View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Fighting Giants - additional rules to make Storm Kings Thunder more interesting

Markoff Chainey
2017-05-17, 03:39 AM
Hi folks!

I am about to run SKT as a DM and I wanted to give my players the feeling that they are fighting GIANTS and not some big fat roadblocks that you can hit from any side. From the perspective of a giant, when someone attacks you who reaches up to your knee and has a tiny metal razor as a weapon, this might be a minor inconvienience, but not a real threat. I wanted to emphasize this by adding a few rules and would be happy about your feedback.

Additional rules:
- If someone wants to make a melee attack against somebody larger and the size-difference is greater than 1, no rolls for damage are applicable, instead, each roll is automatically counted as a result of "1" (so 1d6+3 becomes 4). Ignore this rule if the attacker is flying, using a weapon that has "range 1" for each size step or using a ranged weapon.

-You can make a "climb up" melee attack against someone who is at least 2 sizes taller than you. The DC is 15 + DEX of your opponent. Additionally, you must spend 20 feet of movement after the action. If you use special climbing gear like a hooked rope or similiar, you gain advantage. Your opponent is not impeded and you need one hand to hold yourself. If you make a melee attack against your opponent while you are climbed up, this attack is made against AC 10 and has advantage.

- You can make a "grab and throw" attack against someone who is at least 2 sizes smaller than you. After a successful grapple, you can spend a bonus action to throw your opponent on the ground or against another opponent. A medium sized thrower causes 1d10+STR damage, a large one 2d10+STR and a huge one 3d10+STR. If another opponent is hit (throwing improvised weapon) it deals the same damage. If you make a grapple attack against someone who climbed up on you, you get advantage.

- You may try to "stamp on" someone who is at least 2 sizes smaller than you. Make an unarmed melee attack and if successful, you do the same damage as with "grab and throw" (see above). Additionally, as long as you do not move, your opponent counts as "grappled" (he can try to break free on his turn under the same rules as breaking out of a grapple). When you do not move and your opponent does not break free, you may deal the same damage without spending an action.

The first rule is there to let normal melee weapons appear "puny" in the eyes of a giant. They can easily shift out of reach and when hit, that is merely a scratch in the toe and not going to kill them. - Adventurers taking on a giant better come prepared!

The second rule should give more or less commoners who are insane or desperate enough a way to attack a giant.

The third and fourth rule is a logic response of a giant to someone climbing him... This way a big group of soldiers could take on a giant, but some of them will pay dearly.

Those 4 combined should make for a more realistic feel, but not up the difficulty by a lot. (I think the CR goes up by 1 or 2)