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2017-05-03, 08:57 PM

Gargantuan Dragon

Armor Class 23 (Natural Armor and Trickster's Grace)
Hit Points 620 (40d20+200)
Speed 50', Fly 100'


22 (+6)
18 (+4)
20 (+5)
24 (+7)
24 (+7)
24 (+7)

Saving Throws Constitution +11, Intelligence +13, Wisdom +13, Charisma +13
Skills Insight +13, Deception +19, Persuasion +19, Performance +19, Intimidate +13, Acrobatics +10
Damage Resistances Physical damage from nonmagical sources
Senses Blindsight 60', Lifesight 120', Darkvision 240', Passive Perception 17
Languages Most all of them
Challenge Flipping high

Trickster's Grace Shinoneme adds her Charisma modifier to her AC.

Trickster's Mind Shinoneme is always under the effect of either a Glibness spell or an Enhance Ability (Charisma) spell, changeable as a bonus action. Regardless of which spell is active, no magic short of a greater deity's can discern if she is speaking truth or lies.

Magic Resistance Shinoneme has advantage on all saves against magic.

Legendary Resistance Twice per day.

Of Many Forms Shinoneme has many true forms. There is her original one, of an enormous dragon, her humanoid form, and many others. Stats below are presented for her humanoid and dragon forms.


Extra Attack 9 Shinoneme makes ten attacks or other attack actions.

Claws Melee Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, reach 15', one target. Hit: 13 (1d12+6) damage.

Tail Melee Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, reach 20', one target. Hit: 11 (1d10+6) damage.

Bite Melee Weapon Attack: +12 to hit, reach 10', one target. Hit: 15 (2d8+6) damage.

Presence Of Disorder Each creature of Shinoneme's choice within 120' must make a DC 21 Wisdom saving throw or become charmed by her for one hour. While charmed in this way, they will fight to the death to protect Shinoneme and follow her orders. At the end of any round where they take damage, any time Shinoneme issues an order that is fundamentally against their nature, or once at the end of each minute, a creature charmed by her is allowed a new saving throw. Once a saving throw is made, the creature is immune to this presence for 24 hours.

Breath Weapon Shinoneme breathes a coruscating blast of scarlet energy, in either a 120' line or a 40' cone. Each creature in the area must make a DC 19 Dexterity saving throw or take 55 (10d10) lightning and radiant damage.

Bonus Actions

Extra Attack Shinoneme makes two attacks or other attack actions.

You're Mine Shinoneme affects a single creature within 120' with her Presence of Disorder. They have disadvantage on their initial save to resist the effects.

Double Shinoneme creatures an illusory double of herself. If she stays within the same space as her illusion, roll a die any time a single-target attack hits Shinoneme. On an even result, the attack has struck her illusion instead. If she instead moves herself and the illusion away, opponents are immediately entitled to a DC 21 Investigation check to discern which one is the real one.

Legendary Actions

Shinoneme has five legendary actions.

Attack Shinoneme makes an attack.

Move Shinoneme moves up to her speed.

Deceive Shinoneme causes her illusory double to react as she would to make it harder to tell which is the real one. Opponents who would normally be able to tell without a check which is the illusion must make a check (with advantage) to tell which is the true dragon. Opponents who would normally be entitled to a check to tell which is the true one may do so still, but at disadvantage.