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2017-05-24, 08:10 PM
There's a number of domains that are referenced in 3.5, but that the designers never got around to actually including. This will rectify the problem. PEACH, of course.

Icebergs Domain Frostburn 42
Deities: Levistus
Granted Power: You are acclimated to keeping your footing on moving surfaces. You gain a +4 sacred (or profane if you are Evil) bonus on Balance checks on moving surfaces (for example, standing on a horse's back, on a boat, a rolling log, or an iceberg).

Icebergs Domain Spells
1 Buoyant LiftingSC 49: Underwater creatures rise to surface.
2 Ice ShapeFb 99: Sculpts ice into any shape.
3 Column of IceFb 90: Column of ice erupts from ground, lifting anything in its area into the air.
4 Ice ShipFb 99: Creates ice runner or ice galleon.
5 HibernateFb 97: Sends subject into state of hibernation for one week/level.
6 EntombM Fb 93: Captures subjects in blocks of ice, suffocating them.
7 Submerge ShipSC 211: You control ship mentally while it travels underwater.
8 Heat DrainSC 112: Subjects take 1d6 cold damage/level, you gain equal amount hp.
9 IcebergFb 101: Block of ice falls from sky, dealing 20d6 damage and burying subjects.

Snow Domain Frostburn 42
Deities: Vatun
Granted Power: You can walk lightly over snow without having your speed reduced (DMG 94). When walking through heavy snow (DMG 94), you can enter a square by spending half the normal amount of movement (2 squares instead of the normal 4). In addition, you do not leave a more readily discernible trail through snow; creatures attempting to track you through snow do so as if you had been walking on solid ground instead.

Snow Domain Spells
1 SnowsightFb 104: Normal vision in winter weather conditions.
2 SilencePHB 279: Negates sound in 15-ft. radius.
3 Blood SnowFb 89: Area of fallen snow drains 1d2 points of Con/round and causes nausea.
4 Corona of ColdSC 52: Aura of cold protects you, damages others.
5 Boreal WindFb 89: Gust of cold wind deals 1d4 cold damage/level and knocks creatures back.
6 Freezing FogSC 99: Fog slows creatures, obscures vision, hinders movement.
7 WhiteoutFb 106: Snow and wind obscure sight; creatures affected may become lost.
8 FimbulwinterFb 93: Creates winter weather for miles around you that lasts for months.
9 FrostfellFb 95: Intense cold turns all subjects in area into ice.

Underdark Domain Dragon Magazine 322 32
Deities: None (available to Dark Ones [FF 37])
Granted Power: The perpetual night and labyrinthine tunnels of the Underdark are your stomping ground. While underground, you can always tell which way is true north. Additionally, you are able to accurately track time.

Underdark Domain Spells
1 Spider ClimbPHB 283: Grants ability to walk on walls and ceilings.
2 Shadow ShroudDotU 62: Negate light blindness/ vulnerability; +5 bonus on Hide checks.
3 Shadow DoubleDotU 62: Shadowy figure attacks enemies.
4 Chain of EyesSC 45: See through other creatures’ eyes.
5 Nightstalker's TransformationM SC 148: Gain +4 Dex, +3 luck bonus to AC, +5 luck bonus on Ref saves, +3d6 sneak attack, and evasion.
6 Viscid GlobSC 231: Ranged touch attack hurls 5-ft.-diameter glob of glue at subject.
7 ChangestonesF Und 57: Prepared stones become liths.
8 Shifting PathsSC 188: Illusion hides path, creates false new path.
9 UndermasterM SC 227: You gain earth-related spell-like abilities.

2017-05-24, 11:30 PM
Iceberg seems like an incredibly specific domain, but that's the fault of the designers. You've filled each of these out nicely and with flavour, good job!

2017-05-25, 12:00 PM
Thank you for the positive feedback! This is my first foray into the wide world of homebrew, and I'm glad (and a little worried?) that it's not terrible off the bat. Are these domains that you could see yourself picking if they were available in your game? And, do you think it makes sense to create PF versions of them, given that they're 3e editing errors?

2017-05-25, 01:59 PM
These look pretty cool! The only thing I would suggest is to make the granted powers a bit more powerful to be on par with many other of the Core domains like the Travel and War domains.