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2017-05-06, 05:43 PM
You are all welcome to copy this homebrew for play. Maps included. Did this for fun, make of it what you will DM's.

This Story is for Characters level 5-7.

A small Stronghold Keep sits frozen on a hillside. Within the gates stands the population frozen, as if time has stopped. The King even, and his guards locked in a motionless freeze.

A small cage almost birdlike sits in the center of the townsquare. A ball of white light sits within the cage, and a small keyhole is the only thing seen on the front of the bronze cage.

Dungeon Masters Eyes Only:

The DM determines XP for all creatures slain, and Tomalok's XP for killing him, and End Rewards, plus Final XP once they return to the King, if they do.

Tomalok is a Level 7 Time Wizard that went to another Time Plane, where he gathered artifacts from that realm, including three, "Time Knights", each having a key about them, and having the power to freeze time.

DM determines Tomalok's Spells, HP, and HP of the Knights if time artifacts/weapons are used upon them?

The Knights can elect to make a time freeze attack, or attack with their weapons. Greatswords +2. The Knights can only take damage from artifacts that Tomalok brought back with him from the dimensional plane of time. These weapons determined by the DM, Swords, Axes, Wands, Scrolls, etc..are the only items that can cause damage to the Knights. These items are located in Tomalok's Secret Chamber.

DM determines gold cashe of people frozen in Erwin's Keep. 1d4 for coin type. 1.) Bronze, 2.) Silver 3.) Gold, 4.) Platinum. 1d20 for amount upon each person, their small sack upon them, if the characters elect to search, or pickpocket those frozen.

The Prison:
Accessing the sewers via the prison. Oozes, Rustmonsters, Skeletons, and Spiders. (Random roll on how many, and where they are located, marked by E on Sewer/Prison Map, DM may remove E off of map, and keep mental note of where these random encounters occur if so desired so players don't know where encounters occur.)

DM must lure characters when applicable to Prison, where a small hole has been bashed in one of the cells, this leads to the underground sewer system beneath the keep, where E on Prison map suggests random encounter if character alot to that path, and a 1d6 is rolled to determine their number of select creature type.

Time Knight in center of large sewer room: A Key is hanging about Knights neck on breakable chain.

Characters figure out, and DM determines how key is taken (If Knight can be distracted, even a simple grab may work based on die roll?). This Time Knight as well can't be damaged, but can not fit through small cell prison wall. Knight can be tripped, covered, blinded, trapped, or left alone while retreating through hole. If Knight successfully time freezes any character(s), those characters are to remain frozen. If all characters are frozen in time, game is lost. Any character retrieving key, and successfully releases the orb, the orb will make its way to those frozen in time, and touch them freeing them. The orb will then enter Time Knight, and Knight will disappear back to its time dimension. Inserting the key into the small birdlike cage allows for the light to be freed, as well as the populace to come back to the motions of life.


The King is very thankful, and tells you the story of Tomalok, and how he lives in the nearby Mountains, and will pay, and reward you all handsomly if you can slay the Wizard that has been terrorising his lands." The King tells the travelers to follow their way down King's Road to the small town of Woodstaff, and continue into the Forests of Fear, and you will reach the Swamp of Spirit, where you must take a ferry, the, "Deadman Ferry", which will take you to the Mountains of Dread, where his cave entrance lies. He places a Gold coin into your hand, and says give this to the ferryman once you reach the, "Swamp of Spirits".

Before traversing, "Kings Road", roll for random occurence. 1d6 for chance of Caravan. A roll of 5-6 results in 3 wagons approaching upon Kings Road, The first wagon is a seller of Armor, the second is an Alchemist, selling random potions, and the third is a seller of wands.

The Town of Woodstaff.

The small town of Woodstaff nestles itself below the feet of, "Erwin's Keep". Small housing huts, and a small waterwell sits in the middle of the town. A bar full of unstrustworthy drunkards sits next to the horses stables, and a blacksmith sits outside grinding, and sharpening his wares. (If characters drink in the bar, roll for chance of thief 1d10, 1 or 2 a thief attempts to pickpocket a random item off of one random character, except equipped items.)

DM can determine house invasions, and their outcomes if players choose to invade homes.

Waterwell: A comical voice can be heard below the well, "One, two, three for me, and one for you!" If any characters throw a coin into the well a random item will be brought up from the bucket. Item can be potions, scrolls, or magic item. This occurrence only occurs once.

Blacksmith: A heavyset Dwarf with a scraggly beard can be seen hammering down on molded metal. He looks up, and says, "What can Old Tooly craft for you gentlemen today?" Any dwarven items the characters possess can be upgraded to +2 for no extra fee. Elven items Tooly charges double his costs to upgrade items to +2. Human items normal costs. Tooly can upgrade any item to +2 for a cost. If characters possess any axes, halberds, or broadswords, Tooly can create magic upon them. Fire, Ice, Poison, or Lightning, if players can beat Tooly at a game of Liars Dice. (Liars Dice: Character throws two six sided dice, as so does DM, player announces either true dice or liar dice hiding his roll under his hand or cup, Tooly (DM) then rolls his dice hiding as well. Player then announces first either stating true dice or liars dice. True Dice means doubles are under his hand. DM then must determine if player is lieing or telling the truth. A match is won if one player can win both announcements guessing correctly. So if player rolls a 5, and a 2, then announces true dice, DM can announce liar dice, or true dice. If DM is correct he wins one of the two needed announcements to win one match. DM then announces his roll by stating either true dice or liar dice, he rolls a 3, and a 3. DM announces true dice, if player announces liar dice match is won, for DM has won both announcements. The object is to get your opponent to state the wrong answer upon both rolls, while trying to guess correctly on his roll allowing for match win. If you only guess right on one of the rolls, match is a draw, and reroll commences again until one player can get the other player to guess wrongly upon both rolls by both players. (Best of 3 beats Tooly). If Tooly is beaten roll 1d4 to determine magic placed on either Axe, Halberd, or Broadsword. If characters have neither of these items continue story.)

Stables: Their are two horses here both for sale, but the owner is in the bar. The owner is willing to give up one of his horses if the players can retrieve his Fathers ancient armored helmet taken by Kobolds into their camp located in the, "Forest of Fear".

Their camp is at the entrance of the forest before encountering E1. Players travel northward to a small clearing where numerous tents are set up. 6 kobolds, and a Chief Kobold are all sitting around camp as characters determine plan for ambush? Kobold camp can only occur once.

Kings Road continues to the known, "Swamp of Spirits", but first the characters must successfully enter the, "Forest of Fear." Random Encounters occur upon entering the forest at E1, E2, and E3. 1d6 determines encountered creatures, another 1d6 determines the number of creatures encountered. XP assigned by DM.

1.) Goblins
2.) Thieves. (If 4 or more thieves are rolled players have chance of encountering Master Thief. Roll 1d10, if roll is 7-10, Master Thief steals random item off each character except equipped items. Master Thief can be found with players items in bar of Woodstaff if players decide to return to bar for a reason. Master Thief poossibility occurs only once if Master Thief is rolled.
3.) Wolves
4.) Zombies
5.) Skeletons
6.) Kobolds. ( If 4 or more kobolds are rolled, characters are netted, and taken prisoner to Kobold camp where 6 kobolds, and chieftan kobold reside. Kobold camp occurs only once.)

Swamp of Spirits:

Possible encounter with a, "Singing Siren", may occur when traveling through the swamp. 1d6, 1-2 causes, "Singing Siren", to lure the characters to a small swampy island in the middle of the swamp. "Deadman Ferry", departs upon departure of the raft.
The island once explored leads to the Mountains after random creature encounter with possibility of four outcomes. 1d4.

1.) Ghosts
2.) Zombies
3.) Wraiths
4.) Swamp Ghouls

1d4 also determines number of creatures. DM determines XP for slain creatures.

The Mountains of Dread:

Small Wooden Bridge is encountered midway on the rocky path.
Chance for random trap occurence once bridge is reached.
1d6. 5-6, a random trap is encountered, 1d4.

1.) Triggered Rockslide/Boulder
2.) Wooden Bridge Collapses
3.) Sprung Spikes attached to wooden trunk.
4.) Poison Cloud dispersed underfeet by metal triggers.
DM determines DAMAGE by traps.

The Cave:

A single Torch sits right in front of the Cave, unlit. Cave entrance, invisible magic wall disallowing entrance unless torch becomes lit. If torch is lit by a character, 1d20 damage to the bearer of the flame. Characters must use only this torch, for it's the only thing allowing light in this place. If torch becomes lost, extinguished, characters must feel their way back out, where there shall be another torch unlit, again the bearer receives 1d20 damage.

Tomalok's Lair:

Cave entrance leads to pillars in a large room.
His Lair Consists of Library, Secret Chamber, Bedroom, Hall of Pillars.

DM determines any stories occuring within Pillar Room.

Bedroom: Search reveals pendant Tomalok is very fond of, can be used to lure Tomalok off altar, as well as DM can decide other ways to lure him off his altar. If a character looks under his bed he will find Goblin Commanders Spyglass. Goblin Commanders Spyglass allows player a 1d6 roll, 4-5-6 player can see encounters before player or party reaches them, allowing for player or party to prepare an ambush upon spotted creatures, allowing also for first strike by suprise attack, or avoid upcoming encounter, also allows revealing of what type of creature. Natural roll of 6 with Spyglass allows player to spot the number of creatures seen in distance. Spyglass applicable to all relevancies associated with distance. Sea, Hills, Mountains, Open Terrain, Roads, High places.

Secret Chamber: Accessed by searching once DM designates strange sound behind wall, or DM's discretion on how chamber becomes revealed. Time weapons consist of random weapons such as Axes, Swords, Scrolls, Wands, anything deemed damageable enough to knights if characters elect to take any weapons. Halberd, Battleaxe, Broadsword, Bastard Sword, Mace, and a cursed Dagger named, "Pride". "Wand of Time" also found amongst magical time weapons capable of, "Time Lock" for 5 secs upon Knights, or Tomalok (3 charges). Scrolls of time determined by DM, other items as well. The bearer of "Pride" (dagger) will become struck by it in a random encounter. 1d4 rolled, if natural roll of 1 is rolled it penetrates characters heart, death determined, roll of 2,3,4 assigns damage to bearer, dagger lost upon roll of 1, and curse remains upon it to any finding its name.

Library: Search reveals a book with an emblem not associated with this time. Time weapons will have same emblem upon them, allowing for hint.

Tomalok's Altar:

2 Time Knights guard the Altar. If Tomalok remains on his Altar he will heal for 1d10 everytime magic is cast upon him. If Tomalok can be brought down from his Altar, this effect will become negated. DM eyes only. (Tomalok can be slain two ways, by time weapons only located in his secret chamber, or once both orbs enter Knights, this will cause Tomalok not to be destroyed, but to be taken back to his time dimension. Time weapons can slay Tomalok once his HP has been reached. Time weapons affect Tomalok on his Altar, but he still receives HP healing from his Altar.

Timeknights receive freezetime possible attack, 1d6, if 6 is rolled, a knight freezes a character targeted by the knight.

Characters can only become unfrozen in time by releasing one of the orbs caged. They will need to once again find a way to retrieve the keys upon the Knights accessing their cages. Only weapons found from within Tomalok's Secret Chamber can cause the Knights, or Tomalok damage, unless Tomalok comes down from his altar, then normal attacks succeed, but only on the Wizard, time weapons still needed for Knights. The weapons are from their time dimension, and only weapons from their time plane can harm them. The Knights, if slain by time weapons releases orbs, and they touch Knights taking them back to their time dimension.

Two bronze birdcages are also seen behind the knights, each with an orb of white light within them. The keys upon the Knights each have a single key capable of releasing an orb. If no characters are frozen in time, and an orb is released, the orb has no effect, and will not exit the cage until a character is frozen or a knight becomes slain.

Orbs exit only upon any successful time freeze attack, and the orb touches the frozen character(s) before entering the Knight, causing one of the Knights to be taken back to their time dimesion. If both orbs enter the Knights, the Knights will disappear, and so too will Tomalok, for all 3 orbs have returned to the dimensional time plane.

If all characters are successfully frozen in time by the Time Knights, the game ends, and Tomalok wins. Charaters may keep time weapons in case they ever encounter time creatures again.

I realize random roll for creatures may result in only one creature, but this could actually occur. I did this for fun, and have left a good deal upto the DM, everyone feel free to turn this into anything you want, im not looking for a D&D Emmy, lol.

Maps are on en world rpg news site under forum 5th edition rules, homebrew. Same title if your that interested.

2017-05-06, 06:34 PM
I'm going to repeat my most relevant comments from the last time you posted this thread (you probably could have just edited the post and bumped it, really):

"DM lures players to the prison" is not adequate guidance for the DM, and sets up a pattern of unhelpfulness;
The torch puzzle seems to be designed to be frustrating;
The given random encounters have great variance in difficulty (although the current forest ones look pretty trivial for a 6th level party);
There's a great deal of custom RNG rolls in the mission, which don't really work in 5e design philosophy. The spyglass should give a bonus to Perception rolls rather than it's own, 50%, odds of spotting creatures in the distance, the players should get a Perception roll to detect thieves, etc.
The lack of actual statistics is another issue- "DM determines" is not OK to do to this extent.

The thing I see here that I am most qualified to help with (sorry- I don't know 5e that well) is making the adventure more resilient to player prodding, and trying to make it part of a "functioning" world which makes some sense.
Why does the Dwarf ask for a strange dice game (one for which the rules are confusing, to boot) instead of money? When the players offer to pay him, what happens?
Why does the well give up magic items when asked? What happens if the players recruit members from the caravan to toss in gold pieces? See my notes in the last thread on the water elemental for an example explanation of "how the well works", which would give some answers for that.
"Just because" is not an acceptable explanation in today's play climate. If the players start prodding at these spaces in the world, the adventure should be able to give at least some answers.

2017-05-06, 09:19 PM
Thats fine, your points are valid. Like I said its for anyone that wants to try this quest or turn it into anything they want, its not meant to be an actual 5e with spot on rules. If nobody wants to play it, or turn it into anything, that is fine. Its there for people to turn it into something for 5e, or just for the hell of it.