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Reading about creating incantations from the SRD.
I had an idea for divine assistance in the D&D world.
For when that NPC that needs a bit of help, or your character just cannot live on to fight another day.

Please feel free to comment on this, I intend to collect a few of these to create a collection of Anthems.

Anthem of the Dawn Bringers

Effective Level: 6th level (Planar Ally, call angels only)
Skill Check: Knowledge Religion DC 24 (30 conjuration base, -2 range, -4 time restriction) 3 successes (one for each verse), Perform (Sing) DC 24 3 successes (one for each verse)
Failure: Nothing, caster summons a devil or demon instead, summoned angel attacks immediately (slays if no resistance is offerred), double payment.
Range: Touch; (-2 DC)
Target: One creature;
Duration: Instantaneous (until task is complete);*
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless);
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless).
Total Successes: 6, before 2 failures
Save DC 16 + Cha modifier of the caster.

Preparations: Target must be on both knees (praying) or laying down on a bed. Incantation is to be held in a unlit white room.
Casting Time: Break of dawn (-4 DC), three rounds, plus the time required to set up the preparations.
Effective casting level: 12

Material Component:
Gold or treasure worth 100 GP per HD of the angel summoned, which must be presented to the angel. The angel (DM) will decide based on your plight whether or not this payment is fair (it may demand more for your shortcomings or waive the fee if you purity incarnate or are acting towards the greatest of good). Trying to cheat this offering would be ill advised to say the least (DM wrath). It would also be wise to make sure that at least double this amount is presented, presenting larger sacrifices can significantly appease the angel as it assures your willingness to sacrifice.

If the caster fails two consecutive checks she suffers a failure, depending on the verse and skill:
Knowledge (Religion):
- First verse: fail by 5 or more (nothing the entire incantation fails), less then 5: continue with a 20% chance of summoning a demon/devil instead (DM rolls) (0-2 on d10, 8-9 angel attacks immediately)
- Second verse: fail by 5 or more (0-4 summon devil, 7-9 angel attacks)
- Third verse: failure summons a demon/devil (0-5, 6-9 angel attacks)

Perform (Sing):
- First verse: Anger the angel (25%)
- Second verse: Anger the angel (75%)
- Third verse: Angel demands double the payment

Dawn Bringers - Anthem

herald the coming light,
forth we go to chase the night.
swiftest wings and divine might

fly, with sunrise we dash
we lift the veil of the dawn
charge with valor into dark

gently we paint the dew
angel tears we grant few
the old day now is new

At the breaking of dawn, a single bed in an unlit white room may sing the anthem of the Dawn Bringers.
This will summon one of the dawn bringers down from their holy task to bestow the target with an impeccably pure soul (exalted good and still has a selfless act to enact/continue, like save kingdom, taking care of someone) the boon of one healing spell (up to 7th level).

As the angel appears (the round after the final verse), the entire room is filled with multiple castings of daylight (every 5ft. cube in the white room).

Conjuration (Healing)
Summary of example healing spells:
Restoration (level 4, 3 rounds)
Raise Dead (level 5 cleric spell, 1 minute)
Heal (level 6 healing spell, 1 standard)
Regenerate (level 7 healing spell, 3 rounds)

Alternatively and the most common outcome, the anthem of the dawn bringers can also be used to summon a merciful death (see backlash).

A second person may be present in the room (for example: as morale support, holding the hand offering comfort).
This person must wear a blindfold and may not look at the summoned angel.
If the target can not speak for whatever reason (such as unconscious, mute, dementia, insanity, etc), the second person may sing the anthem in their stead.
Doing so only works if the target is willing, otherwise the incantation fails with the angel being angered only at the second person and optionally still granting the healing (or merciful death) to the target.


Anyone singing the anthem of the dawn bringers without pure intent are attacked by the angel.
Evil creatures are attacked by the angel.
Neutral creatures are ignored or get converted to good by an oratory performance (DC 25 will save).
Good creatures get scolded for their foolishness, but not attacked.
If no resistance is shown, the intended and the second are slain (as a coup de grace), this is a painless and peaceful death.

Failures might summon a devil or demon instead, such sly creatures might do all kinds of trickery in order to cause pain, misery, cause selfish behavior or even negotiate about acquiring a few souls.
Failures might also cause the angel to be offended, this is considered an evil act (causing you to slide one towards evil, exalted to good, good to neutral or neutral to evil). It will attack the target and grant a merciful death if no resistance if given (voluntarily get hit) otherwise the angel attacks both the target and second until they are -1. The angel then stabilizes both and leaves.

Anyone else that peeks in will be blinded permanently by having permanent daylight cast unto their eyes (14th caster level, with a +4 vs dispel (Dispel DC: 29)).

Only Exalted Good creatures are immune to this effect, being looked upon by any other then the target is considered an evil act by the dawn bringers. As such looking will remove your exalted status immediately (though you will not be blinded and you still remain good, to atone you will need to have the atonement spell cast upon you by a follower of a god or religion that grants the sun domain.

Angered Angel:
Any more people (known to the caster) will anger the angel (resulting in the angel attacking everyone, causing their alignments to move one towards evil and be beaten to -1 and stabilized by the angel after combat if they survive long enough).
Failing the incantation can anger the angel.
Angering an angel is an evil act, causing your alignment to change one towards evil permanently.
If you manage to appease the anger this alignment shift is undone, though you must still atone for your misdeed.

Above all else, angels are merciful, if your intent and hearts are pure, the angel might be reasonable. The DM ultimately decides what is fair, whether or not you need to atone, how long the alignment change affects you, how hard the angel will attack and even which angel appears. The DM is fully allowed to summon a more powerful angel if the situation calls for it (improper execution of the incantation ritual, acting with the purest of intentions, if it helps to resolve a major plot problem)

The baseline for this incantation is Planar Ally, limited to angels only, able to summon any angel up to 12 HD.
The angel is paid for the service as described in Planar Ally, spell like abilities do not cost the angel xp or gold so this needs not be factored in (although this might constitute as 'fair pay', DM's discretion).

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