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2017-05-31, 01:19 PM
Hi everyone. I'm starting a new 3.5 campaign for high-powered characters. I've DM'ed several games over the course of 20 years and now I just want something new. The idea is the ascendance of Asmodeus as a God and the players will try to stop that.
All official stuff is allowed (except by Magic of Incarnum, Tome of Battle and Tome of Magic). And two players are of good alignment, one neutral and one evil (Yes, I want a different game).

The deal of the story is: Only the Dead Three (Bane, Bhaal, Myrkul) reunited will be able to stop Asmodeus. But I want to use my players as conduit for these gods to come back for a brief period. So I want to give some nice "obscure" background for each one of them through a template which they are going to discover info about during the game.

We have: A female half-dragon (gold) wood elf fighter/swashbuckler, a male human sorcerer/psion, a male hellbred druid and a female human cleric.

For the human cleric, she took Bhaal as patron deity (using servant of the fallen feat). And that was one of the things that gave me inspiration for the story.
I adapted the Spirit-Eater feats from NWN2 to 3.5 in the form of a template. This other guy is a hellbred who lost his memories after The Scourging. The fact is that he is the reincarnation of the Kalach-Cha (NWN) who after betraying his companions (betrayed all of them and devoured the souls of Safiya, Gann, Okku and Kaelyn) and pursuing a path of evil, redeemed himself during the battle against The Faceless Man, but it was too late to escape The Nine Hells. Ilmater gave him a chance again to retrace his steps as a hellbred, but Akachi's soul became one with his soul (thus he's going to have the hunger).

So here's my ask for advice. I have two more players. I want one of them to be Bane-related. I thought maybe by being a bastard son of Fzoul with some Spellfire Channeler powers (Consx2 +1 to Cons x3), Drain Charged Items and the Spellfire Channeler feat itself.
And the other I'm thinking about a neutral dragon deity (for the half-dragon) who is going to use his body as a host for 3 artifacts that will be used by Bane, Bhaal and Myrkul against Asmodeus in the end of the game.

Is some of the Spellfire class features and feat AND giving 2 levels of Half-Dragon Paragon to them going to be balance in comparison to a Spirit-eater-like template and a Bhaalspawn template?

Any suggestions for the half-dragon and the sorcerer/psion?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: The reason I thought about giving some half-dragon paragon levels to the half-dragon is because everyone was LA+0 by standard. 5th-level with LA+0. I felt if I gave the half-dragon another template he would be very weak with his 21hp.
Yes, I'm trying to balance everything around the LA+2 thingy. So Bhaalspawn, spirit-eater feats as LA+2 (not all of them of course), spellfire channeler feat + abilities from 2 levels of the PrC and 2 levels of half-dragon paragon.