View Full Version : D&D 5e/Next Sci fi campaign, help with proficiencies

Dankus Memakus
2017-06-02, 08:58 PM
So i was looking at the DMG and i want to run a sci fi setting with their modern guns and energy weapons in the guide. My issue is what classes should get what weapons? Of course fighter and paladin get all but im not sure what classes would get different guns. Please help.

2017-06-05, 07:09 AM
Broadly speaking, I'd say weapons with low "kick", high rates of fire, or wide fire spread would constitute as simple ranged weapons - you can basically point and fire. Higher damage weapons with increased range (e.g. accuracy), single accurate firing, stuff like that would probably slide into Martial weapons.

Also if you're going into energy weapons, then 'reloading' could mimic recharge rate or heat exchange time (a la Mass Effect), so balistic weapons (rail guns, mag-guns, etc) are rapid firing, and energy weapons mimic weapons with the loading property....