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Grizl' Bjorn
2017-05-19, 01:09 AM
Suitable for 5E, 3.5 and Pathfinder

Full disclosure- this is not my idea. A while ago I saw a thread on the idea of a friendly beholder with fur. I can’t remember where I found it, but the idea so cute that it’s stuck in my brain. Anyway, here goes nothing.

Every beholder is created from the nightmares of the beholder. For the most part the dominate emotions of those nightmares are of fear- fear that another beholder might usurp them. Very occasionally the dominate emotion is not fear- but shame and embarrassment. What if the beholder dreamt up something so intrinsically opposed to beholder kind as to make them a laughingstock?

From these dreams the Wub Wubs are born.

Wub Wub beholders can float like ordinary beholders, but unlike ordinary beholders also have tiny, stumpy feet- by choice they generally prefer to use these rather than float. They often bounce against walls, flying throughout their ‘lairs’ like balloons. Wub Wub beholders have the same basic physiology as normal beholder, with a few important differences. Their bodies are covered in soft, thick hair, like a St Bernard or grizzly bear that has just been combed- the colours of this fur vary but some kind of rainbow or tie-dye pattern is common. Their teeth are not at all sharp, clearly marking them as herbivores. Wub Wubs compulsively make sounds that many creatures find adorable and beholders sound vile- like purring, a low contended growl or the phrase ‘wub wub’ for which they are named.

Wub Wubs become lonely very easily and will often seek out others as companions. Most would dearly like to befriend another Wub Wub, but there are very few to be found. Often when a Wub Wub does find another Wub Wub to be its friend it is because it dreams that it finds a friend and is happy. While Wub Wubs can be naive they are not stupid, and so will not seek out normal beholders for friendship.

Wub Wub statistics are the same as a beholder except as follows:

Wub Wubs are neutral good instead of neutral evil.

Wub Wubs gain a walking speed of 10ft in addition to their flying speed.

Wub Wubs have resistance to cold damage, because their fur is snug as well as adorable.

Replace a beholders normal eye rays with the following:

Charm ray
Wall of force ray
Paralysing ray
Sleep ray
Healing ray (4d8, can be used as greater restoration x3 per day and resurrection x1 per day)
Telekinesis ray
Wall of force ray – Maximum of x4 5ft sections
Major image ray
Disintegration ray (double normal damage to objects, no damage to creatures)
Reprimanding ray (12d8 radiant damage against evil creatures, 8d8 non-lethal radiant damage against neutral or good characters)

Main eye: Positive energy cone (undead may not be created in the wub wub beholder’s main eye vision arc. Any undead in the arc take 6d6 radiant damage per round. All healing effects are doubled in the arc. All friendly creatures have advantage on their death saving throws and may add their proficiency bonus)


Safe magic cone: Spells which deal damage or provoke saves (with the exception of saves against illusion) do not work and cannot be cast within the cone.

CR: 12

Morphic tide
2017-05-19, 06:54 AM
Minor nitpick: Radiant damage doesn't exist in 3.PF, so it's not actually compatible with those two.

2017-05-19, 06:59 AM
Minor nitpick: Radiant damage doesn't exist in 3.PF, so it's not actually compatible with those two.

However the damage Searing Light deals is probably similar.(although it never got a type)

2017-05-19, 07:53 AM
I'd totally pop this in a 5e game someday...EEEEK!