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2017-05-22, 05:25 PM
Hello all, i want to make a weapon that hearkens back to the Acquisitions Inc. Dagger of The Apocalypse. I want to make it something that scales well with the group but still be super powerful when it goes off.

Here is what i came up with.

Dagger of the Apocalypse
On a natural roll of a 20 with this dagger the air compresses around the dagger. on the following turn the dagger releases a shockwave of necrotic energy.
X=Level of the character using it.
Range: 25+5x feet
Target: each creature within range
Save: DC 14 Dex or DC 14 Con
Damage: Xd10 Necrotic
Recharge: X Days
Note: Advantage on Saving throws in soft cover. Hard cover blocks all damage.

Their you have it. I feel like it could use more damage because i want the dagger to be something they dont use all the time because it might kill themselves. i debated making it 2x their level (Level 3 would be 6d10 damage) but that seemed like a awful lot. the other option was to make it a static amount per level (say 10 dmg). The round delay would give them a round to try and find cover. could also be used to justify doing more damage.

Another option i thought of doing for the save was the DC 14 dex if they fail they have to take a DC 14 Con to take half damage (fail both and you take full).

I know its a little convoluted but any thoughts or improvements?

Cheers, Ice