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2007-08-03, 03:15 PM
Mob Leader
Sometimes when a dark lord has no adventurers to stop him, whether he defeated every foe or people are simply too impatient to wait for an adventurer to come, the ordinary civilians will form a mob and attack en masse. The mob needs no leader, but commonly forms one anyway. If a group forms a mob more than once, they look to the same person for leadership. If it happens often enough, he will be known by the local area as a mob leader.

Skills: Diplomacy 3 ranks
Feats: Negotiator
Alignment: any non-lawful
Special: must have led a mob that succeeded in its purpose, must be an NPC, can't commonly leave the area

HD: d6

Class Skills (2+int modifier): Diplomacy

Weapons and Armor Proficiencies: a mob leader is proficient in any tool used in his job, such as a trident (pitchfork) or a scythe if he farms hay. He gains no armor or shield proficiencies.

Lesser Lead Mob: makes a simple diplomacy check to lead a mob rather than a complex check

Greater Lead Mob: only needs to pass the diplomacy check once

Transmute Crowd to Mob: can stir a crowd to action with a complex skill check. Replaces initial check.

Transmute Mob to Crowd: calms a mob down with a complex diplomacy check. If he is already leading the mob, he only needs a simple check

Summon Mob: can bring a small village or a small part of a large village/town/city into a mob in 1d4 hours

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special

+0|Lesser Lead Mob

+1|Greater Lead Mob

+2|Transmute Crowd to Mob

+2|Transmute Mob to Crowd

+3|Summon Mob[/table]

Also, none of his abilities work outside his area.

I've never made a class before, or even played a game of D&D, or even talked to someone who DMed, but I thought I'd give it a shot. There are NPC classes, and prestige classes, but no NPC prestige classes. I thought it would be fun to make one. How did I do?

Sornjss Lichdom
2007-08-03, 03:18 PM
thats not bad at all, though i think you could really take it and run with it. And if you were heavy in RPG then you could almost make this a PrC, you could make a monster variant too for the woods and what not, like stiring up the deer and bears to attack somthing.

2007-08-04, 07:00 PM
It is a Prestige Class. You mean one a PC can take? I don't see how stirring up animals to attack would be like this; they don't naturally form mobs. It occurs to me that having a mob leader wouldn't make sense without a mechanic for mobs. I guess I'll start with crowds.


Urban streets are often full of people going about their daily lives. In most cases, it isn’t necessary to put every 1st-level commoner on the map when a fight breaks out on the city’s main thoroughfare. Instead just indicate which squares on the map contain crowds. If crowds see something obviously dangerous, they’ll move away at 30 feet per round at initiative count 0. It takes 2 squares of movement to enter a square with crowds. The crowds provide cover for anyone who does so, enabling a Hide check and providing a bonus to Armor Class and on Reflex saves.
Directing Crowds

It takes a DC 15 Diplomacy check or DC 20 Intimidate check to convince a crowd to move in a particular direction, and the crowd must be able to hear or see the character making the attempt. It takes a full-round action to make the Diplomacy check, but only a free action to make the Intimidate check.

If two or more characters are trying to direct a crowd in different directions, they make opposed Diplomacy or Intimidate checks to determine whom the crowd listens to. The crowd ignores everyone if none of the characters’ check results beat the DCs given above.

Before I implied that it would take a complex skill check to control a mob. I'll leave the DC, but require 2 out of 3 successes, and give a -2 penalty for failing a roll. You can retry the check, but the penalties will still apply. This will apply to crowds and mobs alike. Now for mobs. If you have Lesser Lead Mob, it only takes a standard action to make the diplomacy check. I'll make the intimidate check a standard action, too. It's a lot easier to intimidate a mob than most people think. When the mob has a leader (not necessarily one with levels in Mob Leader), the leader can oppose an intimidate check with a diplomacy check, but must give up his next standard action. The person intimidating has to win by five (the difference between the checks), and get at least 15. If one of the people in the mob is killed, whoever killed him can make the intimidate check as a free action, with a +5 circumstance bonus. If he kills more than one person at once, each additional person adds +2. If he chucks a fireball into the center of the mob, don't bother with the check; the mob disperses. The leader can oppose the check as before, and still takes the next standard action to do so. If the leader is killed, the mob disperses. If the leader is somehow incapacitated, and the mob knows he's not dead, it doesn't count.

In a crowd, you can move through it. In a mob, if they don't want you to move, you can't. Casting spells with somatic components is also impossible.

Any ideas on how damage is dealt, and how to tell when you kill a member in more than one hit?

Is that good enough? Is there a better way to write this?

2007-08-06, 12:50 PM
Well, Dan, i dont got any technical advice for you, as you know that I havnt played DnD either, although i know a few people who do.

That said, i think if i were the guy running the campain and i had any evil PC's, i would put a few of these in each village (and have them all very tempermental) just to see what would happen when the PC goes after one.

2007-08-06, 04:24 PM
Its cool for an NPC class it would make for a great mayor of a town who turns his people against the PC's. But then he does not have real class levels so he is easy for the PCs to defeat in a fight.