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2017-05-01, 06:46 PM
I'm making my own system, mostly for fun/to get the ides out of my head, but I'm having problems deciding on what task resolution system I should use.

I know I'd like skill to be a very important factor in deciding rolls, over attributes and bonuses, and for the system to scale well I to higher numbers.

Here's the ideas I'm toying with at the moment.Does anyone have any thoughts/opinions/preferences?


Rolls are 2d10 with an applicable bonus added, typically the applicable Attribute. Crits happen on double tens; roll an additional die and add it to the total. If the additional die from a Crit is a ten, you may add another die, repeating until you fail to roll a ten. Botches happen on double ones, resulting in automatic failure.

Skills are on a 0-4 scale and donít automatically add to rolls, but tweak the way you roll instead. Each skill typically has one or two attributes associated with it.

Untrained (0): You may add only half your attribute to the roll. Any roll of a double - other than a double ten, which remains a crit as normal - is an automatic failure, possibly with disastrous consequences.
Novice (1): You may add only half your attribute to the roll.
Professional (2): Roll as normal.
Veteran (3): Roll normally, but after rolling you may choose one die and re-roll it, keeping the new result in place of the original one.
Master (4): Roll an additional die whenever you roll, then discard one die of your choice.


Rolls are two dice, with the size of the dice based on your Skill. Add them together, plus your attribute, to determine the result. Fumbles happen on double ones, with crits for rolling doubles of the dieís highest number. Crits once again take the form of an exploding dice mechanic.

Skills are on a 1-5 scale.

Untrained (d4)
Novice (d6)
Professional (d8)
Veteran (d10)
Master (d12)


Rolls are a number of d6s equal to your skill, totalling them and adding your attribute as a static bonus to get your result. Rolling all ones is a fumble, any roll of a six explodes and adds an extra die to the pool.

Skills are on a 0-5 scale.


Rolls are a number of d6s equal to your attribute, choosing the highest die and adding it to your skill to determine your result. Sixes explode, add the result of the exploding die to the original roll of a six.

Skills are uncapped, but exp costs increase when raising them above certain values.

Many bonuses just add extra dice to your pool instead of increasing your static bonus from Skills.

2017-05-01, 07:01 PM
I would always use a handful of d6s (and take all of them combined) system for that set of goals, though I dislike both exploding dice and fumbles.

2017-05-22, 06:30 AM
I like option one, might experiment with that myself :o

Option 2 runs into the problem that the higher your skill is, the less likely you are to roll a crit, and that just seems counter intuitive :/