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2017-05-25, 03:33 PM
Hey all, every once in a while I create homebrew feats and I post them on my Website:http://www.duckandrollgames.com/ But I realized I`d be a lot more likely to get feedback, and to spread the love, if I also posted them ehre. There will be more to come in the future, but let`s start with these feats built around the idea of teamwork. Enjoy, and let me know what you think.

Boost ally- (Combat)

Prerequisites: Str 13

Benefit: If a willing ally enters any square within your reach you may as a free action make a strength check to launch them in any direction. The ally travels a distance equal to the result of your strength check rounded up to the nearest 5 ft. This movement may begin starting from any space within your reach. This does not interrupt their movement in any way and does not cost the ally any squares of movement, this may even be used to help an ally charge in ways they would not normally be able to such as helping them over difficult terrain or altering their direction. For every size category the ally is smaller than you they may be moved an additional 5 ft.

Familial Familiar-

Prerequisite: Caster level 5

Benefit: Select one creature that is friendly towards you when you take this feat. That creature becomes akin to a familiar for you. You gain an empathic link between each other and they gain the share spells and deliver touch spells ability just as a wizard's familiar. Additionally your harmful spell effects never affect them unless you desire it and you may never be forced to attack them due to mental effects such as confusion or enchantment, likewise they cannot be forced to attack you.

Hold them still- (Combat)

Prerequisites: Improved grapple

Benefit: If you are in control of a grapple your target automatically fails reflex saves and at the same time grants you a +4 cover bonus to reflex saves.

Hot and cold-(Teamwork)

Benefit: If you deal either fire or cold damage to a foe and an ally with this feat deals the other element to the same foe in the same round that creature finds its defences weakened. The target reduces its armor or natural armor by 1 for every 10 damage the weaker of the two attacks dealt (Minimum 1). If the bonus reduced is an armor bonus the armor must be repaired before it regains lost points, if it was a natural armor bonus it heals in the same way as ability damage. Penalties inflicted by this feat stack and if an armor is reduced to half it's normal bonus it gains the broken condition, if it is reduced to no bonus the armor is destroyed. If a creature looses half its natural armor bonus it becomes sickened and if it loses its entire bonus it becomes sickened and staggered.

Launch ally- (Combat)

Prerequisite: Boost ally

Benefit: If an ally makes a melee attack immediately after you use boost ally to place them in a square they may add your strength bonus to their attack and damage for that one attack.

Powerful bond (Teamwork)

Benefit: You and any number of allies with this feat may spend one hour meditating together to become connected telepathically. The telepathy has a range of 100 ft per creature connected and can only be used to pass information to any other creatures connected in this way. This permits only willing communication and cannot be used to invade or probe a creatures mind. As a side effect of this feat a creature connected telepathically can only be caught flat footed if everyone connected is unaware of the attack in question.

Press the advantage- (Combat)

Benefit: If a foe within your reach is subject to a combat maneuver, including a foe who was moved into your reach as a result of a combat maneuver, you may immediately make a free combat maneuver against that foe as well. This counts as making an attacks of opportunity.

Skill synergy (Teamwork)

Benefit: If you aid an ally who also has this feat, or visa versa, both of you roll the skill check and add half the lower result to the highest and use that total for the check. This replaces the normal bonus granted by the aid another action.

Trained allies-

Prerequisite: Augment summoning

Benefit: When casting any spell affected by augment summoning you may select one combat feat, all summoned creatures who meet the prerequisite for that feat gain it's benefit for as long as they are summoned.

Weak point targeting- (Combat)

Perception: 1 rank

Benefit: If you attack a target that has been the target of a critical hit or sneak attack since your last turn you automatically confirm any critical threat against that opponent.

2017-05-25, 05:54 PM
Familial Familiar and Trained Allies are both very strong, Familial Familiar bordering on broken. Even if Familial Familiar were a teamwork feat and required the ally to also have the feat, it would be super powerful, because giving an ally the share spells trait is just that incredible. Trained Allies irks me because for the price of one caster feat you get a combat feat that can be changed to a new one every time you cast a summon spell and which applies to every creature you summon with the spell. It's both more versatile than just taking a combat feat and often applies more than once. Seems too good to be true.

2017-05-25, 07:52 PM
Familial Familiar and Trained Allies are both very strong

Thanks for the imput, The pathfinder version of share spells is a lot worse than the 3.5 one, but i`ll definitely consider changing it to a proper teamwork feat. And I`d agree that trained ally is a bit strong, but I`m not sure how I could pare it down any smaller, maybe if the feat were the same one every time? But then you`d run into a lot of summons having bonus feats that they get no benefit from.