View Full Version : Waaagh! in the Playground

2007-08-01, 11:26 AM
I've seen two o' dem Taug boyz runnin' around da Playground, we needz more boyz fer da Waaagh!
We don't need no fanshy picture, so put da Waaagh in yer sig!

(This is completely for gits and shiggles.)

2007-08-01, 11:30 AM
It's time to position the Fire Warriors against these alarmingly inscreasing ork activities.

The Greater Good shall prevail!

2007-08-01, 11:31 AM
What!? More Tau boyz? We're me Waaagh!?:furious:

2007-08-01, 11:34 AM
Sooo going to play the Warhammer MMO?

Yes, yes I am. And I'm going to be evil, sooo evil.

2007-08-01, 11:35 AM
Alas I am stuck with a the 56k modem evil, and so I must appease my Warhammer craving like this.:smallfrown:

Lord Herman
2007-08-01, 12:06 PM
Xenophile! Now where's that "report to inquisition" button...

2007-08-01, 12:23 PM
Methodical Meat is sensing a lack of support for da Waaagh!...

2007-08-01, 12:25 PM
Only on the intratubes would one hour be seen as an irrevocable lack of support.

2007-08-01, 12:31 PM
Da Waaagh is very impatient.:smallsigh:

2007-08-01, 12:33 PM
Hell, you were born with an innate ability to make spaceships out of asteroids. Find another planet. Shouldn't take too long.

2007-08-01, 12:34 PM

2007-08-01, 12:35 PM
Well played.

2007-08-01, 12:38 PM
Probably be more better wit' more boyz, but a Warboss can always hope.

2007-08-01, 12:42 PM
Now I've seen three Tau boyz! What's da world commin' to?

2007-08-01, 12:58 PM
What's da world commin' to?

More blue, flashy lights? Me likes blue flashy lights :smallbiggrin:

Mr. Moon
2007-08-01, 01:03 PM
Orks, eh? Well, it doesn't really matter, as long as you have a planet for us 'Nids to devour. ^_^

2007-08-01, 01:43 PM
'Nid kin 'ave it afta da orkz is done wid it.

2007-08-01, 02:15 PM
Orkz need some womanz to convinc meh of dah wort of da waaagh.... Otherwise you may find Imperial Corporal McKennings over here directing the Armored Division's Basilisk emplacements and discussing the proper way to spit shine a Power Sword.

Mr. Moon
2007-08-01, 02:18 PM
'Nid kin 'ave it afta da orkz is done wid it

How about we just eat you? I hear orks taste good.

2007-08-01, 02:19 PM
Wagghhh! Go orks! Also go nids! and Tau! then again my lost and damned are awesome so go papa nurgle. and guardsmen! damn i have to many armies.

2007-08-01, 02:20 PM
We need an Inquisition and Grey Knights banner. You're like, 98% heritics here.

Lord Herman
2007-08-01, 02:28 PM
Isn't math heretical too?

2007-08-01, 02:34 PM
Isn't math heretical too?

only 68% of the time

2007-08-01, 02:40 PM
Holy crap, you still exist?

Though your calculations are faulty. Tau proves that math is heretical 481% of the time minus the current day of the year plus the amount of pies you ate minus bagels.

2007-08-01, 02:42 PM
My Adeptus Machanus compatriots inform me that math may indeed be heretical unless centrally approved by the hierarchy of the forge world Mars as being in keeping with the design template of the machine spirits. As long as that means I can requisition bigger guns for my artillery and maybe get some damn armor thats fine by me.

P. S. Of course i notice that this means even Orks get more power armor than us but as we say "all for the Emperor and Purge the Unclean ect..."

2007-08-01, 05:53 PM
Yes! We will purge them!

With the bolter, clease the unclean.
We will cleanse!
With the flamer, purify the unholy.
We will purify!
With the chainsword, purge the corrupt.
We will purge!
With the missile, kill the impure.
We will kill!

Mr. Moon
2007-08-01, 05:57 PM
Who needs math? I eat mathamaticians. They don't taste very good. Now scribes, they're yummy...

2007-08-01, 06:35 PM
I'll take Orks over Tau any day.

But if given a choice, I'll stick with humanity to the end.

2007-08-01, 06:45 PM
Tell you what. When the orks forsake Gork and Mork and start worshipping the Four True Powers, then I will support your Waaagh.

Until then, I will either mock your lack of followers... or offer an alliance against the rising hordes of the Tau!

2007-08-01, 07:08 PM
The Imperium of Man will conquer all. Fear the Adeptus Astartes, for they shall purge the universe of the heretics and aliens.

2007-08-01, 07:09 PM
Orks, you say?
Looted Emperor!

That said, I'm going to have to go with The Redeemer.

2007-08-02, 01:34 AM
Aliatoc, Raven Guard and 'nids

Captain van der Decken
2007-08-02, 01:59 AM
I fink dis 'ere Waaagh needz more shooty bitz. Wot every Warboss needz izza Big Mek. 'Int 'int.

2007-08-02, 03:24 AM
And yooz finkin' yooz gonna be da Big Mek? Well den, let's go stomp somefink!