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Sornjss Lichdom
2007-08-03, 01:59 PM
Has anyone tried to make a DnD system to bend into the bartiemas trilogy, you know djinni, marits, afrits, imps, foliots and the like. Heres just a few ideas of the top of my head.

You can be bound to a demon, or take a demon as a racial feat, or you can have resistance.

Magician's, like a binder, gets different powers when summoning a demon, he gets a certain amount of will points, and every summoning takes them away, and every subtype of demon cost more willpoints, dependent on power.

Resistance would be like taking LA and depending on how much resistance you have the more LA you get.

Many demons would have the same type of powers, like detonations, compolsions, infernos, and concelmeants. They can have a few powers, and some would have a different way to disguise themself, some as weak as disguise self or as powerful as polymorph self.

Summoning Table
-Lets say mites and minor imps (used for scrying) are 1 wp
-Imps (for the basic presaditation, and detect planes 5) are 2 wp
-Greater Imps and Foliots ( used for strenght bonus, detect planes, and minor changes to features) wp 3
-Djinni (for leviatate, detonations -used once every 5 rounds, and disguise self at will) are wp 4

-circle summoning ( you may particapate in circle summoning, lessaning the wp needed to summon the demon.)
-Power Binding (bind one chosen demon at one less wp, this does not applie to the strength of the circle needed.)
-Speed Binding (skip the minute long verbale speech required to summon a demon, though you must still speak the demons name three times. You must have summoned the demon before to do this.)
-Simple Pentacle (holds demons up to wp 3)
-Improved Pentacle (holds demons up to wp 6)
-Strong of Will (adds 2 to your wp pool)

sample table lay out. WP (will power) HD 4 For +0 Will +2 Ref +1
lvl1 abiliaty to summon one demon a day. Gain Draw Simple Pentacle as a free feat. ( summon up to WP 3 demons withen its lines )
bab-+0 WP 2 aquire lens of sight (view 3 plane) +1 bonus to pentacle drawing
bab-+1 Wp 3 +2 bonus to pentacle drawing, +1 to comanding voice
lvl3 abiliaty to summon two demons a day.
bab-+2 WP 3 Bonus Feat +2 to comanding voice
bab-+3 WP 5 Improved Pentacle as a bonus feat
and so on and so forth..

the you gain axcess to different demons the more levels you obtain, though it is easy to find more, you must study for three hours for each wp said demon has, this is for only one demon.

mariats require many wp and you can not use improved summoning feats when summoning them. magicians can use circle summonings to lesson the wp needed for the summoning though if a circle is broken then only the one magician is left to the will of the demon, though it takes the same amount of magcians to dismiss a demon as it took to summon it.

well tell me what you think, add more were is needed and i knw there is tons ive left out, like what happens if you bread circle, or the power of true names. ty in advance.

2007-08-03, 04:21 PM
But wasen't it basicly considered the hight of heresy for both demons and majicians?
And you forgot the demon overpowering your mind and taking control.

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-08-03, 04:53 PM
the binding im talking about is completely controlled by set rules and not like the one were they share bodies. I just thought it was far to complecatied to have them set rules or comands, and jsut figured we'd give the magicains the stated powers, like abinder. But i soppose that if you wanted to have the magician to give the demon an order, and then you act iin the demons stead, playing through him, and roleplaying to his personality.