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2017-05-15, 01:43 AM
Hey I was hoping to have help making twin halfling one paladin one cleric both male. I want names that are close so people can confuse us and I'm not sure what deity we should do. Paladin wants to be a fighter/tank and cleric will be healer/tank and both want to worship same deity. Also any good last names would be nice. Thanks in advance, this is for 5e if that helps.

Dr paradox
2017-05-15, 01:58 AM
Vasily and Vitaly
Merry and Pippin
Danish and Cruller
Olgo and Bolgo
Terrin and Terrom

2017-05-15, 08:00 AM
There's a region in the Narnia books where twins get the same name root, and one or the other gets a suffix as well: so Cor and Corin are twin brothers.
You could run with something like that. If you want to be really irritatng, you could decide that in your community, the suffix -in denotes the older twin, while -im is for the younger. Actually, now I think about it, I *believe* that historically Welsh names use -wyn for a male and -wen for female (-wyn later being co-opted as a variant spelling of the female names, so most modern Bronwyns are girls). Again, you could do something similar for firstborn and secondborn twin: "Greetings, I am Adwill Hardheel, and this is my brother Adwell". Accent is on the first syllable if you want to be tricky. If you really, really want to be difficult, go for Adwill/Adwyll, or even Arwel/Arwell (native speakers can easily detect the subtle difference that the double L has on the relative lengths of the A and the rr in the pronunciation of the first syllable...).

2017-05-15, 09:52 AM
Ty both. How about any last names? The only first names we had been thinking about before this post was Torgin and Targin because we were thinking of like the same name just one letter difference. But I'm running all these names by him too