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2017-05-26, 08:54 AM
Okay so I have a group of people that want to play FFG's Star Wars pg. I am really exited however just about everyone wants to be a Jedi or force sensitive. I have come up with a mechanic that to me looks good in deciding weather or not a player is force sensitive or not. I did this to discourage everyone being a Jedi but at the same time give everyone a chance to be one. I was hoping that everyone if willing could help me refine this so that it is better and can cause as little issues a possible.

Roll to be force sensitive.
One Ability dice
One Difficulty dice
One Force dice

Add up total Success, advantage, and light side force points and subtract the total despair, threat and dark side points from it. If there is at least one point of success, advantage, or light side point the character is force sensitive and it is marked somewhere on the character sheet to remember later.

If you have more success, advantage, and light side points you are force sensitive. If given the opportunity to train to be a Jedi you can. You do not have to however become a Jedi.

If you choose t not become a Jedi you can roll the force die at each level and gain force or light side points equal to the corresponding denotation on the dice. If you moral is good you do not gain dark side points and will gain the minimum of one force point. It is the same if you are a darker morality but reversed to a minimum of one dark side point. If you hold a neutral morality to gain either dark or light side points.

If you have more despair, threat, and dark side points then you are not force sensitive. At every level that you would gain a attribute increase you can forgo that point to re-roll your chance to be force sensitive. Then sudden gain of a connection to the force can be role played in or just accepted. the choice is up to the gm and player.

If force sensitive a players force pool works the same as the destiny pool however once used is gone until they level again and acts separately from the destiny pool. Force sensitives can use there points to change any ability dice into a proficiency die once per check.

Please post any thoughts or modifications that you think would help. this is the first draft and I understand revision could be needed.