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2007-08-02, 07:28 AM
Hey All,
I'm in urgent need of a reason / plot hook to get my PC's from Wheloon to Suzail for an upcoming session, and then back again (Based on my "plan" I should be starting Tearing of the Weave after this adventure)

I'm planning on running "War of the Wielded" from Dungeon Mag 149, and Suzail seems like a good subsitute to the city presented in the magazine, I just can't for the life of me figure out how to get them their and back.

- They've routed some bandits at Lord Sarp Redbeards request, and rescued a couple locals.
- The "Temple" of Mystra isn't quite finished yet in Wheloon, but should be by the time they get back

2007-08-02, 08:07 AM
Suzail's the big city in that area, it would make sense for certain goods and services to be available through specialist tarders that pass through on a schedule, swpices, magic items and casting, gems and rare alchemal ingrediants are all good choices. Just have someone in the local area hire the PCs to go and retrieve a shipment of XXXX and when they get back you can hit them with the tearing of the weave. Make sure it's random and not valuable to them, basilisks toenails or something, just so they don't pinch it and do a runner.

2007-08-02, 08:48 AM
and even if they do pinch it you still got them there!

2007-08-02, 08:59 AM
But then we need them to come back, cause otherwise the heroes of destiny are off living the high life on a beach wiht a rum & coke while the structure of magic implodes:smallredface:

2007-08-02, 09:05 AM
I don't imagine that to be far off, one of my players is a Cleric of Hanseath (the dwarven god of brewing) I'm pretty sure the only reason the rest of the party puts up with him is because he supplies them with..ahem..."holy water"

2007-08-02, 02:00 PM
Any additional ideas?

2007-08-02, 03:41 PM
Previously dormant portal goes active and someone/thing wanders through it. The PCs are needed to go through and bring back whoever it was. Get's them there and gives them a reason to come back for the completion of the mission. Yes it's a tired fed ex quest but it allows them to do the back and forth without a ton of wasted time/effort. If all else fails, speed up time in between sessions so that the temple is completed and you're ready to start them at the next session. It might make it a bit disjointed (timeline wise) but it removes the possibility of them wandering too far off course.

2007-08-02, 08:15 PM
Well, the reason I wanted to squeeze in another adventure before the Tearing of the Weave kickoff is that they're all just shy of 3rd level, and as TotW is supposed to start around 4, I can start them off with limited effort on my part.

I might go the fed-ex route, but I'll keep absorbing any ideas that come up.

2007-08-02, 10:55 PM
What is the make up of the party?

2007-08-03, 07:08 AM
I've got the following party:

a strong / silent Goliath Fighter (Ftr 1), who kicks a lot of arse, but doesn't say much. He's questing for his "name" and hooked up with the party to do so.

a loud / obnoxious Dwarven Cleric of Hanseath (Clr 2) who is currently the party leader because no one else wants to be. The Player is purposely trying to screw it up to force one of the other players to take the reins. He's adventuring to spread the word of Hanseath to any and all dwarves he encounters (humans too if they can hold their liqiour)

A sullen human Monk / Sorcerer (Mnk 1 / Src 1), he hasn't really said much so I've got no idea what his motovations are.

a sneaky / skillmonkey human Rogue / Swashbuckler (Rog 1 / Swash 1) who fled waterdeep due to a large gambling debt. He's really hoping that his bookies don't track him down and cut his debt from his flesh.

So, in summery
Goliath Fighter 1
Dwarf Cleric 2
Human Rogue 1 / Swash 1
human Monk 1 / Sorc 1.

2007-08-03, 02:35 PM
Almost certainly a religious errand. Perhaps a rumour that one of the Merchant Houses in Suzail has acquired a mundane (non magical or minor magical) relic of Hanseath.