View Full Version : Gencon Map -- PSA -- Map is "inverted"

2017-05-31, 08:25 AM
Important Note for anyone going to Gencon -- the event map linked to at their website... is "upside down". North is at the bottom, east is at the left, etc. Lucas Oil Stadium is SOUTH of the Indiana Convention Center, and all the one-way streets run opposite what that map might lead one to think.

Compare their map -- https://www.gencon.com/map?lt=0.5273363048115169&lg=47.63671875000001&f=1&z=3&c=13 (zoom out)

With this map -- https://www.google.com/maps/@39.7621422,-86.1662837,16.25z

(If this isn't the right spot for this, please move it, I couldn't find a subforum for conventions or other related news stuff. I thought it was important for people trying to find their way around downtown Indianapolis come August.)