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2017-05-16, 10:29 AM
Inspiration is a simple, cool mechanic which links great roleplay with a nice mechanical boost, and I’ve been toying with the idea or a few feats which would expand a bit on it.

I'd propose an "Inspiration Score", which would replace how Inspiration currently works.

All characters have an Inspiration Score, which starts at 0. When a character would normally “gain Inspiration”, the character gains an Inspiration Point. The maximum Inspiration Score a character can have is 1 (unless otherwise specified). The “standard” use of Inspiration requires spending one Inspiration point.
This hack means that Inspiration works the same for characters in general, but allows to expand with a few feats.

Some linked feats:

Team Leader

You are good at ensuring cohesion among the team and share your teammate’s inspiration.
-You get a +1 to your Charisma
-After a long rest, you can select up to 6 people (including yourself). These people can, if they choose to, be part of the Inspiration Pool. The Inspiration Pool is the sum of all participant’s Inspiration score, and it contains a number of inspiration points equal to the sum of the participant’s inspiration points. The maximum score of the Inspiration pool is equal to the sum of all maximums of the participating characters. All characters part of the Inspiration Pool may draw for the pool to spend Inspiration.
-When you are part of an Inspiration Pool with a least another character, the Pool’s score is increased by your Charisma modifier, and gains 1 inspiration point after a long rest.

Impressive Might

Your physical prowess inspires your allies and terrifies your foes.
-You get a +1 bonus to Strength
-Your maximum Inspiration Score increases by 1.
-When you defeat an opponent using a strength check, a strength-based attack or via intimidation, one of your allies who witnesses the event can gain one inspiration point.
-You gain advantage on Intimidation rolls when it involves physical threat.
-When you hit an opponent, you can spend 1 inspiration point to add 1d6 of damage to a single attack

Insightful Support

You are attentive to your team’s needs and provide support just when it is needed.
-You get a +1 to your Wisdom score
-Your maximum Inspiration Score increases by 1.
-You can use the help action as a reaction a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier. You can regain spent use after a long rest.
-Once per long rest, when you use the help action and the action you helped succeeds, you gain an inspiration point.

These have been proposed by fellow players:


Whether due to finely-honed reflexes or swift thinking, your ability to act rapidly when challenged pushes your allies to keep up.
-Your Dexterity or Intelligence score increases by 1.
-Your maximum Inspiration Score increases by 1.
-When you roll a natural 18-20 on an ability check, an ally who saw or heard you attempt the check can gain one inspiration point.
-You may spend inspiration to reroll an ability check after seeing the result once, even if you already spent inspiration on the roll. You can do so again after a long rest.


When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Your sheer tenacity in the face of obstacles drives you and your companions to greater heights.
-Your Constitution Score increases by 1.
-Your maximum Inspiration Score increases by 1.
-You and any ally who can see or hear you have advantage on Constitution savings throws triggered by prolonged travel.
-You can subsist on half the amount food or water that a regular person needs.
-When you regain hit points in any way, you may expend an inspiration point to reroll all of the dice and take the better of the two total results. You can't use this ability again until you finish a short or long rest.

What do you think of the mechanic? And of the specific feats?