Special: Band Mates counts as the Leadership feat for purposes of prerequisites. A character cannot have both Leadership and Band Mates. A character with Band Mates that later qualifies for Leadership may exchange this feat for Leadership immediately upon qualifying (selecting one minor cohort to become a full cohort, while the rest move on).

Bandmates is suppose to be designed in such a way that it would be like Weird Al, Dio, or Ozzy. There is a band there, but your character is the main star of the show. It'll also up Band Feats, which allow you to develop and build up a band

I've got a few more feats, like ones to improve the bandmates as well as the band as a whole, feats for better musical abilites, and things like instruments that just simply are louder (or unique like keytaurs) as well as bards in a box, microphones (currently there is a magical microphone that is a mace/rod) and the like.

2017-04-28, 10:00 AM
How would stuff that increases the max level of a cohort for leadership change how this works, like the feat that allows you to have a cohort of your level -1 instead of -2? Also since you divide the HD up among a group of cohorts would you be able to just boost your leadership score up really high to the point of being able to have a max number of cohorts of your level-4? Also the clause for trading this for leadership later when you qualify is a bit redundant, because they both require character level 7, I would either remove that or change it to something along the lines of "A character may exchange this feat for leadership any time they level up, you may pick one of your cohorts provided by this feat and they become your cohort for the leadership feat."

2017-05-04, 02:32 PM
In a lot of ways, it would work like the recruit feat that does something similar (Multiple Cohorts, no cohort can be more than 4 levels lower.)