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2017-05-15, 05:21 PM
Hello everybody!

I was wondering what some of the players of the playground's most interesting hero's are like. I'm looking for original backstories, unique race/class combos, and/or wondrous tales from their adventures. I'm not particularly looking for funny/joke characters, but they're fine. They don't have to be player characters, either.

Mine is a Half-dragon Deva who guards the entrance to a demonic dragon prison. He only lets heroes with the permission from the gods in... or out.

2017-05-15, 07:53 PM
Half Orc knowledge Cleric in 5e.

His name was Esra Mackenzie (most people called him Mack) and he was a field researcher for Mage U. He was raised by two loving half orc parents and had a better arcana than the wizard. His goal was to find new and exciting artifacts, spread knowledge, recruit new students, and discover new sources of magic in order to keep his research grant.

I played that character in a few small campaigns and now I'm planning to introduce him if my current character dies.

2017-05-15, 08:32 PM
In a Vampire: The Masquerade campaign I was in a few years ago I made a character who was entirely too complex given the experience level of our GM. I wish he'd've been more viable, alas, I fell into the trap of making a novella out of my character when it really wasn't appropriate, and I should've known better.

His name was Vanlaiden Kniperdalhing: A Giovanni clan Vampire from Germany... or rather Prussia, circa 1750. I crafted this whole backstory in which he'd been turned by an Italian Giovanni Vampire in the 1750s after his sponsor had been exiled. After his former friends found out he'd turned someone without their consent they sent goons out to kill him and put my character in a coffin at the bottom of the ocean.

In the year 2000 Vanlaiden washed up on the shores of San Francisco and found himself in a world totally and completely alien to him. The whole gimmick of my character was that he'd be this "Man out of time" character who was also on a roaring rampage of revenge against his master's former clan, who, being vampires, would still be alive and, hopefully, be in San Francisco.

The whole concept was dead on arrival. Our GM was completely new to GMing, and she even admitted that she was no the best story-teller, so this was a caliber of convolution she was not prepared for. He lasted for about six sessions whereby he managed to inherit a night-club that he'd used as a feeding ground. Other than that, our GM had too hard a time figuring out how a blood-feud that began in 1750s Prussia would somehow make its way to California 250 years later. I eventually RP'd that Vanlaiden figured out one of his old rivals was actually in New York City, and so he bid his fair-wells to the party and I rolled a far simpler and easier to follow character.

In case you were wondering, I did write a lot more for Vanlaiden than I had for any other character up to that point and made sure that there was an explanation for how a German could be a Giovanni Vampire while also, technically, being the offspring of an unwanted exile.

I should've just gone with what another player did and made a Jojo vampire. He rolled a character who was basically Wamu.

2017-05-15, 08:44 PM
I played Hunt in a Nobilis campaign once.

I guess that make her my most concept character.

2017-05-15, 08:45 PM
The first of my characters to come to mind (possibly because I was talking about this game with a friend recently) was a character I made for a one-shot game based on this Steampunk (http://steampunkrpg.com/) system we were trying out.

He was a sort of cat burglar/investigator type of guy who was actually part snake. I don't remember all the details without referencing the sheet or book (which I don't have handy), but I think he had concealed venomous fangs, and a couple other vague surprises. His nickname was the "River Jack," which is another name for the rhinoceros viper (https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/98/Rhinocerous_viper_-_Bitis_nasicornis.jpg/1200px-Rhinocerous_viper_-_Bitis_nasicornis.jpg). I picked that particular name because it sounded pulp action hero-ish, but would only give away his secret to someone with significantly more knowledge about snakes than anyone in the group (myself included) was going to have.

2017-05-15, 10:39 PM
I've designed a couple new ones for Tales from the Yawning Portal.
These include:
Warforged Artificer focused on modifying himself. Personality wise, he fits along the lines of a Boisterous Bruiser archetype. Also, his arm is a gun.
Warforged Barbarian with a homebrew subclass allowing heavy armor, called the Living Monolith
A yuan-ti who thinks the whole snake thing has gone on long enough, and that they should go back to the "most prosperous of all the human empires" deal they had going before.
A European monk, but still using the monk class. I took magic initiate to get some cleric spells and went with Protector Aasimar.
A dungeon hobo. Rogue class, dungeon delver feat, has lived in dungeons for much of his life and is continually working his way up.

2017-05-16, 01:03 AM
I've played a mute Great Old One warlock who communicated exclusively by telepathy and the occasional illusion.

I also made a half-orc cleric of Gruumsh who believed that it was time orcs stopped their raids and wars and lived peacefully amongst the other races. The emergence and divine support of of the Many-Arrows kingdom was proof enough for him that Gruumsh felt the same.

Also, an awakened skitterhaunt dark hairy spider warlock. Hide and move silently scores in the mid 40s, Hide In Plain Sight, and a variety of invocations to go with it. He'd have been a great stealthy character if the GM hadn't nerfed him.

2017-05-16, 01:53 AM
i once played three goblins in a trench coat...

2017-05-16, 02:12 AM
Had a tiefling warlock that was mechanics and rules of being Great Old One patron, but reflavored and RPed to be fiend instead. She focused primarily on spells that controlled and altered the mind and enhancing her social skills and so on and relied entirely on eldritch blast for combat.

She was part of an evil campaign and her backstory was essentially she ran a gold mine whose entire workforce were slaves. She made ironclad deals and arrangements that she NEVER violated, always followed them to a T. And although she "could" have twisted the agreements around a bit while still technically following them, she never did. She always upheld her end and aimed to carryout the agreements as they were intended instead of technically written. Because of this, she had a fantastic reputation and all of the slavers loved working with her and dealing with her. She paid more for slaves than anyone else in that part of the world and was always very polite and courteous. She had strict rules against any of her own people capturing slaves and she also made sure everyone who was in the area she ruled over was protected 100% and treated it all as neutral ground where violence or rule breaking of any kind was not tolerated. So she attracted slavers from all over to come do essentially mercenary work for her and sell her all the slaves they gathered, which she promptly put to work in her gold mines.

Now as for the slaves... They had gruelingly long hours working, barely livable conditions, and barely any rest each day. She aimed at working them as hard as they could physically withstand without dying and she used all the gold they mined up to buy even more slaves. Every single night before they went to sleep, she had the various overlords in the mines who oversaw these various groups of slaves make them all the exact same offer: They would be released immediately, paid very generously for every single day they spent working in the mine, if they were ever recaptured and brought back she would pay the slavers for them and then release them immediately again. The only catch was, they had to sign over their souls to her.

It was a great operation for her, because those people living in absolute misery after a variable length of time more often than not end up making that bargain to be released and paid for their time spent. Even the slaves knew she kept her word 100% of the time, because she had a great reputation. After signing away their souls to her, she kept her end of the bargain but then made them an additional offer: She would release ownership of their soul on the condition that they brought her more slaves to take the place of the one she just released and that at least 5 of them made the deal to give up their soul just as the original person had. Also as part of this agreement, they could tell no one that she was trading or dealing in souls or made such agreements or the deal was off and she would keep their soul forever.

So after these guys were released, they were happy, they'd spend their hard earned money, live life to the fullest for a while. But eventually they'd start to get really nervous, anxious, and downright scared about the fact they signed away their souls so more often than not eventually they'd start slaving for her and take her up on the deal.

Best part is, after they brought her enough slaves and at least 5 of them did eventually take the deal, she'd release the original person's soul. But, the catch is, by participating in being a slaver as well as making an infernal deal that resulted in the damming of a number of other individuals, they had already shifted alignment sufficiently to be damned anyway even without her specific ownership.

She had the ultimate pyramid scheme. Her goal was to earn enough souls to be transformed into a full blooded fiend and work in service to the nine hells permanently with the general mentality of it being better to rule in hell than serve in heaven.

She was the party's "face" character that did all the smooth talking and shmoozing. Very high persuasion and insight, but no deception because she never lied. She was so popular among the party, I eventually started throwing her somewhere in all my campaigns that I DM as a NPC. Of course the NPC version of her is already a succubus. She often has useful bits of advice and information to any players who are willing to speak with her. I've had campaigns where players avoided her entirely, some where they were captured and put to work in her gold mines, some where she contracted them to take care of some problems she had, some where she's just a totally neutral party and the little town she oversees is the most secure and well stocked place in the entire region.

2017-05-16, 05:03 AM
Half Orc knowledge Cleric in 5e.

His name was Esra Mackenzie (most people called him Mack) and he was a field researcher for Mage U. He was raised by two loving half orc parents and had a better arcana than the wizard. His goal was to find new and exciting artifacts, spread knowledge, recruit new students, and discover new sources of magic in order to keep his research grant.

I played that character in a few small campaigns and now I'm planning to introduce him if my current character dies.

Strangely I also had a half orc knowledge cleric, but with different background. He's a half orc who's adopted by wizard, and want to be wizard but not smart enough, so he became cleric of knowledge and act as the town librarian and such.

2017-05-16, 05:42 AM
Pixie Paladin. Less weird now that 5e has an Archfey pact.

2017-05-16, 07:34 AM
Pixie Paladin. Less weird now that 5e has an Archfey pact.

You mean Oath of the Ancients?

2017-05-16, 08:32 AM
Forest gnome summoner who didn't know why that green dragon kept following him around.

2017-05-16, 12:28 PM
Had a tiefling warlock that was mechanics and rules of being Great Old One patron, but reflavored and RPed to be fiend instead. She focused primarily on spells that controlled and altered the mind and enhancing her social skills and so on and relied entirely on eldritch blast for combat.

<snipped the rest for length>

This is awesome and I absolutely love it!

I'm currently playing a halfling Great Old One warlock. Grady was a cook at an inn, and had no desire to come any closer to adventuring than hearing travelers' tales while he served up their meals. One day there was a stranger who kept talking to themself, and when Grady brought over his meal, the man vanished, leaving behind nothing but a Necronomicon mysterious leather-bound book and a small pile of worms which immediately scattered and fled.

Grady tried to read the book but couldn't make any sense of it, so he stashed it away. A few weeks later a nasty fight broke out in the inn, and Grady prayed to anyone who would listen for help. In his desperation, he included a few names in his prayers from that book, such as Hastur and Azathoth, and suddenly he was infused with powers. Ever since though, he hasn't been right in the head, and tends to murmur to himself, stare for prolonged periods of time at people (or nothing at all), and chuckle at apparently random times.

After a little while, he was fired on some drummed-up excuse because he was making everyone uncomfortable, and fell into a wandering adventuring life mostly because no one else would have him. He's aware that he's not quite right in the head anymore and is trying to hold on to what's left of his sanity, but he's slowly slipping bit by bit, especially after turning up a powerful magic ring that may well be from whichever Great Old One has decided to grant him power.

2017-05-17, 12:44 AM
(Technically not from a true D&D game but from a forum adventure I was running on MSPA's forum before its meltdown, but anyway) An ekolid warmage named Formicid


2017-05-17, 03:46 AM
Not exactly original but certainly unique was Dr. Pizza.

It was a super villain game, whole city got superpowers, before his rise to power he was the owner of a pizza place, he was also an a**hole, think soup nazi from Seinfeld.

When he gained his powers he was at work, the mound of pizza pans flew to him and adhered to his skin, he was forever encased in sheet metal armor. The powers he gained were all pizza related, lava hot sauce blasts, able to encase people in gooey delicious cheese that binded them, the ability to create duplicates of himself that when destroyed revealed that they were made of bread. Eventually he became super intelligent and made drones to monitor the city, he named each one after common pizza toppings, pineapple was kind of an idiot.

Yes, i played Dr.Doom, but pizza.

2017-05-17, 05:51 AM
It seems like May is that time of the year when Dr Doctor Zoidberg comes out...

My friends wanted to play an Anima campaign, with the characters as pirates and a One Piece style. I don't really like One Piece, so I wasn't sure if I would play, but in the end I made a character. A sort of sidekick/support character/party pet. This character was Dr Doctor Zoidberg. Yeah, his father really wanted him to become a doctor.

So at first I thought of him as more capable (We were level 6, which is a lot in Anima) version of Dr Zoidberg from Futurama. That didn't last long, however. With no combat skills to speak of, that leaves a lot of points in Secondary Skills. A lot. He ended up with sky high scores in Disguise, Persuasion, Science, Occult, Alchemy and a bunch of other skills, becoming the gear creator and eventually even piloting a mecha. However I still had to justify his appearance (since the world of Anima is mainly human), so I made him a half-Balzak (Deep Ones) worshipper of the Great Old Ones, with some minor summoning skills on the side.

Soon, Zoidberg became a lovable stupid sidekick/party pet, with a side of mad scientist and cultist. It got to the point where we had a joke that he was the actual BBEG of the campaign, we just didn't know yet.

As the crew's doctor and science guy, he would experiment on the crew, design improvements for the airship and even started a secret cult within the crew. Alas, poor Dr Doctor Zoidberg's plans were stopped too soon by a Fire Mine to the face.

It was a good character, that gave our group some very good moments and some very good quotes. His epitaph ended up reading:
Here lies Dr Doctor Zoidberg's head. He did it for Science! And for the dark glory of the Great Old Gods of the Abyss. But mostly for Science.

Tbh, my following two characters for that campaign before I retired due to irreconcilable differences with the GM were also quite unique (And can be summarized as "Actual Fairytale Prince" and "JoJo Zoidberg").

2017-05-17, 06:20 AM
I once has a horse-less half-giant Cavalier named Theo. He had a level of Druid, with which he couldn't cast spells (armor, and he just wasn't aware he could) but from which he got a Giant Toad animal companion with which he could converse in Toad.

The Toad's name was Toad.

So it was Theo the Toad Knight.

He was an amazing beatstick, and Toad was a decent scout. Together they were a bit forlorn of the rest of the party but had a great time near any pond or river.

2017-05-17, 07:30 AM
I wasn't thinking outside the box, I had a character in Call of Cthulu based on my senior project professor from university. He was a Chinese secret agent teaching metaphysics but was actually a bad ass. In real life he was much less cool although he could use an abacus like a pro and at times was faster than a calculator when you factor in time punching in the numbers. Made for some cool role playing especially when berating the other party members for being "lazy Americans"(an actual constant theme of his in class).

2017-05-17, 08:25 AM
Pete the Pathetic Paladin.

He's a chaotic evil paladin of honour who is so bad at actually doing anything evil that he has been granted power by the forces of good anyway.

He spent the first campaign trying to start a world war and instead stopped an evil anti-demihuman conspiracy.

His final act was insulting a kitten.

He was great.

2017-05-17, 10:33 AM
Not a super original character. She was a generic ranger. The thing is... she was a city girl who had never set foot outside the city walls. Everything was reskinned to fit a vigilante theme. She used a crossbow, hunter's mark was a special scope, she had trick arrows (err bolts) from ensaring strikes, and hail of thorns. At one point, we left the city, and the party made a bunch of jokes about how the ranger is the one who's out of their element in the wilderness.

A more original character: Used the vampire thrall fighter variant in the blood and blood magic officially unofficial booklet.(it was sponsored by wizards, but isn't official... i think). Anyways, the character lived in an area overrun by undead, which was secretly ruled by vampires. He was a guard outside the vampire's manor, and in reward for his years of service, was made into a thrall the month of his retirement. He was a good character, and just wanted to retire, and live out his days with his family, so when he got the "curse" he packed up his family and fled. The dm and I worked together to build homebrew mechanics where I had to drink blood, and it was really interesting because the part thought he was an old man, who really didn't want to adventure, or be cursed, but the party saw this crazy old dude who drank blood and god forbid... didn't want to kill everything and loot it's corpse.... must have ulterior motives.

2017-05-17, 02:01 PM
1/2 Pixie 1/2 Fairie Dragon Scout/Rogue Swift Ambusher (Gestalt Game). The DM and I really screwed up the racial levels (had only 6 instead of the 14 it should of been ;>)., but I had a blast playing her. Great Archer, Pretty damn good rogue, great spell likes, and FLIGHT, but played like a real Ditz (come back from scouting around and explain EVERYTHING she saw, saving the fact that there was a war party of ogres coming this way for last (bit of DM collusion here), usually as the ogres were cresting the ridge. The whole group loved the character!

Karl Aegis
2017-05-17, 04:32 PM
He was a little blonde kid with chubby cheeks. Bangs covered his eyes, he had little wings on his back and wore a simple white cloth around him. He had no bones, so when you poked him he was like, "Ah! My organs!". He was squishy.

BeerMug Paladin
2017-05-18, 04:22 AM
Strangely I also had a half orc knowledge cleric, but with different background. He's a half orc who's adopted by wizard, and want to be wizard but not smart enough, so he became cleric of knowledge and act as the town librarian and such.

I recently made a half-orc wizard. Not incredibly intelligent (Int 13, Wis 12). He thinks it's very cool to be smart and wants to be a super-smart wizard. He spends a lot of time trying to study and wanting to hang out with other wizards (who mostly sneer at him). He is straight-classed, no prestige silliness. He mostly uses buff spells in combat and hits things with his giant axe, but holding back for a fireball or something to change the flow of battle isn't uncommon either.

2017-05-19, 09:22 AM
Probably the 2e flumph.

Originally he was was an NPC that was joining the party for a single quest. And the DM asked me to play him because I was around and knew the game.

He was popular enough the PC'S asked him to stick around. Now the How-to-play monsters book was still not a thing really in 2e (or we were not aware of it) so he steadily became less and less useful in combat and the like as the party leveled up but he lasted until the party was 6th level. He's the reason I never changed avatar's on this forum.

Other weird but popular was Darus. He was a Ravnos. He was originally made in Susa in Elam before the rise of Babylon. But had been made during a early war of elders that led to the discovery of Caitiff and thin bloods. He was embraced without real thought and was a 12th gen in an age of monsters. He was a scribe for a temple focused on record keeping of tributes and handouts-a clay tablet accountant. He would also have the issue that one of his cousins would go on to be a famous Leader of the City who burned Babylon etc. It also didn't help that Susa is located East of Southern Iraq which is where many vampires thought the first city was - so the place was always crawling with Cain searchers. He would go on over time to be torpored for over 3K years of his 4K existence. And if he was awake it was usually as some blood slave to a more powerful vampire. He worked for a Cappadocian for a while and actually liked her during the age of Darius and Xerxes. He bailed on the city as the Mongols burned it. His name and possible hints of early Vampire legend helped keep him around but also exploited by the powerful. Eventually he was in Amsterdam working for Hassiatic League linked elders when he finnally got pissed and joined the great revolt. After the Treaty of Thorns he was still pissed and was beaten into torpor and a canal until a WWII bomber woke him up. Went to NYC to become modern and had to bail after the Sabbat lost the city. He was ancient, powerless, almost impossible to kill, and alien. Funny thing was the LARP group had asked me to join and play a ravnos because the two they had were annoying them and they wanted a different style of Chimistry to be shown.

2017-05-19, 09:30 PM
Dri'el do Mariador, Drow Paladin of The Three (Lawful Good Gods in our homebrew).
First son of the Second house of the Drow of Sky Isle who was sold into slavery has a child rather than being sacrificed to Charm (our version of Lothe) to one of the Highlord of Sky Isle. Grew up in her home as a favored slave who became a thief and warrior in his own right (2nd edition Rogue/Fighter). He later earned his freedom, found the lawful good gods, passed their test and became the first true Paladin in an Age.

First and only 2nd edition character I ever played, later converted to 3rd edition...

2017-05-19, 10:40 PM
There was the lawful good high elf cleric of death with multiple personality disorder. (Sometimes he thought he was death itself. Which was fun)

There was the tiefling bardbarian. Multiclass of bard and barbarian. He had an electric guitar with an ax head on it and he'd cast animate objects on massive sub woofers behind himself.

I made a human fighter. Early on he got his hands cut off by a series of bad rolls while trying to flyby grab a bag of gold from an orc chief. They got replaced by steel fists. Can't feed himself, but can punch things. Wizard attempts to enchant hands so that they move. Natural 20. Fists can move and can also be launched off. He also wore an iron golem's head as a helmet and welded its chest onto his own for better AC. He was badass.

The anarchist druid who wanted to free "the wild" from the civilized world and prove that social construct and society were nothing compared to nature.