View Full Version : Best paper for tracing module/AP maps onto?

Aotrs Commander
2017-05-29, 05:40 PM
I am finding the paper we have very difficult to trace the maps for my PCs. No disrespect to Paizo - Shackled City's maps aren't actually bad in terms of contrast (unlike some1), but the paper I'm using (regular 80 gsm printer paper and/or I-don't-even-old dot matrix paper) is perhaps just a bit too thick. I'm looking at getting some different paper, maybe 50gsm, but I'm shooting a bit in the dark.

Does anybody have any suggestions/thoughts on what might be best to use?

1Worst offender ever was the Dungeon 3.5 version of lpost caverns of Tsojcanth, where some numpty thought it a clever idea to have the floor plan light blue and the surronding pale grey...

2017-05-30, 01:38 AM
This might be stating the obvious, but have you tried artist's tracing paper? It's designed for exactly that task, so it does a good job of balancing between being able to see through it and being tough enough to draw on with a pencil. You can buy it in a wide variety of sizes.

A cheaper option we use in math classes is to buy a package of "patty paper" from a food service store. They're little sheets of thin waxed paper (about 5" by 5", maybe?) designed to keep beef patties separate from each other. They work well enough for tracing shapes for use in various geometry problems, so might work well for you if the things you are drawing are smaller. If you already have a roll of waxed paper (not freezer paper) in your kitchen I suppose you could see if it works as well. (It wouldn't for me - I buy the unbleached kind and it is fairly hard to see through.)