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2007-07-31, 02:39 PM
I was wondering what everyone's most evil moments in a campaign were.

sadly i dont really have one, never got to play an evil character and we were more for adventure than BBEG fighting

2007-07-31, 02:46 PM
I killed some things, and took their stuff.

2007-07-31, 02:47 PM
I pulled out a shapechanged wizard (gold dragon), made the players think it was a friend, and fried the squishies in one fell breath.

Later, I made them kill each other off with magic jars.

2007-07-31, 02:49 PM
holding an elven bladesinger incapacitated while the drow sergent slaughtered elven woman and children in front of him, then knocking said bladesinger unconsious and letting him live with that on his head

2007-07-31, 02:54 PM
My party actually killed me because of this. We were supposed to arrest a town mayor for not paying taxes to the king. We went to the said town and the said mayor was never available and would only be seen in an upcoming town celebration. When we got there the mayor threw up an anti-magic field, nullifying the Druid's wild shape(our primary tank) and Cleric's Persistent Divine Might(our secondary tank). The wizard had no spells that weren't buffs or rays and was also dumbed out how we can subdue the mayor and take him into custody. As the bard, I said announced to the mayor that if he does not surrender I will start killing town folk. The town folk said that they weren't afraid to die for their mayor so I cast Sympathetic Vibration on a building, killing everyone inside and a large crowd of about forty people outside. I was Lyric Thaumaturge, so I had Sonic Might. The townsfolk started attacking us with their single hit dies and make shift weapons from farm implements and household cutlery, whatever. We basically had to kill everyone in the town. Even the mayor. We failed the mission and the rest of the party was approached by high druids because my bard totally disturbed the natural balance and the party killed me. The other players apologized to me after my character's death but i apologized for being a total EVUHL maniac Bard.

Dairun Cates
2007-07-31, 03:02 PM
I was wondering what everyone's most evil moments in a campaign were.

sadly i dont really have one, never got to play an evil character and we were more for adventure than BBEG fighting

Well, the few evil PCs have been quite subtle and don't choose to backstab their own party until the absolute best time with no real funny consequences. An entire campaign was based around another group of PC's being killed in their sleep.

However, in one campaign I ran, the party had finally met the BBEG. Turns out it was the completely non-descript school teacher that showed up occassionally. It also turned out that he was an incredibly powerful psychic. So, the party, not wanting a direct confrontation hides around the docking bay of the spaceship the bad guy is about to take off in. One of the players set up their sniper rifle and started to aim it. Seeing the BBEG was going to leave, one of the other players jumped out and got him to monologue. Here's how that conversation went.

Frank (BBEG): Ah. Kata. Where's Ms. Priori?
Kata: I don't know.
Frank: Well, I want you to tell her something for me when you see her.
Kata: Okay.
Frank: Tell her that...
Kata: *yelling out loud enough for Ms. Priori to hear him* Tell her that...
*Priori is franctically aiming the shot with the sniper rifle*
Frank: that trick...
Kata: *still loud* that trick...
*Priori makes the shot at the bad guy as he harmlessly reflects the shot with his telekinesis at the last second.*
Frank: ... is not going to work.

Ah. Good times.

Edit: Heh. My player just reminded me that after that last line, while she was trying to reload, that's when the ninja that was hiding in the hangar shanked her with a sneak attack for about 35 damage. One of the few times I've caught my players completely off guard.

2007-07-31, 03:09 PM
The most evil any one of my characters has been was as a Cleric of Hextor invading a roadside shrine on the way to someplace or other, slaughtering anyone who wouldn't denounce their old god and gaesing the local priest into having hold a service for Hextor daily.

The worst I've seen was in an evil campagin I was DMing. I had allowed one of my players to be a CE Ogre Barbarian named 14. The rest of the party had some business to transact in town and although they could pass as normal there was no way 14 was going to be able to wander into a human habitation without there being a major fuss. So, they left 14 around a mile outside of town and told him to 'wait for them to come back'.

They leave and after a little while 14 decides he get's hungry. Spotting a little farm house with a thatched roof he proceeds to charge it, the mother living there dashes into the house so he proceeds leap through the roof to land in the middle of the cottage, grab the little boy who was cowering right by where he landed and 'start muching on his head as if it were an apple'. When the mother screams and runs 14 brains her with a kettle. The party returns to find 14 sitting in the middle of the road where they left him. Absently munching on the remainder of the kid with the mother slung across his shoulder 'for later'.

2007-07-31, 03:21 PM
My EEEEEEEvil mage got annoyed at a maître d' at a swanky restaurant in Sharn. So he put an ad in the local paper: "Lost: My precious pigeon "Boopsie." 300 gold for her return..." with the address of the restaurant.

So there was a line of people out the door, all with pigeons hoping to get the reward. The maître d' was fired. Bwahahahaha!

Sure, it's not opening a gate to hell, but it is pretty evil, dontcha think?

Dairun Cates
2007-07-31, 03:30 PM
My EEEEEEEvil mage got annoyed at a maître d' at a swanky restaurant in Sharn. So he put an ad in the local paper: "Lost: My precious pigeon "Boopsie." 300 gold for her return..." with the address of the restaurant.

So there was a line of people out the door, all with pigeons hoping to get the reward. The maître d' was fired. Bwahahahaha!

Sure, it's not opening a gate to hell, but it is pretty evil, dontcha think?

"That's it? That's your evil plan? You gave them candy?"
"Yes. Think of all the cavities!"

2007-07-31, 03:35 PM
One campaign I was playing an assassin (as in the prestige class), and my friend was playing a professional gladiator named Shadrach (Pronounced shuh-drak). We, along with the rest of our party, had just wiped out a fort/outpost, and we wanted to boogy before reinforcements showed up. However, we had the idea that to promote Shadrach as a professional gladiator, we'd take the corpses and write, "Shadrach is back" in blood all over the walls.

In the same game my assassin guy was in a bar, just having a drink, and he decided to death attack some random guy for no reason. That was pretty evil too.

2007-07-31, 03:39 PM
In the same game my assassin guy was in a bar, just having a drink, and he decided to death attack some random guy for no reason. That was pretty evil too.

That's worse than evil, that's unprofessional. I don't think you'll be invited to the Assassins' Ball.

2007-07-31, 03:54 PM
One of our PC's joined our party after being exiled from the orphanage in which he worked. He only wanted to help the orphans... by feeding them the other orphans.

As for "evil" campaigns.... We had a paladin who fell after taking, and then dealing, some pretty serious drugs. He later became a blackguard and killed the old ladies who were giving candy to children. Our Barbarian had an evil sentient hammer caused fireballs when thrown and told him to kill things. After somehow breaking into a council for all the leaders of the land, the barbarian followed the hammer's advice of using it to kill them all. We only let 1 live, because he told us jokes (they were really pathetic jokes, but the Blackguard liked them).

In one game in we found a Zeppelin and the party unanimously dropped the quest we were on in favor of becoming air pirates. Prior to becoming priates, the party had already stolen from the nobles using elaborite plans involving immovablke rods, and our very-low charisma (3 or 4) dwarf decided to fly over the city witin the zepplin throwing torches over the edge so he could spell out his name in fire.

2007-07-31, 03:58 PM
Nothing particularly interesting, but one of my characters has done a few pretty evil things.

In the Sunless Citidel, the act that granted him his Chaotic Evil alignment, my elf sorcerer Ariath came across a room full of scared, tired and hungry goblin children and the elderly. He'd be aggrivated with goblins all the rest of the way so he decided to take out some aggression on children and old folks. The CG half-elf bard had to tackle me to the ground to stop me from doing any more.

Another time, we had been found out that I had tricked an illithid lord, me having thought I fooled him rather easy. He explained to me how he knew all along, and then mind-blasted us. At the time the rest of the party wasn't there, so it was just my character's half-brother Eldryn the wizard and formentioned half-elf bard Altair. Eldryn and I passed our saves and Altair did not, so with him stunned and Eldryn doing everything he could think to get Altair on his feet, I (with my unusually high 17 Str score)picked up a statue in the room and smashed the window open and lept out. I fell 30 feet, onto broken glass and lived, so I ran, leaving the two level 6 arcanists with a CR 15 Illithid sorcerer. My character came back once he stopped hearing screaming and explosions(which any other time, would have just attracted him).

2007-07-31, 04:15 PM
Can't offer one as player. As GM...

I once had a shapeshifting demon impersonate a friend of one of the player's characters. It worked better than I could have hoped for - in the end the character had caused the death of an entire order of innocent monks and killed said friend personally (the true one, not the shapeshifter). Only then did the demon reveal himself.

Caused the character to break down mentally for the next few sessions.

Oh, yeah, and on another occassion I went for a very fairytale-like adventure, and had one player try to get a golden apple from the garden of a gnome (in a setting where gnomes were nigh-omnipotent wizards of incredible greed). The character had to make a trade with the gnome, which consisted of solving a task, a sub-quest all on its own. Actually, I wanted to demonstrate the gnome's superior trading skills and have, as it should be in any self-respecting fairy-tale, to have three tasks.
So, the gnome agrees to let the character into his garden if said character solves the sub-quest the gnome imposes upon him. The character goes, solves the quest, and the gnome lets him into the garden - which turns out to be an endless forest of innumerable trees. No chance to find the right tree.
The gnome offers to lead the character to the tree, if the character solves a second task. Reluctantly, the character agrees.
So he goes, solves the task, and - the gnome leads him to the tree, but when the character tries to get closer he finds he can't.
The gnome agreed to lead him to the tree, but not to allow him to pick an apple from the tree...
So, third subquest it is.

Whenever the character approached the gnome's home he had to summon him with the phrase, "little man beneath the stone, appear!" (yeah, I know, that's childish... sue me! :P ). After the third subquest, the player twisted it to something which wouldn't get through the forum's filters for sure ("You *bleep*ing, *bleep*ing *bleep*-man beneath the *bleep*ing stone, appear, *bleep* you!")
I couldn't continue DMing for the next few minutes. :smallbiggrin:

Since then, my players are more afraid of gnomes than dragons or demons. :smallsmile:

2007-07-31, 04:50 PM
I don't have too many as a player; my evil characters tend to be selfish evil, not maniac evil.

As a GM: The party was a member of the Human Army, fighting invading Elves. The Human army was composed of contingents from the various Duchies, and the leaders worked as a council to decide courses of actions. Well, the leader of the Council, a Duke Andur, invited the party to a private meeting, where he asked for their help with a delicate situation. When they agreed, he put a Gaes on them to ensure they wouldn't talk. He informed them that another Duke was planning to abandon the war. The Human's couldn't afford to lose his troops, so they were to fake his assassination by elves and subsequently waylay his messenger and change the orders. The party isn't happy, but decides to do it.

They go out, kill an elf and animate his corpse. The Psywarrior and Archer Rogue go to a watchtower, where they bring the elf zombie. The Wizard and Cleric take off on Phantom steeds to catch up with the messenger. Team Assassination deflects several guard parties sent to relieve them at the tower, and finally get a clear shot at the Treacherous Duke. They fire two arrows of slaying, killing the target. They jump out of the tower, over the walls, and leave the elf zombie at the base with a broken neck and orders to lay very still, so it looked as if he died jumping out of the tower.

Team Messenger catches up with their target, and persuade him that they have new orders, and have to take and destroy the old ones. They give him the new packet, then sit and talk a little while. From him, they learn the reason the Treacherous Duke was going to leave; Duke Andur had sold half of Treacherous Duke's land without his permission to pay for more Mercenaries! Treacherous Duke was returning home to fight for his land.

The Party gets back together, and learns why they have done what they did. However, they are Gaesed and can't speak to anyone about it. Moreover, they covered their tracks so well that everyone believes that elves really did it. To add insult to injury, the innocent tower guards that Team Assassination talked into believing they were the replacements for all got executed. The NPC paladin council member (who was the only one they trusted) got so disgusted over the incident (he was sure it was Andur who ordered it, he just couldn't prove it) that he eventually defected to the elves, forcing the party to kill the only person on the Council who was actually their friend.

Man, they hated me for that one.

2007-07-31, 05:19 PM
I played a monk, once, with a penchant for beating foes to death with other foes, not because it was a good way to deal damage, but as a means to strike terror and horror into whom he faced.

I reduced a full TRIBE of Kobolds with character Levels to cowering uselessness, by beating their chief to death with their high-priest.

The character openly and directly viewed this as, not only the most expedient means to solve the issue at hand, but also the kindest method at hand, as it spared the lives of some twenty or thirty Kobolds at the cost of their chief.

2007-07-31, 05:46 PM
I played a monk, once, with a penchant for beating foes to death with other foes, not because it was a good way to deal damage, but as a means to strike terror and horror into whom he faced.
Is there some sort of feat you used to do this or is this just a creative use of the grapple rules?

2007-07-31, 05:52 PM
I once played a character in a who was absolutely convinced he was a brave hero destined to overthrow the evil, oppressive government as 'gooseman'. That might sound slightly silly and not particularly evil, until you realise that this character murdered pretty much the entire City Watch in a brutal killing spree. The game stopped, but 'gooseman' was quite prepared to carry on murdering, probably with ever more tenuous links to the government, spreading panic and terror with each killing.
It's not quite as evil as some of the betrayals and stuff here, but it seemed pretty despicable at the time.

2007-07-31, 05:59 PM
Durago, our resident Shadow Weave adept (PC) had a slave-smith (NPC) who he treated fairly well. She had her own shop set-up in Zhentil Keep etc and was treated with a kind of dignity.

However, she tired of being a slave (being an ex-Cali****e noblewoman) and fled to Raven's Bluff. On finding her missing after a few months of adventuring, Durago scries, teleports and abducts her back again. Her foot is amputated by one of his undead minions and she is told "I will find you again. You have three more chances". She is then forced to forge herself a new steel foot so she can be useful again.

First class, grade "A" evil.

2007-07-31, 06:19 PM
Most of my evil characters don't do much overtly evil things. At least, not when there will be any witnesses.

One of the more twisted things I remember doing though, was deliberately cutting one of my injured party members with a knife before fully restoring him with a Heal spell. My character claimed he was "performing a surgical procedure". But that's the sort of thing you do when your god's portfolio includes "practical jokes and impractical jokes," among other things.

2007-07-31, 06:29 PM
We were playing a Mage game and the party consisted of a Hitman(me), Carjacker and drug dealer. For some reason while wandering the streets the carjacker decided to start messing with some random kid. The kid ran to his father and uncles down the block who also happened to be drug dealers and gang members(but we didn't know this.) Three gangsters come over to see what we are doing, we agree to leave but as we are leaving my character thinks they are going backstab us so he spins around and shoots one in the face with a .357 magnum, before the other two could respond he shoots the second one killing him. The third one starts running back towards the house and the kid.

After that, a van pulls up with some gangmembers in it who try to stop us after just killing those other guys. We make sure work of them and then get the hell out of there before the cops arrive.

My character then spent most of the campaign plotting how to kill the third guy who got away.

So to recap: 1. carjacker bothers kid
2. Father and uncles ask us to leave and not to bother him
3. Hitman executes father and one uncle as kid watches.
4. Kid is witness to another 4 murders.
5. Kid and remaining uncle stalked by hitman.

2007-07-31, 06:44 PM
I don't have too many as a player; my evil characters tend to be selfish evil, not maniac evil.

So in other words, your evil characters go around killing things and taking their stuff.

2007-07-31, 06:51 PM
So in other words, your evil characters go around killing things and taking their stuff.

Usually. But with a tinge of legality, as in an adventuring party or for a government. Think Belkar, not Redcloak.

2007-07-31, 06:52 PM
In one evil campaign, our party's mission was to defeat the BBEG in order to claim his land and power for ourselves, first by worming our way into his employment as mercenaries. As a group,we decided to push the evil as far as possible, but not against each other.

Some highlights:

4) Putting explosive runes in a high priest's bible. It went off during a wedding, killing the couple.

3) Kidnapping the BBEG's CG daughter and selling her into slavery. Yes, that kind of slavery. Our DM brought her back during a later assassination mission. We rescued her and bluffed the BBEG into killing her to protect his family honour.

2) Prison Riot.

We were only suppossed to rescue a guy from the town guard's HQ from a LG town in another country. Instead we broke into the local prison complex and released the population, then asserted our authority by killing three of the most dangerous ones. Then we buffed a few and unleashed them on the city, wiping out most of the police force, then turning on the civillians.

After rescuing the hostage, we watched the carnage from outside the town, picking off the fleeing citizens. Once dawn came, so did a platoon sent by the King (Lawful good ones) to restore order. As they fought the looting escapees, our sorcere cloudkilled the lot of them and we neve rlooked back.

Our DM glared at us afterwards and rolled-off improvised statistics of all the deaths, rapes and suicides, then ended the session in a huff.

1) Next session: breaking point

our DM planned to introduced our an NPC into our ranks to move the plot along. As a test we made her kill her own parents.

Then we re-animated their corpses and made her kill them again.

And since she was now lower on HP, we killed her.

Our DM had elaborate designs for the character, and threw a tantrum before quitting his own game- on his first go at running one.

And that was the most evil bit of all.

2007-07-31, 08:17 PM
In an online epic demon game, I was playing a succubus archmage. The rest of the team consisted of a fallen Erinyes monk, another succubus archmage, a vampire lord warlock, a quasit dervish, a black dragon, a marilith blackguard and a kelvezu assasin.

The order of the day was slaughter-we were in Gehenna, in the middle of the blood war. Because most outsiders can regenerate, we killed thousands (literally) of enemies and kept the mutilated, helpless but still living bodies so our Marilith blackguard could have building material for her temple-we couldn't use stones because the acid rain kept eating them away. But regenerating bodies polymorphed to an appropriate shape worked admirably well.

During our down time, we practiced our social skills. I seduced the vampire then had him seduce the other succubus and the erinyes and put them to fight among themselves for who would have him.

Someone else convinced the assasin to try to assasinate me but I polymorphed him into a yugoloth while we were guests in a yugoloth castle, covered him in nondetection and convinced him to go attack the marilith while she was resting. We ended up killing everyone in the castle.

I had some torture matches with both the marilith and the erinyes just to see who was tougher/the more experienced torturer.

I set up a couple of duels then cast an enhancing spell on the vampire to aid him to defeat the marilith that had previously won in a torture match.

I called a solar and bound her to the plane so we could play.

I researched a spell that permanently increased our dragon in size. Ofcourse, I had some other spells that dealt more damage the larger the target was just in case the dragon betrayed us.

I researched an epic spell to ressurect our dead. I did not mention to them that said spell contained a lasting compulsion I could call upon any time in the future and give them suggestions for a time.

I cheated in some of the group contests (lame)

Irreverent Fool
2007-07-31, 08:57 PM
Our Barbarian had an evil sentient hammer caused fireballs when thrown and told him to kill things.

Wow, that's odd. I'm playing in a group that has a Paladin who is eventually going to fall and become a Blackguard and our power-attack fighter has an evil sentient Greatsword that casts fireballs and tells him to kill people (if he doesn't kill at least 1 sentient creature a day with it, it tries to force him to.)

2007-07-31, 09:15 PM
Rust Monster.

Ohh wait, thats the most evil thing to throw at your players.

2007-07-31, 10:38 PM
Most evil was a LE tiefling ranger I played as. I had a VERY powerful homebrew bow that let me summon devils. I politely ask the captain of the town guard, who is an old paladin, to have the city guard help us track down a demon cult. He doesn't trust me, so he refuses. I summon an Erinyes to start flirting with him. He still refuses. I cast Entanglement on him, then the mage casts Hold Person, and then hits him with a curse to lower his saves so he won't get out. He refuses. His lieutenant tries to stop me. I kill the lieutenant for obstructing justices. The captain still refuses. The Erinyes kills his wife in front of him. The captain still refuses. By this point, his personal guards are breaking into the room. I summon a bunch of Lemures and say that I'll have him kill his hand-picked bodyguards, his best friends, if he won't let the guard help me find the cultists. He refuses. I open the door and the Lemures slaughter his bodyguards, then say that demons will do the same thing to the rest of the guards if he refuses to help us. He still refuses. I have our barbarian drag in a bunch of beggars from off the street. I tell the captain to think of all the poor civilians who will be killed if the demon cultists succeed. He stays silent. My Lemures kill the beggars one by one, with me asking "Will you help stop this?" after each one. Finally, we drag the captain into the chapel of the guard station. I ask him what will happen with his god, if the demons win. At this point the DM has a maniacal grin on his face. The captain yells "You have no power over the gods!" I don't contradict him; instead, I desecrate the altar. Then I tell him to pray if his god is so sure to help him. The wizard hits him with a Suggestion: "Your god is named Asmodeus." The DM knocked down his screen laughing, and I'm sure he fudged the captain's will save. Asmodeus's voice resounds from the desecrated altar, saying the captain is now his loyal servant. The DM finally says "Okay, he's now a Blackguard who is shellshocked and will obey you out of desperation. He turns over command of the city guard to you. What do you do now?" We track down the demon cult and fight our way right up to the room where they intend to summon a demon lord. Then we just send in waves of level 5 guards to fight two Balors and a couple high-level clerics, until most of them are dead, at which point we charge in to make sure we win the battle. Then finally, with the city saved from the demons and the city guard almost completely wiped out, I ordered the captain to personally drag out and bury every single one of their bodies. The DM said this was a "nice change" from how I normally play stick-up-the-butt paladins.

2007-07-31, 10:54 PM
A player turned on me in an Alternity game. I was something like the star PC, so he thought trying to kill me would end the campaign. I didnt die, and he was captured. As punishment, I did untrained gender reassigment surgery on him with a mild sedative.

Sadly he bled out before he saw the finished product.

2007-07-31, 11:06 PM

That Paladin should've fell for sacrificing innocent lives.

2007-07-31, 11:08 PM
^ He did. I broke his mind and tricked him into becoming a blackguard, remember?

2007-07-31, 11:10 PM
He should've fell before that. Like, when he kept silent when you threatened to kill the beggars. Or before that.

2007-08-01, 12:20 AM
I've got a few. First was a CN, I think it was, Halfling Rogue. At some point durring the campaign, he had gotten his hands on some Soverign glue. One night, while the party rested, he took the Paladin's tankard and glued it to his breastplate. Although the Paladin pretty much brushed off the joke (ripped the thing off almost imediately after), the player still holds a grudge about that nearly two years later.

Later that day, my Rogue managed to sneak up on and pick-pocket that very same Paladin. Now I should probably mention that the other player hates being LG, especially if he's a paladin, because of the code of conduct (why he played a paladin, I don't know). The truely evil part of this was the player couldn't do anything about it; his paladin was completely clueless of whom had done it (both events, actually). The rogue later gained much respect with the local theives guild.

Second, while playing in an evil campaign, the party had to go and over-rule/take over several of the surrounding towns/kingdoms (one for each player). I was playing a fairly high level, CE Sorcerer (not yet epic), and he almost single handedly destroyed an entire town, castle included. We racked up a lot of kills in that campaign. Anyway, I'm not sure how it happened, but that Sorcerer later became ruler of that very same town. He was later reincarnated in a different campaign as pretty much the ruler of all dragons.

2007-08-01, 08:37 AM
Rust Monster.

Ohh wait, thats the most evil thing to throw at your players.

Quoted For Truth (That's right, I'm not lazy like some of you folks :smallbiggrin: ).

Another fun thing to throw a low-level party is a swarm of Stirges.

2007-08-01, 09:02 AM
Just last weekend...
My party had suffered massive losses inside of a trapped castle, (though all of the deaths were caused by other party members). One of the deaths was caused by our CE Barbarian Warblade Karn killing our other frontline fighter in his sleep because he had threatened him earlier. We retreated to a nearby village to recoup where we met a new PC, a feral half-ogre barbarian. The half ogre saw the large greatsword Karn had picked up earlier. He decided it was his and there was nothing that Karn to do to stop him. He accepts that the halfogre can use the sword better than him, and we move on. We later get into an encounter where the Half-ogre is reduced to very low hp (onlly his rage was keeping him standing) He asks Karn for a charge from his healing belt so he wont drop, Karn says OK and procedes to Attack him with his greataxe. One hit and the half ogre is down. Karn immeadiatly picks up the greatsword and says "Mine!".

2007-08-01, 09:04 AM
Mine involves systematically eliminating all the Chosen of Mystra, Epic Spellcasting, and Material Component: Flayed Skin of Talona. I won't get into specifics, but needless to say the entire material plane was killed and reanimated as tyrantfog zombies.

2007-08-01, 09:17 AM
I remember waaay back in the days, I played in an evil campaign. We were pretty much all "Anti-Paladins", because the DM was using his homebrew rules for them and they were far more powerful than any other class (d12 hit dice, fight like a fighter, cast like a cleric, etc.).

So anyways, the DM says we're in an evil campaign, right? So you think he'd have set up the adventure to take that into account. Nope. We were going over a bridge and there were some thugs mugging an old man. Everyone else was like "Stop hurting that man!" (so much for evil, right?).

I pulled out my repeating crossbow (repeating as in rapid-fire machine gun, that is. It was another of the DMs pet creations so was, of course, overpowered), and said "throw that man off the bridge or I'll shoot!" The other EEEEEEEVIL PCs were shocked, Shocked! and the DM was upset because in the adventure we were supposed to rescue the old man and get a quest from him or something.

Sheesh, you make us all play EEEEEEVIL characters, ANTI-PALADINS no les, and expect us to rescue an old man?

2007-08-01, 09:58 AM
I think the most evil things I have ever been involved in centered around my cleric of zozer (from sandstorm)
He was big on coup de graces:smallsmile:
The rest of the party more or less were NG and trying to minimize casualties when we went places with use rope checks and striking to subdue. My cleric followed behind "tending" to the wounded. This was generally a coup de grace in the form of a kerbstomp (american history x)
often we would also "lose" hostages somehow when the other members werent paying close attention. he would argue that 2 hostages were just as effective as 3 and meant less work for him.
Oh yes and his prestige class was walker is the waste he had an abilty similar to the lich't touch but with dessication damage. He called it flesh to jerky and used it to interrogate people/ kill them in horrid ways
The best part was whenever he vehemently denied being evil

Guinea Anubis
2007-08-01, 10:16 AM
The best "Evil" guy I ever played was a LG Pally who did not worship any god but "absolut law". He said that if you where found stealing you should have your hands cut off, If you where found peeping you have your eyes put out, ext. Think Judge Dread and you more of less got this guy.

Two times come to mind when you could call him "evil". The first was when he caught a thef that had robbed and killed a family of 5. Fist thing he did was cut off the guys hands and use a hot piece of steal to cauterize the wounds. He then took the guy down to -9 and healed him to full four times. On the fifth time he let the guy die.

The other more "evil" act was when a small town that had linched and killed a man for something he did not do. When my pally found out that the whole town had murdered someone who had done thing wrong, he went on a killing spree killing off 90% of the town.

2007-08-01, 10:35 AM
MOst evil thing...hmmm...well, in an Evil campaine, my character bound some low level demons into teddybears, and then gave them to an orphanage. About a year later, they break free and eat the orphans. Other than that, the same character illusioned himself into looking like a preist of another religion, and converted an small village. Then, as he was a "wandering priest", he appointed one of the believers as the new priest, left instructions in how to use the "holy relics" he left, and well...left. Again, about a year later, a demon broke out and killed half the village. Then, under another disguise, he came back through, convinced the village that they had angered their god, and started it up again.....

Zeta Kai
2007-08-01, 11:04 AM
I was running a campaign a while back, & the goody-good "White Mage" cleric didn't see the point of stopping the BBEG. The rest of the party tried to convince her, but her pacifist nature caused her to take a live-&-let-live approach to the adventure.

So I had the BBEG's army raze her home village (visited regularly by the PC's). The cleric's beloved family (along with everyone else) was raped, tortured, humiliated further, & finally dumped in a mass grave. After discovering the town's mini-Nan-King, the cleric saw the light. She personal struck the killing blow to the BBEG herself. I was so proud of her.

2007-08-01, 11:26 AM
My gaming group got offered the chance to playtest some new magic rules for Riddle of Steel awhile back. Our GM decided that the best way to test exactly what this magic could do was to let us play a group of evil wizards bent on ruining the lives of the local populace.

Our characters started playing a game where each of us had to top what the last person had done. When it was my turn, my plan was to go to church, and during my confession dominate the priest into telling each parishoner that followed me that the sins they were confessing were unforgiveable and that there was no longer any hope for them. Once we found out that we were unable to enter holy ground (part of the campaign setting), I had to modify my plans a little bit.

So, instead I went to an orphange, adopted a child and spent hours being as nice to her as I could and telling her how much better her life was going to be now that she was with me. The only that I asked was that she be confirmed before she officially became my daughter (I was still hung up on the church thing). Before she went to see the priest, I used a transformation spell to give her a "witch's mark," unbeknownst to her of course. One lynching later, I was in the lead.

The other players focused on kill-count, which they easily beat me on, but I got extra points for using more subtle magic and getting the townsfolk to do my killing for me.

2007-08-03, 09:17 PM
I was pun-pun in a PVP battle.
Needless to say i won.

2007-08-03, 09:22 PM
I was pun-pun in a PVP battle.
Needless to say i won.


Very, very poor form. But also, very evil.

Did you taunt your opponent before he died? You better have.

"I attack!"
"My familiar uses his readied action to manifest synchronity, which is transferred through the affinity field to me, which I then use that readied action to cast time stop. I walk 100 ft away."
"I charge, and attack!"
"Your puny 'attack' misses"
"I use quickened true strike, and attack!"
"You miss."
"Natural 20! Natural 20! auto crit!"
"You attack has no effect whatsoever".
"I use Finger of Death. Make a fort save, DC 1015148520"

2007-08-03, 09:34 PM

Very, very poor form. But also, very evil.

Did you taunt your opponent before he died? You better have.

"I attack!"
"My familiar uses his readied action to manifest synchronity, which is transferred through the affinity field to me, which I then use that readied action to cast time stop. I walk 100 ft away."
"I charge, and attack!"
"Your puny 'attack' misses"
"I use quickened true strike, and attack!"
"You miss."
"Natural 20! Natural 20! auto crit!"
"You attack has no effect whatsoever".
"I use Finger of Death. Make a fort save, DC 1015148520"

"I punch the ground, dealing infinite quantities of damage to the entire plane of existance upon which we exist. Everything that ever has been ceases being.

Call it a draw?:smallbiggrin: "

Yes, the 1d2 Crusader CAN actually fight Pun-pun to a draw, you just have to be creative.

2007-08-03, 09:38 PM
"I punch the ground, dealing infinite quantities of damage to the entire plane of existance upon which we exist. Everything that ever has been ceases being.

Call it a draw?:smallbiggrin: "

Yes, the 1d2 Crusader CAN actually fight Pun-pun to a draw, you just have to be creative.

No. No he can't, actually. Pun-pun can interrupt that with an infinite action loop, among other things. Between Greater Celerity at will, and synchronity tricks, you can't actually do anything if he doesn't allow you. :smallbiggrin:

2007-08-04, 01:30 PM
We were playing an "Evil" game and I'm running a Whisper Gnome Assassin (Prestige Class). We're investigating a ruined keep and trying to kill some Necromancer inside (because OUR necromancer wants the place for himself).

We'd been talking up to the locals that we were big hero types come here to save them, and they'd bought it pretty good. Too good really. A group of pilgrims ventured to the ruins (it used to be a temple to Pelor or something) and were cramping our style. So we decided they had to go.

There were about 30 of them all told, mostly women and children (the men had a go at the ruins earlier, hence the undead we were encountering). In the middle of the night I stealthed in, silenced the area and killed them all in their sleep.

The rest of the party caught up with me and found my character just sitting in the middle of the campsite surrounded by dead bodies rocking the corpse of a toddler on her knee. Before the sacrifice to Erythnul of course.

2007-08-04, 01:35 PM

That ain't lawful evil! Thats neutral evil or chaotic! *hiss, claw, tentacle swipe*

2007-08-04, 01:50 PM
I play Good characters. The most evil thing I've ever done was get a probably innocent townsman in trouble with the shady brothel staff we were investigating for plotting against the local lord. There was one particularly popular girl, whom we suspected was somehow enchanting her patrons, including this townsman -- I think his name was Bob (seriously).

(Actually, I think the DM told us after that she was just that good, there was no magic or deception involved. But anyway...)

It went something like this. I, the party rogue, had broken into the madam's room, borrowing another party member's vest of disguise to make myself look like Bob. There was a trap on the door that I couldn't disable, so I just busted in and nabbed some papers as fast as I could, hoping for something incriminating.

The bouncer bursts into the room. I'm waiting for him, and try and punch him for some knockout sneak attack goodness. No luck. He swings and misses completely, to the DM's dismay (sometimes he forgets just how high my roguey AC is). I break and run.

At this point, the other players are egging me on and offering suggestions. Like, "Use the vest to change your appearance a few times, that'll confuse him!"

"No no, I still look like Bob," I remind them.

They clearly forgot this detail, because the table bursts into laughter. (Finally, the goody two-shoes rogue has done something worthy of them!)

Not long after, Bob is seen being ejected from the brothel, looking rather beaten up.

And that's the tale of my most evil act ever in a game. My runner-up evil act would be, with another character, using prestidigitation to interrogate a bad guy. By warming the soles of his boots, and telling him he would slowly burst into flames from the feet up if he didn't start answering questions.

But this was in an attempt to spare him from actual torture at the hands of the party.

2007-08-04, 06:48 PM
Due to scheduling issues, it was to be my last session, so I was keeping an eye out for openings for my character, a cleric, to take a bow and leave. Session starts off with a big battle, so the party ends up with quite a lot of loot that none of us have much of a use for (there were about 10 +1 greatswords). So we load up the wagon and head towards town.

On the way, the monk spots some rustling in the bushes, and goes to investigate. We hear some trap-springy sounds, and the monk is gone. The wizard casts fly on himself and goes to investigate... and doesn't return. It's down to just me and the sorcerer. So we decided to send his familiar off for help, meanwhile hoping that with refreshed spells we'll be able to do find them in the morning. During his watch that night, he also finds himself being snatched away, but manages to Mage Hand me awake.

So I'm awake, in the woods, with the rest of the party captured and a wagon full of loot. Did I mention that I was a cleric of Olidammara? Hitched up the wagon, headed to town, and lived happily ever after.

The only other thing that comes to mind was when my actually-Evil character bought a slave boy to carry his stuff (successfully Bluffing the party into thinking he was a hired porter). I also Bluffed the slave into thinking I'd cast some spell that would kill him if he ever disobeyed me (c'mon, I was loading the guy with a fortune; had to know he wouldn't cut and run on me).

2007-08-04, 09:03 PM
I haven't eaten kids, or killed the family of a cleric but my story is kind of evil. Well it changed my allignment from CN to CE. Even though I started the character as CG.

Basically on a campaign to find the dark pally's arch nemisis we were trying to figure out how to get through the castle without much trouble. My character a CN Halfling Ninja/Spellthief decided to easen the burden by poisoning thier water supply with black lotus poison. Wouldn't have been to bad except come to find out it was a LG guy we were after. Needless to say I was CE after that night.

2007-08-04, 09:21 PM
I'll keep to the highlights - in three years (out-of-game) of play, this character accrued enough of these stories to go for pages...

My character, half-elf rogue, has survival as his primary goal.

First meeting with my character (haven't met up with the party yet) I meet up with two fellow thieves that I've known for better than ten years. We're walking down the road, when suddenly my buddies get hit with arrows from the ambushing goblin bandits. I realize that I no longer have to worry about outrunning the goblins, I just have to outrun the other two...

Either later that same meeting, or next meeting, I've gotten together with a couple more old friends at an abandoned keep in the middle of a forest. The druid PC, who has by now met up with all the other PCs but mine, is meanwhile leading the PCs into her forest to clear out some thieves in an old abandoned keep... My pals find out about this, and we decide to ambush the party that night. Ambush comes, I hang back in the bushes and watch how the fight goes. Just as the PCs capture both my comrades, I burst from the bushes, brandishing my dagger and announcing that I'd heard battle and was coming to help. One of the thieves starts screaming about how I'm a treacherous fink (which was 100% true), and breaks free from the party. My reaction? I ran him down and murdered him in cold blood in full view of the party. Can't imagine why they never really trusted that char...

Immediately following the previous two stories, my char, the druid, the PC barbarian, and the surviving NPC rogue get carted off by grimlocks. We manage to escape their cave, but as the NPC rogue goes down, the barbarian decides he wants to go back in and retrieve his greatsword. One grimlock-rolled critical later, the druid and I look at each other and bolt into the forest.

Seeing a bit of a pattern?

Quite some time later, we had just killed some trolls, which we then found out had been preying upon local goblins. In the pile of discarded goblin effects, I find a goblin torture dagger, which the party cleric immediately demands I ditch. I obligingly drop it back on the pile, then pick it back up and stash it on my person while nobody's looking. Much later, we had a prisoner that we wanted to question. Party fighter asks if anybody's got a dagger he can use to cut off the prisoner's fingers. The reactions of the party members that recognized that torture dagger were priceless!

In another campaign, evil party:
We ran afoul of another adventuring party, who ended up leaving us bound and naked in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. We track them to their rooms at the inn, then go to the docks and steal a wagon and a shipping crate of appropriate size. At the same time, we scope out the various companies to find the seediest shipping company at the docks - the one least likely to object to finding an extra crate in their warehouse. We go to the inn, and find that the elf in the other party isn't around, probably making use of his four extra hours. The male and female human in the other party are sleeping nude in the same bed. We sneak up on them, beat them unconscious, and put them both in the crate, along with some straw just to make things scratchier. We also take all of their belongings, as well as cleaning out the inn's strongbox, to make it look like they robbed the place and skipped town. We then proceed to effectively ship the two of them to Abu Dhabi, not much caring whether they were discovered once on board ship. Either they'd die in the crate, or they'd be found on ship. If found, they might be put overboard, but they were both nude and good-looking. What do you think a bunch of lonely, seedy sailors would do with them?

2007-08-04, 09:33 PM
A player turned on me in an Alternity game. I was something like the star PC, so he thought trying to kill me would end the campaign. I didnt die, and he was captured. As punishment, I did untrained gender reassigment surgery on him with a mild sedative.

Sadly he bled out before he saw the finished product.

You sir, win a cookie. Alternity AND devious evil. Sha-weet.

Emperor Tippy
2007-08-04, 09:35 PM
I once got payed a dozen different times for the same quest (putting a stop to murders in the city) when I was the one doing the murders.

The town guard hired me to stop them because the wanton slaughter (some one would turn up dead every day, including foreign merchants) was scaring away trade.

The thieves guild hired me to stop it because less trade meant less to steal.

7 different foreign nation's hired me to get revenge on the assassin who had killed their ambassadors.

An assassins guild hired me to kill whoever was taking their contracts (the ambassadors).

And 2 separate churches hired me to stop it as well.

So I framed a guy quick, killed him, got paid from all of them, and then headed on to cause more problems that I could solve.

I should note that I was paid by a rival city to slow trade in the city, by another nation to kill the ambassadors, by an evil cult to spread terror, and by a trading company to close down their competition.

That was a very profitable week. :smallbiggrin:

2007-08-04, 09:54 PM
*snip*Okay, this was awesome incarnate. Not necessarily most evil, but definately most awesome. :smallbiggrin:

2007-08-04, 11:40 PM
This might not be "evil" because it was an honest accident, but... You can decide. Its either Zettacus or the DM, IMHO.

Part of the plot in a campaign I heard about from my brother was that the BBEG was inside of an alternate dimension looking for something. The trick was that the dimension was contained within a painting and the PCs were given magical paint that could "paint" one of them inside. The objective was to find the item and get out without necessarily fighting the BBEG.

So the party adventures, fights a bunch, finds the painting, and warps a PC in. Unfortunately, they didn't ask what kind of painting it was first. It was one of those Picasso/Escher/bizarre-types of paintings. There were a myriad of paths with lead to multiple exiting doorways, most of which were locked, with a significant number of them inaccessible from regular walking due to gravity. This place required flight or spider climb at least to navigate.

The party had sent in the cleric, since that character was most versatile at the time, so finding out which way to go wasn't too much of a problem after a day's rest thanks to divination. He also had rope and a hook, which is what allowed passage through the first room, barely. For some reason, the DM wanted to speed things along, so there were no encounters and time wasn't an issue; they didn't play out the exploration. Traveling through this dimension was supposed to take a really long time anyways.

So, after an interlude with what the rest of the party is doing while waiting, the DM goes back to the cleric. The player wants to know how long its going to take to get to the item, since he's gone much longer than expected. He had only asked up to this point which way he needs to go to fulfill the quest. Now that he asks how far away the goal was, the divinations reply that the cleric might not ever reach it. When the cleric implores more out of his magic, he learns that the party's wizard, Zettacus, had magicked him into the wrong painting! The BBEG was free to go about uncontested. Now the cleric's goal is to get out and tell the rest of the party that they need to start over with some new paint, which won't come free this time.

He asks exactly how to get out, and it is revealed that he has a chance if he talks to a certain NPC. So he comes to the area he was being led to all along: a seemingly-endless hallway full of locked doors. The divinations reveal that the NPC is on one end of it, and after a day or two, he reaches the NPC, who promptly asks, "Are you the Keymaster?" The cleric bluffs out of desparation, "Yes!" The NPC replies, "Uhh, okay... wait! You're not the Keymaster!" He had barely succeeded the Sense Motive and fled past one of magical portal-doors.

If the character could've only used one more divination to find out exactly what to say or do, he would've gotten out. He was just so sick of asking questions and mucking around in all of this supernatural painting-maze nonsense. But after that the DM said, "Sorry, you're screwed."

Out of sheer frustration, the cleric's player screams, "**** YOU ZETTACUS!!!" They decided that if the player was that pissed off (and he had a lot of steam to let off), the character would've certainly gone insane by now.

He had played after the first room with the grappling hook and rope, after all.

My brother didn't ever tell me what happened to the rest of the party. Not every day a PC never "dies", but is unplayable due to insanity.

2007-08-05, 12:29 PM
Keeping a enemy-soldier of the government captive in a coffin (vampire in the group) with both legs broken and his life periodically drained from him almost to the point of death for about two weeks. During which they had left him in the coffin in a wagon dressed like a funeral wagon and with warnings of the plague, in a storage room. When they returned the local cleric informs them that they beleive the corpse had risen from the dead, because they heard banging and groaning sounds. Worst still, all the turning checks failed, so it must be powerful. They get in there bash his skull open and burn it in the town square because they didn't need him anymore and didn't want the militaristic city to find out he was one of their own and not undead (I ruled the vampire could make a new coffin).

2007-08-05, 05:03 PM

You've said or done some-thing that has made me post. This normally would be a good enough reason for me to drive poisoned nails into your eyes. In fact, I think I'll do that any-way, but at least I'll know that i'm poisoning and blinding some-one who has earned my respect.

In short, you are fushing awesome.

2007-08-05, 07:00 PM
You sir, win a cookie. Alternity AND devious evil. Sha-weet.

Thanx. *crunches on a pecan sandie*

Same campaign, my T'sa (say SAH, think velociraptor halfling) merc/smuggler makes a deal with the Michael Coreleone of our section of the galaxy to run guns in prep for an upcoming war. We say to keep things tight we'll deal in commodities primarily, direct deposit/withdrawl is status quo for the setting.

I get minorly behind in payments and several sessions later 1.5 million is debitted from my account. WTF ! Bank traces the transfer to a holo-evangelists church on the sector capitol planet we're vacationing on. Me an my muscle (PC sci-fi Asian Annie Oakley (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annie_Oakley) and PC Weren bodyguard [think Dire-Wookiee monk]) go to attend service.

Service is interrupted with my cry of "Do unto others as they have done unto you!" Shots fired, worshippers tossed and stampeded out, deacon dead. Celebrity pastor doesnt know of the transfer, much money gets donated daily given his fame. Really? Yes says he.

Since he's the first man to steal from me so openly I say he owes me like Adam. Weren on signal digs vehicle scale damaging claws into his side to give me a spare rib. He still plays dumb. I'm about to tell him "an eye for an eye" when local security storms in with dozens of laser sights doting my crew.

After arrest I contact the mobster to tell him of my dismay over his transfer of my cash, although I do owe him. An agreement is reached we go free, cause I couldnt pay him back from death row. :smallbiggrin:

2007-08-05, 08:34 PM
Mine was actually in 2E--that's how long it's been. You'd have to go back and read the spell called "Programmed Amnesia", and I'm not sure where you could find it online. I believe it was in Tome of Magic. At any rate, what it really was, was a high-powered modify memory spell. If you were a REAL bastard, you could use the spell to completely wipe someone's personality and create a completely new personality in the "meat shell". Evil wizard doesn't like the paladin? Programmed Amnesia on him and turn him into an evil fighter that would betray the party at the worst possible time. The spell also allowed the wizard to put a "condition" to it that would cause the modifications to go away; for example, the condition could be put on the previous paladin such that the spell cancels when he kills one of his allies. This is truly evil, but it turns out that Programmed Amnesia can be cured--I think it required a Wish or divine intervention, but it could be done.

What I did was use this spell in a manner inspired by the movie Total Recall. A very powerful demon had one of his most powerful henchwomen, a high-level chaotic evil tiefling wizard. The spell was used to implant a new personality in the willing tiefling, that of a Chaotic Good fighter. She was then geased to kill the party's paladin, and sent through a gate to meet up with the party. Did I mention that the tiefling underwent the spell willingly? The demon lord put a condition on the spell, that it could be canceled by a command word spoken by him only.

The tiefling then encountered the party, and the party's wizard broke the geas. And since the tiefling was such a good person, she decided to join them as they went questing to kill an evil lich. Not that long after, she fell in love with the party's wizard, and they were married. I dropped hints here and there that there was something "not quite right"--she had a very childlike personality in some ways, was very naive, and in some places her personality and history was incomplete (places that the demon simply didn't think of everything). They even later encountered people who remembered her in her previous incarnation; which was handily explained away as her "mother" whose name was similar.

After they were married, they came in conflict with the demon who had cast the original spell. And since she was in love with her husband, the two of them were quite effective in thwarting the demons plans. They couldn't ever figure out why the demon wouldn't actually kill them--it generally just made their lives difficult and killed off their friends.

Eventually, though the game ended before I could spring it on them, they were going to confront the demon in a titanic final battle. During which the demon use his command word to "cancel" the Programmed Amnesia spell, and the wizard's wife would turn back into her original, murderously evil personality. And of course betray him.

The most evil thing about the whole thing was that the "evil" personality was the ORIGINAL. The good personality, the one that the wizard married, was nothing more than a construct that didn't have a separate existence. And since it was the nullification of an existing spell, no amount of dispel magic or other spells would the problem.

I intended to leave it as a moral dilemma for the wizard, after the demon was defeated, as to what to do with her. The wizard absolutely hated slavery in any form; this extended to charm spells and their ilk. And he'd be left with the decision as to whether or not to have his wife's personality restored somehow, something that would effectively enslave/destroy the original personality for the body. It basically ended up that there was no good answer, I'm sure. As it never happened, I don't know what the wizard's player would have done, though I've always been curious.

2007-08-05, 11:44 PM
i made a warforged bard who eventually became a souleater, but masqueraded as a good wizard/fighter (from BoVD). turns out the party cleric (of Pelor) had a problem with me eating souls. so i suggestioned the cleric to take me to his church, where i proceeded to throw a celebration to Pelor. it wound up with me spiking all the drinks with liquor/poison, and after my preform (breakdance) check, i devoured all the preists' souls! none of them saw it comming! the cleric (who i left alive) was so shoked that such a thing could occur in his own church, killed herself on the alter (that i had desecrated for Asmodeus). so, in this way, i won the bet with my blackguard cohort:

me: "bet i could get the priest to kill himself."
him: "no way, you may be the most deadly breakdancing, soul-sucking robot in the multiverse, but you cant do that!"
me: watch me."

i won the bet and got infinite praise from Asmodeus (who told me to kill my blackguard pal to give me a succubus cohort:smallwink: ).

2007-08-06, 12:13 AM
That ain't lawful evil! Thats neutral evil or chaotic! *hiss, claw, tentacle swipe*

Oh, not at all. My actions were very Lawful Evil.

1. I was trying to get the local authorities to cooperate with me.
2. I was trying to destroy a demon cult, in a place in which demon cults were highly illegal.
3. Everything I did was in the service of a devil cult, a Lawful service rendered to a Lawful organization.
4. I did not personally do anything illegal. Beings whom I summoned did horribly illegal things, yes, but I did not do anything illegal.
5. I recruited the captain into my organization, the servants of Asmodeus. Granted, I tricked him into it, but he still joined of his own semi-free will.
6. I ordered the waves of city guardsmen to charge the cultists, using them as cannon fodder. Using cannon fodder is very LE.