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2007-08-01, 12:47 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm currently working on a completely custom system of my own design. I have toyed around with several different ways of handling magic, and I think I have finally decided on one (though I always reserve the right to change my mind should something better pop into it).

So what I need from you all is to take a look at the different types of spell effects that can be applied to spells, and then tell me if you think that I am assessing their point value correctly.

How this works is that spellcasters brew their own spells. Damage dice, area of effect, duration, etc, are all determined by the spellcaster at the time the spell is created. There are no "stock" spells.

So for example, here is a spell:

Shadowy Fingers
Focus: 23
Damage: 4d8 (16)
Targets: Multiple (close) (5)
Duration: Instant (0)
Affects: Vampiric, Minor (2)

Description: (insert fluff here).

The numbers in green are the Focus costs of each component of the spell. To determine the total Focus cost for the spell, add each number of each component up. Focus represents a character's mental capacity, and in this system is used for both martial techniques and spells.

So, since a lot of the spell effects that I am thinking of are similiar to D&D's spell effects, I'm hoping you all can tell me if I rated them in the right order (the more powerful the effect, the more Focus it should cost).

+/- Attack-----2 (Attack determine how much damage is done)
+/- Defense----2 (Defense determines how hard to hit someone is)
+/- Initiative---3 (Initiative is determined every round in this system)
+/- Attribute---3 (Attributes are like Stats in D&D, though aren't as critical)
Canít Move-----8 (Target cannot move at all)
Canít Act------15 (Target can move but cannot attack, cast a spell, etc)
Lose a Turn----20 (Target loses their entire turn that round)
Instant Death--35 (Target is dead)

Also, if you have suggestions for additional spell effects I should have on the list, please throw them out there.

2007-08-01, 01:24 PM
The point costs are going to be heavily dependent on considerations such as how many focus points a caster has available to him at a time, how easy/hard it is to resist a spell, etc.

For example, if my caster character has a reserve of 400 points a day and knows an insta-death spell that costs 40 points, that may or may not be balanced. If the chance of success with the spell is 95%, that's unbalanced, if the chance is 25%, maybe it is balanced, maybe not.

2007-08-02, 09:02 PM
I am having a hard time figuring out what you mean. Could you provide an example or two of Characters who might be capable of doing this sort of thing and their limitations?