View Full Version : DM Help Mapping for island hopping

2017-05-16, 01:52 AM
So my newest campaign is planned to be set amongst an ocean filled with a variety of islands. A little like One Piece but more pathfinder-y.
It's all going swell so far, but not too far in the party will acquire a boat... and I'm not quite sure how to handle between-islands travel. Just describe it? Use grid maps? Hex maps?
And I'm also not quite sure how detailed to make maps I might use for that part... so I figured I'd see what folks here thought.
It's run virtually using roll20, so I don't have to hand draw maps, but that also means I can't just doodle out some islands on a piece of paper and call it a day.
One player did suggest possibly having a hex map, but making it vague. So a hex might have an island, something of note, or just be ocean. Anyone tried something like that before?

2017-05-17, 04:05 PM
I'm about to attempt something similar. I would basically draw out the islands as individual tokens, either IRL or digitally, transfer them into small digital images, and drag them onto a blank map field as the campaign develops. Roll20 lets you move and resize images like that.