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2017-05-22, 05:35 PM
I love the Arcane Casters. Not for anything to do with the Linear Warrior Quadratic Wizard thing, but because magic has always excited me the most about any fantasy setting. D&D, more than any other RPG I've seen out there, has always made magic accessible and powerful at the same time, and that's why it has my ultimate loyalty.

Now, I'm comfortable enough with 5th edition to happily call it my 2nd favorite edition, but I can't help but notice that in terms of spells, it's rather... lacking... at the moment. And I'm not the only one. I don't know if I'm the only one who feels that there are just not enough Conjuration and Necromancy spells to really make the "themed spellbook" style of character viable, but I've seen plenty of complaints elsewhere about how Evokers and Dragon Sorcerers are screwed over by the fact that here's practically no variation in evocation magic - Fire Spells outnumber pretty much every other kind of damage-dealing spell, with Poison and Acid users in particular being screwed over.

Luckily, there's hope for both whilst we cross our fingers and wait for WoTC to put out a 5e Tome of Magic or whatever: conversions. 4th edition's spell lists really impressed me, and whilst I'm not as caught up on Pathfinder in comparison, I do like the mechanic that Pathfinder used of trying to 'break up' the power blocs of Conjuration, Transmutation & Necromancy spells by creating more specific spells dictating what you can summon, animate or turn into. So, I think both can serve as a potential source of converted spells.

Which is why I'm here. Although I have the 5e DMG, and thus access to its rules for creating new spells, they mostly focus on damage-dealing spells. That's fine and dandy for the most part, but the various summoning, animating and transforming spells I want are more complicated. Thusly, I was hoping folks would be willing to not only critique my efforts, but share their opinions when the minutia of converting a specific spell is bugging me.

2017-05-22, 11:08 PM
Evocation is Stupid easy to fix.

Take an existing spell, change damage type. Spellcasters really just want a spell to fit their theme. Resistance doesn't matter in the long run I'm the DM. I can see all your cards & you can't see mine. If I want to shut you down I can do so.