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2017-06-01, 07:28 PM
Gradually, as I have seen people complain about individual weaknesses of the monk, I have made patches for these problems. It's not intended to be a complete fix (I'm sure I could find a homebrewed monk if I wanted one). Rather, it's supposed to change the numbers of the monk to make it viable.
My main worry is balance. I want to make sure this is a noticeable improvement over the normal monk, but not too noticeable (too strong). Also, am I missing the point? The way I see it, monks are weak, but not more boring than other martial characters, so strength was what I focused on.

Monk BAB: Monks are a full BAB class

Standard action flurry: A monk can make a flurry of blows as a standard action, but they can only make the main attack and the flurry attacks. For example, a 6th level monk (BAB 6) can make attacks at +5/+5 as a standard action or +5/+5/+0 as a full round action.

Monk handwraps: Monks can wear handwraps enchanted as weapons and use their unarmed strike dice. This allows them to enchant their main weapon at the same cost as a manufactured weapon. Handwraps are just pieces of cloth, and have no base price.

Unarmed strike damage die: Levels 1-3 use the same dice as levels 4-7, so the monk isn't wielding 1d6 fists against 2d6 greatswords.

2017-06-01, 08:21 PM
All fine and standard. You might also throw in free Weapon Finesse and Dex or Wis to damage at low levels; that'll help with the MADness a lot.

2017-06-01, 11:24 PM
You might consider allowing monks to self-enhance. It's a common narrative in anime. You'd just need to decide to what extent.