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Darth Ultron
2017-05-22, 08:00 PM

Ability Focus-The fighter picks a single ability score as their focus and add any bonus from that ability score to all attack and damage rolls and to their armor class.

Every four levels the fighter can pick another ability to add to their focus. The bonus from each ability is added to the total. Example: A fighter picks charisma at first level and adds +4 to attack, damage and armor class. At 4th level the fighter picks dexterity and adds another +2, for a total of +6 to attack, damage and armor class.

Action Points-The fighter gets one action point per level. Each action point can be spent each round to take an additional action each round. a move action costs one point, a standard action costs two points and a full round action costs three points.

Well, ability focus is a nice spin. It lets a character be based on any ability score. The idea is a fighter uses whatever they have to gain an advantage in the fight. Strength and Dexterity are easy. But and Intelligence fighter out thinks a foe in battle and gains the bonuses. A Wisdom fighter does the same but with guts and instinct. The Charisma fighter is a showman and gets the bonus by putting on a show. The Constitution fighter uses their stamina to use the least amount of energy for each action.

Action points let a fighter do more in a round...not just combat, but any time actions are taken.

Just some random thoughts...

2017-05-22, 08:44 PM
Ability focus adds numbers, and to a well-built Fighter, numbers aren't the issue.

How do action points refresh? Or are they a one-and-done deal?

2017-05-22, 09:42 PM
Ability focus is nice and provides opportunities for flavour.

Action Points - very interesting! Perhaps even worth dipping in fighter levels for spellcasters - sacrifice a few caster levels to get free quickened spells. I second the question about how they refresh.