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General Mythos Rules + The Swordbearer Class (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?522575-5e-Mythos-General-Rules-Swordbearer-Base-Class)

The Kalthorros

The word "struggle" and "determination" may seem like a contradiction when applied to an Anthol, who are as much above mortal heroes as mortal heroes are above gods. However, although they might be able to perform mythic feats, they, too, have to at least struggle even a bit in order to fulfill their purpose, goal, or ambition (no matter what they might say), and none else exemplify this as best as the Kalthorros.

There's no prerequisite to inherit the Mythos of Struggle, unlike so many others of its kind. Its ignition, however, requires an all-consuming devotion to a particular, almost impossible, task or goal, one that almost nobody in the Materium ever has. Their whole body and soul are then devoted to this particular goal, and as a result they have willpower that almost challenges those of the gods.

A grizzled aged mercenary has been heavily wounded from a hopeless fight against a group of bandits that he has been paid to kill. In what seemed like his last moments, what seemed like a knight in shining armor drives off the bandits and stabilizes the mercenary. When the mercenary asks what he could do in return, the knight simply states that he should make his life count for something, inspiring the mercenary to pick up the knight's ideals.

A young noble, uncaring of the intrigue that spends mosts of his time worrying about her younger brother, who's almost constantly bedridden. However, when she caught several assassins sent after her brother, she realizes that he might never be save and dedicates herself to tearing down the corrupt aristocracy.

A child watches his entire village being slaughtered by a force of demons in front of his eyes. So scarred and so enraged by the experience, he declares that he will kill all of the demons responsible for his village's massacre with his own hands.

Class Features
As a Kalthorros, you gain the following class features.

Hit Points
Hit Dice: 1d12 per Kalthorros level, +10d12
Hit Points at First Level: 77 + [(your Constitution modifier) x 11)]
Hit Points at Higher Levels: [6 + (your Constitution modifier)] per Kalthorros level after 1st

Armor: All Armor, Shields
Weapons: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons
Tools: One Artisan Tool, Gaming Set, Navigator's Tools or Musical Instrument of your choice
Saving Throws: Strength, Constitution, Wisdom, Charisma.
Skills: Insight and Perception, plus any three of your choice

You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background.
(a) a melee weapon of your choice or (b) 20 gold pieces
(a) a melee weapon of your choice, (b) a shield, or (c) a set of tools you are proficient in
(a) a set of armor of your choice and some ragged clothes, or (b) a set of travelers clothes and a set of fine clothes
(a) a reminder why you set out to fulfill your Focus in the first place)
(a) an equipment pack of your choice

Proficiency Bonus

Struggle's Resonance, All-Consuming Purpose Devotion, Broken Bones, Unbroken Spirit, The True Meaning of Courage, Undeniable Physical Effort

Bull-Headed Determination, Ability Score Improvement

Unyielding Self-Spanning Focus

Death Defying Stubborn Stand

Extra Attack, Unyielding Combat Stance

Lotus-Eater Machine's Defiance, Ability Score Improvement

Victory-Denying Purpose

The Road Not Taken

Ability Score Improvement

Ever-Distant Utopia

Saving Throws

Unless otherwise noted, when one of a Kalthorros' abilities requires a saving throw, the DC is equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier

Struggle's Resonance

At the end of a Long Rest, if you feel as if you have done one of the following since your last Long Rest, ask your fellows players and GM if they agree. If the majority do, gain one Inspiration. You may only gain one Inspiration in this way per Long Rest.

You have successfully pursued a goal that helps advance your Focus (see below).
You managed to persuade someone in supporting or at least respecting your Focus.
You stubbornly held on to your Focus, disregarding any scorn, punishment or persecution that may come as a result of it.

When using your World-Shaping Demiurge Authority, you have dominion over any direct means to fulfill your Focus.

All-Consuming Purpose Devotion

When you first take this class, you must make up a Focus of one kind or another. A Focus is an overspanning goal that takes at least a good chunk of a story arc to complete. "Overthrow the dystopian society we live in" or "Make sure others of my kind won't be prosecuted anymore" are valid Foci. "Dig a hole" or "Be born an Elf" is not. (Although "Become an Elf" may or may not qualify depending on how commonplace race-bending magic is in the campaign's setting.)

This Focus serves as your guideline for your actions, as most things you do will be done to further your Focus. Althouh you may try and defy your Focus, you must make a Wisdom saving throw with a DC equal to 8+your proficiency bonus, with the DC increasing by 2 every time you successfully defied your current Focus. Failure means that you entirely disregard that rebellious thought for one reason or another. However, you do not need to make rolls if you're somehow being manipulated, tricked, or mind-controlled into defying your Focus. If you for some reason decide to abandon your Focus (most likely due to some world-shattering revalation), you suffer from 1d6 Wisdom damage that, unlike other ability score damage, doesn't heal after a short or long rest, but only at a rate of 1 point per week. Such is the shock of your ideals, hopes and dreams all turning out to be worthless in the end.

However, your Focus does grant you certainty in your actions, and strengthens your will as a result. You gain an Advantage in all Wisdom saving throws, Wisdom tests and Intelligence saving throws against spells and actions that would lead you astray from your Focus. If you abandoned your Focus or somehow completed it, you may choose a new Focus.

Broken Bones, Unbroken Spirit

You may bank up two extra uses of Inspiration, in addition to the three you're granted by being an Anthol. These uses of Inspiration cannot be used for World-Shaping Demiurge Authority; however, they regenerate at a rate of one use of Inspiration per long or short rest.

In addition, when you are under 50% Hit Points, you may spend an use of Inspiration as a bonus actions to get one of these effects:

Spend Hit Die as if you were holding a Short Rest.
Deal an additional one die of damage as well as grant advantage on your next damage roll.
Gain Resistance against one type of damage until the end of the encounter.

The True Meaning Of Courage

Whenever you would be Frightened, you do not suffer disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls against the source of your fear, and you an willingly move close to the source of its fear. In fact, you get advantage on ability checks and attack rolls against the source of your fear. The disadvantage on ability checks and attack rolls still apply to you for any creature or object that is not the source of fear. If you manage to defeat or destroy the source of fear, you are healed from this condition.

In addition, as a bonus action, you may issue a Challenge to anybody in your line of sight. They must make a Wisdom saving throw or have disadvantage on any attack and damage against anyone but you. This Challenge's duration is equal to your Wisdom modifier plus half your level.

Undeniable Physical Effort

Choose one of the following three abilities to acquire.

Muscle-Straining Exertion
You may opt to get advantage on any Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution checks without spending Inspiration; however, you then suffer one level of exhaustion after rerolling. In addition, you may spend one use of Inspiration as a bonus action to clear two levels of exhaustion immediately.

Masses-Spurring Defiance
You gain the Bardic Inspiration class feature, adding +10 to your effective character level for the purpose of this class feature.. This class feature is keyed off your Wisdom instead of your Charisma. In addition, you may use Wisdom instead of Charisma for Performance (Oratory) checks.

Unrivaled Drive For Victory
When you use Plot-Twisting Excellence, you add +3 per roll per use of Inspiration spent instead of +2. In addition, you can ignore one source of disadvantage, not gaining disadvantage as a result of that particular source.

Bull-Headed Determination
Choose one of the following three abilities to acquire.

Superior Taunting Method
When you issue a challenge to someone, you may spend a use of Inspiration to access one of the below options;

Force any attack or damage roll not targeting them to be rerolled and take the worst result for the duration of the Challenge.
Force the challenged to accept the Challenge, regardless of the result of their saving throw.
Gain advantage on attack or damage rolls against the target of the Challenge.

One-In-A-Million Chance Defying Demeanor
If you would need a critical hit to successfully hit an enemy with that attack, you gain advantage on your attack roll. If you would require a roll of 16 or higher to succeed on a skill check or saving throw, you gain advantage on your roll. If your enemy would hit you on a roll of 5 or lower, your enemy suffers disadvantage on their roll. You may still modify your rolls using Inspiration.

Sacrificial-Leap Technique
If any ally within your movement range is targeted for an attack, you may interpose yourself between them and the attack as a reaction by spending Inspiration. You may move up to your movement speed, but you must end up in your ally's Reach, and you then swap places with the ally. The attack is then made against you, instead of your ally.

Implacable Self-Spanning Focus
As long as you're pursuing you Focus, you do not need to eat, drink, or sleep. You may do so, but you do not suffer any ill effect from not doing so. Such is your dedication to your cause that you can ignore worldly needs wholesale. In addition, you do not suffer from the effects of exhaustion in an encounter that's somehow connected to your Focus. After the encounter, you suffer the effects of exhaustion completely.
Finally, choose one of the following two abilities to acquire.

Gizzard-Ignoring Tenancy
You are immune to disease and poison (the condition and the damage), so long as you're pursuing your Focus. After you stop pursuing your Focus, you're immediately affected by any disease or poison you would normally suffer.

The Endless, Arduous March
Up to [Wisdom modifier]+1 of your allies also share the benefits of this ability, as long as they pursue roughly the same goals as you do.

Death Denying Stubborn Stand
You gain an addition use of Inspiration, following the same rules as the uses of Inspiration granted by Broken Bones, Unbroken Skin.

In addition, when you must make a Death Saving Throw, you may instead spend an use of Inspiration to treat your roll as a Natural 20.

Unyielding Combat Stance
Choose one of the following three abilities to acquire.

Boundary-Breaking Burst
You may spend two uses of Inspiration to increase your attack's damage by 2d6 per two levels and letting it ignore Damage Treshold, as well as grant one of the three effects below:
If the attack's successful, your opponent must make a Strength saving throw or be pushed (5 feet per 2 points the target failed their saving throw) away from you, knocking them prone at the end of the movement.
If the attack is successful, you may halve the damage inflicted and force the target to make a Constitution saving throw. On a failed save, the target cannot make a Reaction until the beginning of your next turn, and loses their next Legendary Action if they have one or more of those.
The attack's result is applied to every valid target in a 5ft/level cone.

I Will Fight Some More Forever
If you're below 75% of your hit points, you gain a +1 bonus to your attack and damage rolls. If you're below 50% of your hit points, this bonus increases to +2, and if you're below 25% of your hit points, this bonus increases to +3.

Mass Taunting "Tactics"
When you issue a challenge, you may spend up to 3 uses of Inspiration and instead challenge anyone in a [20-foot*uses of Inspiration]-radius sphere in line-of-sight instead.

Lotus-Eater Machine's Defiance

You may spend Inspiration as a reaction to dispel one spell, effect, or other condition currently affecting you and with a duration of 1 or more rounds, ending the effect immediately. At the GM's discretion, this ability may not apply to long-term conditions such as gravity, sunlight, or death. You may use this ability even if you would normally be unable to do so.

In addition, by spending an action and Inspiration, you may urge an ally within 5ft to grit their teeth and fight the power. You don't have to physically do so, but it helps. In any case, the ally may dispel one spell, effect, or other condition currently affecting them and with a duration of 1 or more rounds, ending the effect immediately. Again, at the GM's discretion, this ability may not apply to long-term conditions such as gravity, sunlight, or death.

Victory-Denying Purpose

Once per day as a reaction, by spending 3 uses of Inspiration, you may negate an attack, spell, or any other offensive maneuver directed to you, and only you. The enemy doesn’t get a chance to roll; it just fails, and their round ends. Even attacks that normally would automatically hit, like a critical hit, just fail.

In addition, once per day as a reaction, by spending 3 uses of Inspiration, you may deny any damage, debuffs, or other negative effects that would befall you when you’re caught in an area effect.

The Road Not Taken

You may bank up two additional uses of Inspiration, following the same rules as the uses of Inspiration granted by Broken Bones, Unbroken Skin.

In addition, choose one of: Undeniable Physical Effort, Bull-Headed Determination, Implacable Self-Spanning Focus, or Unyielding Combat Stance. You gain one of the three options you did not choose from that class feature

Ever-Distant Utopia

When you would die whilst pursuing your Focus, you instead enter a comatose state for 1d6 hours, your soul still stuck in your body. If an spell, class feature or other such ability like A Sword Equal To Heaven or Trap the Soul is used against you, you may spend [1+amount of times you has used this class feature] uses of Inspiration to prevent your permanent death.
During this period, spells such as Revivy or Raise Dead can be cast to put you back into life; if so, you simply wake up, alive and well, disregarding the rest of this ability.

However, if there are no such spells used to resurrect you, you instead wake up at the end of your comatose state, with your Hit Points, as well as your stats being restored to full, all diseases and poisons purged from your body. This comatose period counts as a Long Rest. In addition, you gain an inituitive knowledge of where your killers now are, or where your companions are relative to your position.

After you have completed or abandoned your Focus after having used this class feature more than twice, you disintegrate into dust, and pass on to the afterlife or any other fate that has befallen you. From that point on, you require a True Resurrection or Wish spell (or similarly potent magics) to return you to life. After such a resurrection or the completion of your Focus, however, this class feature is "reset", allowing you to use this class feature again without risking almost-permanent death.z

2017-04-30, 05:38 AM
Solomon, I have returned.

The new 5E Mythos classes made by has finally convinced me to dust off one of my old WIPs and complete (or, well, convert) it. The five or so people who still remember the old Kalthorros may recognize some differences from the old one; for one, it has the Focus mechanic barefacedly stolen from inspired the Agalma's purpose, serving as the explanation for why Kalthy's are so damn stubborn in the first place, as well as giving them a convenient way to restore Inspiration.

Speaking of which, you may realize that the Kalthorros can have a frankly ridiculous amount of Inspiration banked (3+5 as opposed to the normal 3.) This is intentional. Whereas the Bellator Swordbearer has their ridiculous wuxia stunts, the Mechanikos has their ridiculous inventions, and the Cynosure has their ridiculous presence, the Kalthorros has only their HARD WORK AND GUTS!. Hence their large pool of Inspiration, and abilities that key off from that.

Also, I'm going to shamelessly steal something straight from Xefas (heh, say that five times in a row!) and ask you guys a few questions;

Is the flavor evocative enough to inspire character concepts while reading it?
Does the flavor reflect a demigodlike/fairytalehero-esque character?
Can the flavor support a variety of distinct character concepts?
Are mechanical effects properly explained and easily understood?
Is there adequate meaningful choice when mechanically constructing a character?
Are the class feature names any good? Really, that's the thing I struggle with the most when I make Mythos classes.

2017-05-01, 05:40 PM
Is the flavor evocative enough to inspire character concepts while reading it?
Does the flavor reflect a demigodlike/fairytalehero-esque character?
Can the flavor support a variety of distinct character concepts?

I'd like to read more flavor in general. The two concepts here are Struggle, but also Devotion, which aren't fundamentally entwined. I feel like if some flavor were added to some of the class's features that painted a picture of how these two concepts come together to give the Kalthorros their power, it would be a more evocative class. Does their struggle require devotion because, without it, there's nothing to struggle towards? Does their devotion require struggle because nothing worth having is easy?

Is there adequate meaningful choice when mechanically constructing a character?

Sure, but not at first level, which is something I'm also looking to fix in the Swordbearer and Cynosure (so I didn't set a very good example). The Mechanikos, I feel, has enough day-to-day choice in how they use their inventions that someone playing one will not feel lacking in that regard. But for more standard classes, I think they need a solid choice at 1st level.

Are the class feature names any good? Really, that's the thing I struggle with the most when I make Mythos classes.

They seem good. I like Ever-Distant Utopia, and I feel like evoking the Lotus-Eating trope in that one ability is quite clever, although I think there might be a better way to phrase it. I'm not sure what that phrasing is, but I'm going to think on it.

2017-05-04, 03:17 AM
I added Undeniable Physical Effort (name up for alteration) as an first-level multiple-choice ability. I still need to add a sutra and expanded ability descriptions, though.